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Smith Venture VS Session

It is necessary to wear a helmet as a protective gear and to reduce the risk of serious head injury. There are plenty of amazing options to choose from as well, based on which seems to fit your preference the most like Smith Venture Vs Session that look amazing and also very comfortable. These helmets are similar with some differences and if you wonder which to go for, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose a Bike Helmet
  • What are Smith Venture and Session
  • How are the Look of Smith Venture and Session
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Venture and Session
  • How are the Fitting of Smith Venture and Session
  • What else Smith Venture and Session can offer
  • Smith Venture Vs Session

Buying a Bicycle Helmet

With the pandemic and various lifestyle related diseases that many modern people are facing currently, it is difficult to ignore that we need to improve our health and habits in order to avoid these diseases. One of the solutions is being more active and doing physical exercise routinely. Physical exercise is not only good for the body but also mind and the plus is you also get a nicer physique. Plenty of convenient exercise we can do at home or you can choose to do it outdoors.

For those who love an active and more challenging hobby, bicycling is a great solution as an exercise but also a recreation method. Cycling has similar advantages to other cardio exercises and the plus point is they are also fun whether you choose to do it on the road or trails. Trails will have higher risks however but also double the fun. One thing we can’t forget besides knowing the track is wearing a bike helmet that is properly designed for the activity.

When it comes to bike helmets, what you may want to decide first is the styling of your discipline. We can always wear a higher model but it is wise to wear something with a proper safety feature especially for the high risk terrains. For example, mountain biking has a higher risk or accident due to the terrain that we are riding on so an MTB bike helmet is the perfect choice. If you are racing or riding downhill, it is ideal to wear a full-face helmet.

Full face helmets may look heavy and they are but with the chin protector the gear is ideal to cover the head and also our face. They can be combined with sunglasses or goggles in order to cover your eyes but for other routines the regular trail helmet should be adequate. Additionally we also need to buy the helmet that is made for our head’s size because they are only adjustable in a certain range depending on the internal fit and external housing.

To know our head size when buying a helmet, just use a tape measurement and circle the head, one inch above the eyebrow. Save the measurement and use this to decide the size that will fit the head. Helmets are not fixed or just for one sizing like shoes but there is an internal adjustable fitting that can be tightened or loosened in order to accommodate the sizing range. Usually they are available from small to large but some helmets are one size only too.

Smith VentureSmith Session
Product Dimensions‎13 x 9.75 x 8 inches 14 x 9 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight0.34 Kilograms 1.7 pounds
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About Smith Venture and Session

There are more than plenty of helmets coming from different brands and also different models that we can consider first. Most of them will look very similar to each other and some can be quite different too such as aero helmets like Bell Javelin Vs Giro Aerohead. This type of helmet is designed for performance and as the name suggests, may help you reach a destination or finish line faster. They are road only however so it is not designed for trails.

For those who prefer to challenge the trails, Smith has some of the most attractive designs to try. This eyewear brand is a great choice if you want a sporty design that is also made to match with sunglass we may want to wear. They carry a wide range of options starting from the affordable helmets to those with added features in order to improve not only the look but also the helmet’s safety performance. Depending on which seems more important to you, our choice may vary.

For something that we are visibly wearing or using, we are sure many of us want it to look great too. Among the favorite options from this brand, the Smith Venture and Session are two very attractive helmets that you will definitely love. The two are not the most affordable alternative they have but more of the higher range. The Convoy is what you may want to check out if budget is the main focus here as it is noticeably cheaper but still both protective and comfortable.

For the Smith Venture and Session, these helmets are well-made or made better based on the construction. Bike helmets in general are made of the same material or EPS foam on the inside and polycarbonate shell as the outer lid. The manufacturer can put additional material or features to reinforce the design however so oftentimes you will also find new technology or material being used in the unit. All of the helmets must be made to meet or surpass standardized requirements however.

Smith Venture and Session Design

We meant it when saying that Smith Venture and Session are attractive because this sporty look will be good on most cyclists. The sport design is pretty low profile and the prominent large vents on both helmets help them to both capture wind as well as maintain the weight. Without the visor these helmets are actually very similar to each other and they have the same matte finish too in various colors to match the taste.

At first we thought these helmets would be pretty hefty but they are not, in comparison Session at 379 grams while Venture is noticeably lighter at around 337 grams. Another noticeable difference is their visor because as you can see the Venture is slightly shorter while Session seems like a standard visor length. The Session’s visor is adjustable in 3 height while Venture’s is held by adhesive so it is not adjustable but can be removed if desired.

Smith Venture and Session Build Quality

Starting with the build quality, the Smith Venture and Session are very well-made and as expected to see from helmets in this price range. The material and manufacturing method is identical or in-mold constructed with EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. The best part is that they extend the coverage of this shell into the outer rim of the helmets to improve build quality. Many other helmets failed to do so, especially those on the budget range.

One thing to notice is that they tend to be heavier even though these two are not exceptionally heavy. This extended coverage is great to improve their lasting ability because the soft foam can be prone to dent and chip from the impact such as when we carry them or store them. Just like most helmets in modern day both are also featured with MIPS layer to improve the protective ability against rotational impact.

Smith Venture and Session Fitting

Next we want to talk about the fitting of these helmets which is the same. Many of Smith’s helmets are using this VaporFit and it is adjustable from the rear of the unit through a rotating dial. This dial is decent in size so the hand can easily find and tweak it when needed; it is also possible to do it while wearing gloves. The cradle on the rear is not sitting too close to the lid but adjustable in height to match with the head size hair style.

The inner fitting seems to work well but the overall sizing for Session is a bit larger so it is wise to consider your measurement. In performance this fitting is reliable and while not fully covering the circumference of the head, it is effective and very easy to use. The chin strap and its clip is standard, comfortable, adjustable, and safe.

Smith Venture and Session Feature

The comfort of Smith Venture and Session are pretty similar too but one thing that sets the two apart is an additional feature called Koroyd material which is the green shield that you can see covering the vents of Session. This material is looking like a honeycomb and is proprietary to Smith with impact absorption technology. It is not covering the whole vents but only both sides of the helmet. In design it reduces some of the air flow to the inside in exchange for protection.

Smith Venture Vs Session

These helmets are not only good looking but also protective and comfortable. The additional weight from Koroyd makes Session heavier compared to Venture which is equally well-built. The Koroyd have higher impact absorbing capacity however so it is probably more effective in reducing the energy transferred to the head during impact. Comfort wise Venture is both lighter and cooler thus it is probably more ideal if the temperature in your area is warmer.

- PROTECTION: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 20 optimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Integrated visor, Ultimate eyewear integration
- VaporFit adjustable fit system
- Zonal ventilated protection featuring Koroyd
- Integrated skeletal structure
- CPSC and CE EN 1078 certified


The decision is all yours because there is no bad option here and we will recommend Venture for most cyclists due to the comfort and also lower price range but if you have a higher concern about impact absorbance, the Session is an ideal choice too.