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Smith Venture VS Rover

Wearing a bike helmet is easy, all you need to do is fit one and then clip the adjustable chin strap. But, finding the one that is correct for your riding discipline is another quest for the huge amount of options and also difference in riding style. For those who are combining road and trail and want to keep things simple, Smith Venture Vs Rover are two perfect options to go for and if you think the same, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which MTB Helmet to Buy
  • What are Smith Venture and Rover
  • How are the Look of Smith Venture and Rover
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Venture and Rover
  • How are the Fitting System in Smith Venture and Rover
  • Are Smith Venture and Rover Comfortable
  • Smith Venture Vs Rover

MTB Helmets

In general, cycling can be separated into roads and trails based on where you prefer to ride the bike. The type of helmet will vary too as the type of risk is different and if you are going on the trail or prefer something that is more adrenaline pumping, the MTB helmet is the choice to go. We can easily tell them apart by the design because MTB helmets are usually chunkier and heavier with a visor at the front.

The MTB helmets are also separated into two types; full-face and half-shell which is also easy to separate. Full-face model will provide you with a full coverage of the head, including the chin and face guard that cover the front of the helmet for additional protection. The half-shell logically provides less protection in comparison than a full-face model as it only covers the top of the head to the sides or above ears, as well as the back of our head.

If your riding disciplines are either cross-country, trail, all-mountain, and enduro, chances are the half-shell helmets are the most popular but if you prefer something more challenging such as enduro, downhill, or bmx, the full-face helmets are very ideal. There is no rule that you can’t wear a full-face or half-lid interchangeably since it all up to your choice but it is wise to consider the risk and also riding discipline that we are doing in order to optimize the protective ability.

Half-shells in general are versatile because you can wear them for so many different riding styles and are also the most comfortable. The weight is manageable and some models can be noticeably lighter depending on how their manufacturer can design the product. They are very similar to typical road bike helmets and if you often hit the road as well as trail, it is budget saving to just get an MTB helmet that we can also wear on the road while commuting or to spend some time.

MTB helmets use more material compared to the standard road helmet especially when you compare the rear area since they typically go a bit further down to our neck. There is also slightly more coverage on the side near the ears and straight from the side of eyes. The visor is probably the easiest feature that is always present in an MTB helmet since it is helpful to both cover your eyes from sun rays but also from the trees and branches that may get in your way while pedaling.

Smith VentureSmith Rover
Product Dimensions13 x 9.75 x 8 inches 12.6 x 9.84 x 7.48 inches
Shipping Weight0.34 Kilograms 0.36 Kilograms
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About Smith Venture and Rover

There are more than plenty of bike helmets to try based on which seems to work best in your discipline or personal preference. The main reason to wear one is always for the safety purpose and thus, your bike helmet has to pass a certification depending on where you live. For MTB helmets, they may often be heavier than road bike helmets but you can still pretty much wear it for commuting. If you have decided on an option, make sure that the helmet is also comfortable.

Smith is one of the best options if you are in the market for a new bike helmet. This brand may be more familiar for their eyewear but they also make outdoor gears like helmets and designed some of the most attractive lids for outdoor enthusiasts. The helmets are usually stylish and also protective but you can find them in different price ranges and features. Not only for trails, they also have road attractive offerings such as Smith Signal Vs Portal.

If you prefer to ride on the more challenging terrain, the Smith Venture and Rover are two ideal options to go for. These helmets are actually very similar to each other including the price range but one thing sets them apart and this is the additional protective feature. Both pass or exceed the standardization already and usually companies can reinforce their helmets to become sturdier or protective, especially for those with higher concern of safety or riding on the more challenging terrain.

In comparison, you can go amazing with any of them based on which seems to fit the budget more and if you want the higher protection, we will recommend Rover instead because this model comes with the added feature that is missing from Venture. From the actual unit itself both Smith Venture and Rover are actually more similar or have the same level of build quality, using the same fitting system and also easy to wear.

Smith Venture and Rover Design

From the styling, Smith Venture and Rover are identical so it seems like they are the same lid. The finish is even the same and the vents design or shape is also the same. You can find several shades here but all of them are single shades only. The interesting part is their visor which is quite short compared to typical visor in MTB helmets. Unlike the Session, none of these visors are adjustable however so we are having it fixed or removed completely.

The weight is pretty much similar and both are above 330 grams which is decent but not surprisingly light either. What you will notice is the layer behind the vents on Rover because this is the same layer that you can find on their higher model Session. This also adds a little bit of weight and slightly reduces the air flow that gets into the helmet. These helmets are already CPSC, CE EN 1078, and AS/NZS2068 rated.

Smith Venture and Rover Build Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Smith Venture and Rover can offer and for build quality, the two are identical. As expected from a helmet in this price range, they are very well-made with proper coverage. Some more affordable helmets often only cover the outer surface and leave the foam that is on the rim of the helmet. It may not affect the safety performance but this foam is prone to chip or dent from an impact.

These helmets are durable and the foam is properly covered in order to protect it when you transfer the helmet or storing them in a compartment. The safety feature MIPS is available on these helmets and it is very common to help cover the rotational impact as it makes the lid slightly moving when meeting a force. The other additional feature is Koroyd which looks like a honeycomb, covering the sides of the Rover to improve shock absorption.

Smith Venture and Rover Fit

Bike helmets are not fixed in size because the internal construction is adjustable and for this system the Smith Venture and Rover are using the same VaporFit. If you already have a bike helmet before this is very similar to most helmets out there with a rear adjustable knob that can be used to tighten or loosen the internal fit of the helmet. It is not covering the whole circumference but almost completely in order to give the proper fit. It is very comfortable and easy to use without causing any pressure.

We also like the fact that the VaporFit cradle on the back is adjustable in height which means the panel is not always sitting too close to the helmet and we can pull it down a little bit for better comfort, depending on the hairstyle and head size.

Smith Venture and Rover Comfort

There are ventilations spread evenly across the helmet of Smith Venture and Rover. They are located at the front and top as well as the back. These large vents should be helpful when you are riding under warmer weather since they are very effective but in comparison Koroyd layer does block some of the air that gets into the helmet so it doesn’t feel as breezy as the Venture even though the vents shape and size are the same. As for the inner lining they are light and thin but work really well too.

Smith Venture Vs Rover

Both Smith Venture and Rover are good helmets that are more similar than different. The main design and construction is the same. They have the same finish, the same visor, and also about the same in weight too. With the VaporFit adjustable fitting system you can easily dial the size of these helmets from the rear. They are comfortable but with an addition of Koroyd layer, Rover is slightly heavier and not as cooling yet it is also more shock absorbing.

- PROTECTION: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 20 optimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Integrated visor, Ultimate eyewear integration
- PROTECTION: Lightweight Aerocore in-mold construction, Zonal ventilated protection featuring Koroyd, Integrated skeletal structure, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 20 ptimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Two position adjustable visor, Ultimate eyewear integration


These helmets are equally good options and based on which you may like better, the Rover has Koroyd that can improve the protective ability of the lid but it is also more expensive and not as cooling so if you don’t have the level of concern, we will recommend the cheaper and more cooling Venture.