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Smith Venture VS Convoy

Bike helmets are a necessary gear that you have to wear when pedaling because it will help a lot in protecting the head in case there is an impact. For those who are going to bike on trails, the Smith Venture Vs Convoy are perfect options to consider. These helmets are not only attractive but also comfortable with some slight differences. If you currently wonder which of them to go for, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Bike Helmets Work
  • What are Smith Venture and Convoy
  • How are the Look of Smith Venture and Convoy
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Venture and Convoy
  • How are the Fitting System in Smith Venture and Convoy
  • Are Smith Venture and Convoy Comfortable
  • Smith Venture Vs Convoy

Bike Helmets

Safety gear is necessary for lots of different applications that require you to face a certain type or risk and riding a vehicle is definitely one of them. While a bicycle is not as fast as a motorcycle for example, they are still carrying some risks that may harm your body, especially when there is an accident and our body meets another hard surface or object. This is why a bike helmet is necessary for cyclists whether they are riding leisurely or competitively, moreover when you choose the trails.

Helmets are very common and it is easy to see why, this equipment is made to prevent head injuries in an uncontrolled environment in which the road we are riding on. We can’t prevent the crash or accident from happening but we can wear something to reduce the risk or serious injuries from occurring. The helmet when worn properly will help shield the head and brain from the impact as well as lowering the chance of a more serious harm happening.

Human head is a strong yet sensitive part and it encloses our brain which is the center of so many different bodily processes. The brain unfortunately can be injured by impact and or exceptionally violent rotation of the head while the brain remains stationary it gives blood vessels and nerves a yank. This impact can cause straining the vessels and nerves in the process. Helmets are designed to handle major crash energy which generally contain a layer of softer foam.

As the head is crashing and hitting a hard surface, the foam part of your helmet will crush and control the crash energy while extending the head’s stopping time by about six thousandth of a second or 6 ms. in order to reduce the peak impact to the brain. Rotational forces and internal strains will also be reduced by the crushing. Thicker foam is better to give the head more room and millisecond to stop. For example a15mm foam will obviously stop the head half the distance of 30mm thick foam.

However, just like everything should be, the helmet must be balanced so a very thick helmet is not ideal because it also requires larger outer circumference and thus, the head’s size is increased. The outer layer of the helmet must skid properly on the surface of the crash and if it fails to do so, the result is a serious wrench to the head, resulting in strain of the neck and even rotational forces to the brain. Overall the helmet needs to be ideally made to optimize advantage and reduce risks.

Smith VentureSmith Convoy
Product Dimensions12.64 x 9.33 x 7.91 inches 12.6 x 9.3 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight11.9 ounces11 ounces
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About Smith Venture and Convoy

There are many reasons to wear a bike helmet and with the advances in manufacturing, companies are now able to produce not only protective helmets but also comfortable to wear and look great on your head. The aesthetic may vary however since our head shape and face are also different so it is best to shop based on your own preference. The helmets however, need to fulfill safety standards that are used in your country so we can be sure about the build quality and performance.

For those who want to wear a stylish helmet, the Smith is one of the best options to go for. This brand is probably more well-known as an eyewear manufacturer but they are also making a wide range of helmets for both road and trail riders. Our personal favorite about their helmets is that they usually look good on most people and also very well made. There are some differences across product options however so you can always choose which fits in the budget or preference the most.

The safety standards are the same but they are usually different in terms of design and possible added features. For example the similarly handsome Smith Venture and Convoy which are very much the same when it comes to the aesthetic but also different when you check the price tag. Convoy is noticeably more affordable and we do think this is a great option for any trail rider who doesn’t want to spend as much. Comfort wise they are about the same and also equally good looking.

However, with the price gap what set both Smith Venture and Convoy apart the most is their build quality. They are loved by many for the comfort and ease of adjustment as well as the visual quality but those who spend more to buy Venture will have an extra protection for the helmet itself since it is better made and probably will help the unit last longer compared to the Convoy. Read also: Smith Convoy Vs Session here.

Smith Venture and Convoy Helmets

There are lots of different options to consider when it comes to helmets but we do think these two will fit on so many users. There are sizes from small to extra-large for the Convoy and up to large for the Venture. The most noticeable difference between these helmets is their finish as you can see above that Venture is matte instead of glossy like Convoy. It is subjective but matte finish looks better in our opinion and the visor also looks shorter on Venture.

The overall design is similar and there are plenty of vents as well located all over the helmets but the shape and size of these vents are different. The samples we have today are white and black but there are several other shades too such as matte sage for Venture and bright yellow for the Convoy. In comparison, the Venture is just slightly heavier than the Convoy at 11.9 oz. while the latter is 11 oz. and both are the weight for M size helmets with MIPS.

Smith Venture and Convoy Build Quality

Next for the most important part, let’s see what the Smith Venture and Convoy can offer starting from the build quality which in our opinion set the two apart prominently. The material is the same, EPS foam with an external polycarbonate shell. The difference is that Convoy doesn’t protect or extend this shell into the outer layer of the internal foam. This may not affect the safety performance but it will affect the build quality. As it has been mentioned above, this foam is soft.

It is meant to be crushed or dented when facing impact and it is also easy to chip or scratch when it meets with an object or with harsh handling. It may wear out first before the helmet is facing a serious impact yet thus, reducing the life of the unit. The Venture fully covers these edges to help protect the foam against the wear and also improve the look of the helmet. As for the protective feature, both helmets are coming with the MIPS to reduce rotational impact.

Smith Venture and Convoy Fitting

The next part we want to mention is their fitting system but the Smith Venture and Convoy are using the same VaporFit dial adjustment which is offering an up to 270 degree fit for the circumference. This dial is located at the back of the helmet or above your back neck and it is very easy to use. You just need to wear the helmet and rotate it to find the perfect or most comfortable fit and then snap the chin strap to secure the lid.

We personally find the cradle on the back of the head is adequate and not causing any pressure point. The cradle is wide so they are spreading the pressure evenly while also adjustable from the helmet to provide enough space depending on your head shape and size.

Smith Venture and Convoy Comfort

The comfort of these helmets are very much the same too when you can find the ideal fit. The weight difference is not much so they often go unnoticeable but the shorter visor on Venture is surely easy to pick up. The vents are working great on both Smith Venture and Convoy but we do think Venture is better here at letting more air get into the helmet with the large air vents on the front and around the top of the head.

Smith Venture Vs Convoy

The Smith Venture and Convoy are good options if you are riding on trails or just want a helmet that looks and performs well. The main differences between these models are build quality and the vents design because Venture is covering the foam better and so it can prolong the use of the helmet to prevent chipping and breakage yet it is heavier too. The vents in Venture are large and this works better in capturing the wind as you ride.

- PROTECTION: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 20 optimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Integrated visor, Ultimate eyewear integration
- Protection: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS Brain Protection System
- Fit / Integration: Designed for ultimate integration with Smith performance eyewear and goggles for maximum comfort, venting and storage convenience AirEvac™ ventilation system integrates with Smith eyewear for fog-free lenses VaporFit™ dial adjustment system offers 270-degree fit adjustment with the turn of a dial
- Features: 20 fixed vents for consistent airflow Integrated visor
- CPSC and CE EN 1078 certified, AS/NZS2063 certified


Both Smith Venture and Convoy are good options but if you are on a budget or prefer to shop with less, Convoy is just as protective and comfortable while if you want a more premium experience the Venture is surely a great choice with its better build quality.