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Smith Trace Vs Ignite

Smith may not be the most famous bike helmet brands in the market but they carry some of the most interesting offerings such as the Smith Trace Vs Ignite. These helmets, unlike many others, are the good-looking alternatives if you dislike the typical bike helmets look from many other familiar brands. But, before deciding to choose one, let’s see below about what they can offer and which of these helmets will be the better option since there are other aspects to consider as well.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Bike Helmet is Necessary
  • What are Smith Trace and Ignite
  • How are the Design of Smith Trace and Ignite
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Trace and Ignite
  • How are the Fitting of Smith Trace and Ignite
  • Are Smith Trace and Ignite Comfortable
  • Smith Trace Vs Ignite

Bike Helmets Importance

There are so many types of sports out there to try and it is all about your own preference whether you like the feeling or running, swimming, countering the wave coming, climbing a high wall, or even sliding on ice and snow at high speed. All of them are fun but these activities also carry a level or risk that not only cause a light injury but may also cost someone their life. Of course we never know what will happen in the future but staying safe is the most logical approach at any given time.

This is why safety gear is designed and even mandatory to wear during various activities such as how seatbelt is a must for driver and passengers and how helmet must be worn when you are riding the motorbike or bicycle. There are various other activities on the daily that have certain risks as well but we don’t wear a helmet while doing so such as walking on icy roads or when fixing the ceiling or doing some house improvement work.

There are so many people who are unwilling to wear a bike helmet while they are riding the bike and it is a fully personal choice. The reasoning is often because the activity is not that dangerous that requires a safety gear or there are many other risky situations on the daily where a helmet is not mandatory as well. We personally always advise you to wear a bike helmet when riding the vehicle, not because it is mandatory but because it reduces some more serious risks.

It is the same with seatbelt; not everytime we go on a drive that this safety feature will save a life. If possible we don’t want to ever experience anything near where it’s necessary but we never know what can happen and taking safety precautions by wearing safety gear or doing what necessary for our own and other people’s safety is just better than having to deal with an unfortunate aftermath later after the damage is already done.

Smith TraceSmith Ignite
Product Dimensions11.81 x 9.84 x 11.81 inches13 x 10 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight1.1 Pounds1.76 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Compared to fractured skulls or possible open wounds, wearing a helmet is not a chore at all and even from an economic standpoint a bike helmet can be very affordable such as Giro Vasona Vs Register that both cost less than $100 and can last for a very long time. Some people may don’t want to wear a bike helmet for comfort but as long as we are getting a good size and properly fitting the helmet, they can be very comfy like what Giro Agilis can offer.

About Smith Trace and Ignite

Overall we don’t see helmets as a hassle to wear and if you are here then we assume you have a similar opinion on why it is necessary to wear this safety gear while pedaling. Besides the price point, there are also plenty to choose from based on your riding discipline, styling preference, or even favorite brand. Some helmets can look better than the other, some are very comfortable, and some are also richest in features so we always get the ideal options to consider.

If this is your first bike helmet, we can shop based on the brand or what other cyclists are often opting for. This will cut the shopping process and selection because chances are you will like these helmets as well and for those who prefer good looking helmets, Smith is a very promising option to shop from. This is an eyewear brand so not many are familiar with their bike helmets yet, if you dislike the look of typical bike helmets, this brand will have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

From the look alone, Smith Trace and Ignite are two stylish choices which somehow are not the same at all. There are various cheaper helmets in the market and these two are not budget buys which mean we have to invest more to afford them. They are similarly designed for road application so every cyclist who is exclusively riding on the road only can wear them yet, the latter is tailored more toward performance and this is why it is not as versatile as common road bike helmets.

Smith Trace is one of the most favorite helmets from the brand, similar to Network. The most interesting factor from this helmet is how they look great on most people and also coming with amazing build quality. Ignite on the other hand, still looks very handsome but is designed also to reduce resistance or we also call them as aero helmets due to the shape. The Smith Trace and Ignite carry some similar tech including the Koroyd but they have different performance.

Smith Trace and Ignite Design

Even from the design alone we can say how eccentric the Ignite is. If comparing Trace with other typical road helmets resulting in this option to be the “cool” looking one, now compared with the Ignite it seems like the most normal one. Ignite has this sleek design, low on top of the head but is protruding more or elongated on the tail so you will see there is an ample amount of plastic on the back of the helmet, just above the rear retention which is usually cut short.

The Trace has a cleaner look and as a regular road bike helmet, you can find lots of vents here with the Koroyd material as well, the same like in Ignite and many other Smith’s helmets. They have plenty of single shade fashion whether you like a glossy finish or matte one. As for the weight, the Ignite is also heavier, surprisingly compared to Trace which is about 280 grams while the aero helmet is already 310 grams for the same size.

Smith Trace and Ignite Build Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Smith Trace and Ignite are offering. Starting from the build quality, the helmets are very well built. We do think the price we pay for them is not only for styling and performance but also for the durability because both of them are very solid. Usually we are always concerned with some exposed foam on typical bike helmets yet they are all covered properly here, making sure the helmets will last for a very long time.

Both of them are featured with MIPS to prevent more serious damage due to rotational impact and from the overall construction both helmets are very well made, very sturdy, as well as stylish. The additional Koroyd integrated as well on both helmets to help improve protection and prevent other small objects from getting inside the helmet.

Smith Trace and Ignite Fitting

Next is the fitting for these helmets and if you have worn any other bike helmets, chances are the fitting system will be very similar to each other. Both Smith Trace and Ignite have a rear retention system that can be adjusted to match with the head circumference or size. It is done by rotating the knob which is located in the middle of the panel while the two anchors are sitting slightly lower on the neck. The best part is it sits a bit further from the helmet so we can reach the knob easier.

The Y strap fits nicely across users and the height of the chin strap is adjustable too. There is not much personalization that we can make using the system but the dial itself is already almost covering the fit of the whole head circumference despite not actually 360 degrees yet.

Smith Trace and Ignite Comfort

Lastly on the riding comfort, the Smith Trace and Ignite are similar but not the same. We have mentioned Koroyd material above and this is the honeycomb that covers some of the ventilation slots on the helmets. It is said to improve protective ability but also with a cost of better air circulation because these helmets are not as cooling as typical bike helmets we have seen. The Trace has 18 vents and Ignite 8 vents so in terms of cooling and riding in summer, we are going with Trace.

Smith Trace Vs Ignite

These bike helmets are very attractive but they are quite expensive as well. The best thing in our opinion is the design and built quality since you can say they are among the best in terms of how the product is designed and made. They are also easy to fit despite not being the most personalized in the market but when it comes to comfort, we do prefer Trace better as it is more airy and just light enough to ride with in clear weather.

- Protection: lightweight Aerocore in-mold construction, full protection with Koroyd ventilation, integrated skeletal structure, Mips system available in all colors
- Fit: Vaporfit adjustable fit system, 18 optimized vents, Xt2 performance lining, ultralight single layer strap
- Integration: Airevac ventilation, ultimate goggle integration, compatible lightweight mount
- Certification: CPSC, CE EN 1078
- Koroyd Zonal Coverage for lightweight, energy absorbing and ventilated impact protection, MIPS brain protection system reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head
- Integrated skeletal structure creates a roll cage for added strength and impact protection, designed for ultimate integration with - Smith performance goggles for maximum comfort, ventilation and storage convenience
- AirEvac ventilation system integrates with Smith goggles and fog-free lens goggles, VaporFit dial adjustment system offers 27-degree adjustment with the turn of a dial
- Eight fixed vents for constant airflow, XT2 antimicrobial liner offers sweat-activated odor control


You can go well with any of them if the focus is styling but unless you are in the market for an aero helmet, we do highly recommend opting for Smith Trace because it is more versatile and more comfortable to ride with even during warmer weather.