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Smith Signal vs Portal

Bike helmets are necessary for the safety purposes but they must be comfortable too because we will be wearing them for as long as the activity lasts. Depending on the application, our choice may vary as well, such as the Smith Signal Vs Portal that are not only stylish but also comfy for those who are riding on the road. These helmets are suitable for most cyclists but before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Find a Perfect Helmet
  • What are Smith Signal and Portal
  • How are the Design of Smith Signal and Portal
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Signal and Portal
  • How are the Fitting System of Smith Signal and Portal
  • Are Smith Signal and Portal Comfortable
  • Smith Signal Vs Portal

Bike Helmets

Bicycling is a very healthy activity because it is a form of cardio as well as transportation that we can enjoy not as an exercise but as a method to spend our free time. This activity is ideal from a young age until elderly people who are still able to balance their body and have good mobility. Cycling is also fairly safe when done in a controlled environment but, it is still necessary to wear safety gear or bike helmet to help protect the head.

Bike helmets are easy to wear so everyone can find the perfect option to fit their head but, depending on what you are riding on and what the personal preferences are, we have to choose the safety gear carefully.

When choosing a new helmet, the first thing you must do is find the fit or sizing. Just like other helmets made for motorbikes for example, they come with different sizing to match the head size and shape. The easiest way is to use a measuring tape and put it on the head’s circumference or about one inch above the eyebrow. If there is no measuring tape at home we can just use string or similar material to perform the same task and then measure the string that we have marked before.

Bike helmets must be adjustable as well so find the options with adjustable features. In most cases they are located behind the helmet casing or above our back neck and usually it is in the form of a rotating knob. There is an internal cradle or structure inside the helmet which is adjustable and depending on the mechanism, it may vary as well. The best options can be adjusted all across the circumference but as long as they don’t cause pressure points it should be comfortable.

If you are buying right from the store, try the helmet first to know whether it is a perfect fitting or not and don’t forget to buckle the chin strap too. This strap is to secure the helmet in its position so they will stay in place when you are pedaling and when needed such as accidentally falling off the bike. We can adjust the strap to meet the perfect height and try to open the mouth to see whether it is too tight or too loose.

A tip is if your head is on the smaller size and confused about which size to go for, it is recommended to choose the smaller option and if you already buy one but it feels too loose on the head, we can try adding a cap or beanie to improve the fitting.

Smith SignalSmith Portal
Product Dimensions12.6 x 9.84 x 7.48 inches1 x 1 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight10.58 Ounces3 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Smith Signal and Portal

Now when you are ready to choose the bike helmet, is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. Finding the correct fit is very important because to work properly the helmet must be fitted properly as well. If the sizing is already found, we can shop based on the riding discipline. If you have a specific taste in styling, we can try looking into the shape and how they look on our head.

For those who love stylish helmets, the Smith is one of the most attractive options that you can count on. We are more familiar with this brand as an eyewear collection but they are also carrying a wide range of bike helmets which are not only protective but also look cool. You can find MTB helmets and road bike helmets from the collection and most of them are coming in various different sizes to match with your head size or riding discipline.

If you are only riding on the road or occasionally going for the trail but not too extreme, the Smith Signal and Portal will be two ideal options to consider. These helmets are designed mainly for road application so those who commute with the bike or riding it everyday as an exercise and recreation will love the comfort and look. They may not make other cyclists or passersby turn their head type of stylish but they look great on most people to help us be more confident.

In comparison, the Smith Signal and Portal are similar but different. They are similar when it comes to application and comfort as both have the same type of fitting but the build quality is very much different from each other. The Portal is like an expensive variant of the Signal as it costs slightly higher but if you can spend the budget, we will highly recommend the Portal because it has the better built quality.

Smith Signal and Portal Design

Before getting to know about these helmets, let’s see the unit first and as you can expect, the Smith Signal and Portal are not exactly identical here. These helmets are very stylish and sitting quite low on top of the head with the same amount of coverage. The noticeable difference is the mold used to make these helmets because the hard-shells are not exactly identical. The Portal is noticeably larger and the vents seem to be very similar with the Signal having more of it.

You can find them in plenty of shades or colors but in comparison the Portal is coming with more attractive fashion such as dual color black and yellow or purple and white. This helmet’s finish is matte and the Signal is glossy with simpler shades or single colors like black, grey, orange, or yellow. Read also: Smith Convoy vs Signal.

Smith Signal and Portal Build Quality

Now for the most important part let’s see what the Smith Signal and Portal can offer starting from the build quality. Both of them are made using the in-mold construction which means the hard shell is bound with the EPS foam to make sure the unit will last longer but also lighter compared to the more traditional mechanism. What’s different is that the Signal is lighter and this is because there is a lack of material covering the foam, especially those around the rim of the helmet.

This is not affecting the safety but it may harm the longevity of your helmet as it gets in contact with other surfaces or items when we store and transport the gear. For the additional safety feature, these helmets are similarly coming with MIPS which is like a thin layer inside the helmet and allowing the case to move slightly when met with an impact to reduce the rotational damage. It is like a standard feature nowadays so we are happy to see it in these affordable helmets.

Smith Signal and Portal Fitting System

Next is for the fitting system and as it has been mentioned above, typically bike helmets have a rotating knob at the back of the unit to adjust the fitting to the head. Here both Smith Signal and Portal are featured with VaporFit which is very adjustable along the sizing range. The dial is easy to reach even with one hand and it is sitting lower from the rear part of the helmet which makes it convenient to tweak. While the inner adjustability is not full 360 degree, it is very even when spreading the pressure point.

There is nothing special with the strap but the material is comfortable or smooth to not scratch the surface of our skin. It is also adjustable to meet the length of our head while the clip is easy to lock and seems durable too.

Smith Signal and Portal Comfort

Lastly on the comfort, both Smith Signal and Portal are also very comfy for the road application. There are plenty of vents on the Signal with a total of 21 channels for best airflow and cooling effect. On the other hand Portal is featured with 18 vents. It is not a small amount and these vents are larger as well so it is equally effective at scooping the fresh air from the front channels and passing it through the scalp then dissipating it from the rear exhausts.

Smith Signal vs Portal

Both Smith Signal and Portal are good helmets based on the comfort level and the protective ability because they are certified already. The difference is that Portal comes with better build quality and overall is just more robust against wear while on the other hand Signal is simpler. The cheaper helmet is actually coming with more vents but in terms of cooling ability the two are very similar and equally comfortable. 

- PROTECTION: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 21 optimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Ultimate eyewear integration
- WEIGHT: (Size M, MIPS) 11oz / 300g
- Protection: Lightweight Aerocore Construction, Mips System Available In All Colors
- Fit: Vaporfit Adjustable Fit System, 18 Optimized Vents, Xt2 - Performance Lining, Ultra-Light Single Layer Webbing
- Integration: Airevac Ventilation, Ultimate Eyewear Integration
Weight: 11 Oz/ 300 Grams


These helmets are good options based on which seems to fit in your application or preference the most. If you don’t have an issue with the budget, we highly recommend getting the Portal because it is made with better built quality.