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Smith Portal VS Venture

Bike helmet is a necessary gear that we have to buy along with the bike itself. There are plenty to choose from and not all of us may like the same features or the same bike helmet type such as Smith Portal Vs Venture that are similarly protective but different. These helmets look good and many people love wearing them but before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Type of Bike Helmets
  • What are Smith Portal and Venture
  • How are the Look of Smith Portal and Venture
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Portal and Venture
  • How are the Fit of Smith Portal and Venture
  • Are Smith Portal and Venture Comfortable
  • Smith Portal Vs Venture

Bike Helmet Types

Cycling is fun, you can hit the road or trail with the bike and go with the wind that is refreshing both to mind and body. This activity is one of the best if you hate being in a gym or doing a routine that is fixed in one spot or place. The bike is a transportation tool too when you want to move from one place to another as long as the distance and time is still manageable. In modern cities bicycles are getting more popular.

What we have to pay attention to when riding the bike besides the surroundings is to always wear safety gear like a bike helmet. This lid will help you cover the head from any impact that may happen as we fall to the ground or hit something. Our head is a crucial part of the body that requires protection in an uncontrolled environment and since wearing one is very easy, we highly recommend always fastening your lid whether it is on road or trail.

When it comes to bike helmets, in general we are choosing between road and off-road or mountain bike helmets but each category also has a few types that can be an alternative depending on your riding discipline. For example road bike helmets are typically light and breezy but if you are chasing over speed, there are helmets designed to reduce wind resistance by tweaking the design. This type of road helmet is often called aerodynamic due to the features and usually doesn’t have much ventilation.

On the other hand mountain bike helmets are usually heavier and chunkier in design. If you dislike the shape or look of a typical road helmet which may look too “round” and “bubbly”, an MTB helmet will most likely look good on cyclists. They are sportier with the addition of a visor that is oftentimes adjustable or removable. Depending on the design they can be very cooling but usually not as breezy as standard road bike helmets.

If you are into the more extreme riding, there is a downhill or racing helmet which comes with a full-face protection. This type of helmet is the heaviest and some are made of different material than typical bike helmets due to the high requirement to be protective. The chin protector is necessary to cover the cyclist’s face in case of an accident and the front of the head hits rocks or harsh surfaces. They are heavy and not as comfortable as most bicycle helmets but necessary to the type of activity.

Smith PortalSmith Venture
Product Dimensions13 x 11 x 8 inches 13 x 9.75 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight0.73 Kilograms 0.61 Kilograms
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About Smith Portal and Venture

For bike helmets, unless we are going for the more extreme such as racing or downhill on trails, the road and MTB helmets can be interchangeable. Some people do think so since they have to fit or meet the same standard hence the protective ability are similar or the same. Some argue that besides the design and weight, both road and MTB helmets are working well for either application. We do think no one will fine you from wearing a road bike helmet on trails or vice versa.

The decision is all yours and while there are differences between the two, wearing one is still wiser than not wearing a helmet, especially when you go on the more extreme surface. Bike helmets come from lots of different names in the market and you can choose any model that seems to work best based on the riding discipline or your preference. Smith for example is one of the best options when you are looking for a protective helmet that also looks attractive on the head.

This brand is probably more well-known for their eyewear but it is not the only product in their catalog since they also make various outdoor gears like a bike helmet. The bike helmets are popular for being stylish and good-looking, especially the MTB variant but you will love their road bike helmets such as Portal too because we do think their low profile is going to satisfy lots of users. On the MTB style we have Venture which is around the same price.

These helmets are praised for the appearance, protective ability, as well as build quality. They are like another version of each other, especially when you remove the visor on Venture. In comparison between Smith Portal and Venture, the two are equally comfortable using the same fitting system and also protective by surpassing the standardization. You can go amazing with any of these options and if you dislike a visor, we will recommend to get the Portal instead. Read also: Smith Venture Vs Forefront here.

Smith Portal and Venture Design

When fitted on the head, both Smith Portal and Venture are looking very similar because while typically rad bike helmets somehow make our head looks rounder and tall on the top, this Portal is a bit low profile which makes it not as bubbly as many other helmets. The Venture is similar, it stays flatter at the top and a bit high on the back. Depending on the head shape, the rear of the helmet is not going as low as some MTB helmets.

Another thing we notice is the rear cradle is a bit low as well so if you have long hair or often find other helmets hard to reach, it won’t be an issue with these helmets. They have the same type of finish which is matte and look simple but if you go for darker shades like black and go mountain cycling, this color is very easy to show marks or get dirty. They usually come in single shade but there are two tone options too.

Smith Portal and Venture Build Quality

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what the Smith Portal and Venture can offer starting from the build quality. They are not from the entry-level so the build quality should be better and it is. Usually cheaper helmets are exposing too much foam on the rim of the lid which may get chip or dent after being worn for some time. These helmets are covering the rim properly in order to provide the better sealing and lasting ability.

The frame and material is the same too and while coming from Smith, none of them is featured with Koroyd which is like a honeycomb layer that can help the helmet to absorb more impacts. There is MIPS lining however on the inner layer and this is almost like a basic feature nowadays since it gives an extra protection against rotational impact.

Smith Portal and Venture Fit System 

As for the fit, both Smith Portal and Venture are similar as well and if you have owned another Smith’s helmet in the past, the fitting will be the same too or using VaporFit. This inner lining and adjustment is very comfortable and easy to use to provide a wide range of fitting based on the size you have chosen. The rear knob is our main method to find the correct fit. What we like the most besides the proper fitting is the rear knob and cradle.

On some helmets they can be too close to the rear of the lid which makes it difficult to fiddle if you are wearing gloves but Smith places it further on the back to provide room and comfort. The height is even adjustable based on how you find it comfortable. For those with long hair and wearing a ponytail, the hair can fit out from this gap with the knob below it. This fitting is overall very comfortable for a wide range of users.

Smith Portal and Venture Comfort 

Lastly for the comfort, with Koroyd missing from both Smith Portal and Venture, these helmets are breezy thanks to the wide and ideal placement for the vents. In comparison they are equally comfortable whether you plan on riding on the road or trails. The internal system may slightly reduce the air circulation but they are still very comfy to wear almost anytime. The visor is adding some weight and shielding for Venture and since it is not adjustable, we can just remove it if desired.

Smith Portal Vs Venture

Both Smith Portal and Venture are perfect options if you want to wear a comfortable helmet that is also protective. We do think they are built really well and should last for years as long as they don’t meet with serious impact. The main difference is that Venture will be heavier and have a visor which unfortunately is not adjustable. The fit and comfort wise while riding is very similar for the two.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 18 vents
- Fit Adjustment: VaporFit
- PROTECTION: Lightweight in-mold construction, MIPS system available in all colors
- FIT: VaporFit adjustable fit system, 20 optimized vents, Performance comfort lining, Ultra-light single layer webbing
- INTEGRATION: AirEvac ventilation, Integrated visor, Ultimate eyewear integration
- WEIGHT: (Size M, MIPS) 12oz / 340g


The decision is all yours because we do think Smith Portal and Venture are equally awesome choices in this price range. Personally we prefer the look of Venture but if you like a lighter helmet or not using the visor, Portal is a more ideal option.