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Smith Convoy vs Session

Smith is very popular for their eyewear but also bike helmets, depending on what type of styling and the riding discipline that you are doing. Lots of good-looking helmets from the brand such as Smith Convoy Vs Session that are designed for your trail riding. These helmets are sporty, very protective, and come with all the basic features we will need during the activity. However, they are not the same and before deciding the option, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about: 

  • Which Bike Helmets to Buy
  • What are Smith Convoy and Session
  • How are the Design of Smith Convoy and Session
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Convoy and Session
  • How are the Fitting System in Smith Convoy and Session
  • Are Smith Convoy and Session Comfortable
  • Smith Convoy Vs Session

Bike Helmets

Safety always comes first and this is why bike helmets are necessary if you are going to hit the road. Just like most products including safety gear, bike helmets are also made differently based on what they can offer and what they are ideally made for. However, a good helmet is safe to use with some differences especially on the features side so it is worth knowing which of them will be the best for the type of riding discipline that you are doing.

There are so many bike helmet companies and each one of them can carry tons of models to consider. Most are very similar but can be quite different as well yet, the first thing you want to know is their safety rating because the price alone is not saying anything about the safety they can offer. Depending on where you live, bike safety standards can vary so make sure that they are made to meet the minimum safety. Additionally, different riding disciplines may also have different safety standards.

Sometimes the company can improve the safety level of their products by adding more features or system, material, etc. which are not usually present on the entry-level alternatives. There is no standardization for these features so try to look into what exactly the additional feature can offer.

Bike helmets are kind of similar to your car’s tire as they are separated generally based on the type of terrain the vehicle is used. It is easy to choose based on this specification but it is also not a must and if you only have one, it is better to wear them than not wearing the helmet. But, going down the road while wearing a full-face downhill riding bike helmet can be overkill and may not be as comfortable however. What we meant is swapping the road and regular mountain bike helmets because they are more similar.

Usually there is only so little difference between a regular road bike helmet and the MTB helmets such as Smith Convoy Vs Fixture which makes the comfort and protective level are just about the same. What specific road bike helmets are mostly best at are speed and ventilation because they are designed with maximum ventilations and sometimes shaped ergonomically to reduce resistance. On the other hand the MTB variants boast the additional visor to help protect the eyes. You may find the MTB helmets with removable visor for best versatility in both worlds.

Smith ConvoySmith Session
Product Dimensions13 x 9.75 x 8 inches13 x 11 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight10.58 Ounces1.96 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Smith Convoy and Session

Now when you are ready to shop for the new bike helmet, it is time to see what the market has to offer because we have more than plenty out there. You can choose based on the factors that matters the most such as the riding discipline, your favorite brand, or the budget itself. While expensive bike helmets are not necessarily better in terms of safety level, they are often coming with additional features so the price point usually will give you an idea what we can get from the product.

For those who want a good-looking helmet  that is suitable with the eyewear that you will be wearing during the activity, Smith Optics is one of the most interesting options to consider. This company is popular for their stylish and sporty looking helmets but also for the additional features often found on the high-end variants from the collection. They carry both affordable and the expensive range however so we are free to choose based on which seems more interesting to you.

The safety standards are the same because their helmets are made according to CPSC and CE EN 1078 but there are some differences in features such as between the Smith Convoy and Session. These bike helmets are made for trail application and they can be versatile as well for road cycling if you don’t mind the non-removable visor. These MTB helmets are very comfortable and this is one of our favorite qualities from the two.

Convoy is currently about half the price of Session so it is understandable that it can be confusing to choose between the two. However, if your main goal is only safety we do recommend getting any of the two that feels most comfortable in the pocket. But, if you are going for the better option or want the helmet with additional safety features as well as better build quality, we can say that the Session is made to fulfill this demand.

Smith Convoy and Session Design

Just like most bike helmets out there or MTB bike variants, the outer design of Smith Convoy and Session will be the same. As you can see they are very sporty and look robust too but the Session is actually heavier in comparison and this is quite noticeable compared to Convoy which is not the lightest either. The other difference is on their finish because Session is matte while Convoy has this glossy paint which may or may not be preferred by all cyclists.

In addition, you can find several shades for the Convoy but they are in single color option while for Session there are variants with dual or even triple tones which also looks more attractive. These helmets are coming with different vents sizes and while they have visors which seem to be the same length as well, the mechanism is not the same and none of them are designed to be detachable too. However, you can still adjust the visor height on Session up to three positions.

Smith Convoy and Session Build Quality

Moving further, let’s see what these Smith Convoy and Session helmets can offer starting from the build quality first. Just like most bike helmets nowadays, they are made using in-mold construction which means the helmets are made by using a thin piece of plastic which is placed in a mold to conform the surface. The beads of polystyrene are added to the mold and are bolted together. It is then injected with steam under pressure to expand the polystyrene beads and form it into the shape of the mold, making a complete helmet. 

What’s different here is the amount of hard shell or outer plastic used because if you see closely, the Convoy is not covering the outer rim of the helmet and making the foam exposed quite a lot here. It is not affecting the safety but since the foam is less durable, it may chip or dent and be damaged before we need to change the helmet. In terms of safety features both are coming with MIPS but Session also has Koroyd. 

This is Smith’s proprietary impact absorption material and we can easily see it located on the helmets internal or layering the vents, especially those located at both sides. It looks like a honeycomb design and the claim is that it can absorb more energy impact compared to traditional materials while still maintaining the airflow. 

Smith Convoy and Session Fitting System

Next is for the fitting system on Smith Convoy and Session which is also the same but when you see the internal padding, the placement is not exactly the same. The internal shape of the helmet is the same with a rather oval design. The fitting system used here is the VaporFit that you can find on many of their helmets too. This fitting adjustment feels good across users while the helmet itself is available in several different sizes. 

VaporFit is adjusted through the rear dial just like most bike helmets out there and it is covering both sides of o the helmets so it is not a full 360 degree but should be able to provide a good tension around the circumference of the head without causing annoying pressure points.

Smith Convoy and Session Comfort 

Lastly on the comfort side, the Smith Convoy and Session will be very comfortable for most people. The helmets are not the lightest however so it can be highly subjective as well and Session is about 379 grams while Convoy is 326 grams for the same size. In terms of performance when cooling the head, they are not the same and while Session only has 15 vents, its large openings are very useful in scooping much air, even compared to the 21 vents in Convoy. 

Smith Convoy vs Session

Both helmets are very promising and in general comfortable across cyclists with different head shapes and sizes. The build quality is much better on the Session because it is fully covering the softer foam and reducing the risk of damage on this area. The helmet also comes with Koroyd which is claimed to be able to absorb more impact. In terms of ventilation, the Session large vents seem to be very effective too in cooling the head.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 20 vents
- Fit Adjustment: VaporFit
- Smith Optics Session MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet
- Zonal ventilated protection featuring Koroyd
- Integrated skeletal structure
- VaporFit adjustable fit system


You can go amazing with any of these options based on which seems more interesting to you. But, if your main goal is just getting an easy to wear helmet, the Convoy meets the safety and is also comfortable and if you want the better built with more features, Smith Session is the one to go.