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POC Ventral vs Omne

Helmet is a basic safety gear for anyone who is using a vehicle including a bicycle to keep our head safe and brain safer. However, some models are not only offered to be safe but also with various bells and whistles like POC Ventral Vs Omne. These popular helmets are the go-to of road cyclists who pay attention to their speed and comfort so if you are also into this category, go check what they can offer then pick the one that fits you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Bike Helmet Types
  • What Else to Pay Attention To
  • What are POC Ventral and Omne
  • What POC Ventral and Omne Look Like
  • How are the Construction of POC Ventral and Omne
  • How are the Fitting System of POC Ventral and Omne
  • Are POC Ventral and Omne Comfortable
  • POC Ventral Vs Omne

Bike Helmet Type

Some people may argue whether a bike helmet is necessary or not but if you are here then it means we are on the same page. Bike helmets may not be that protective for overall protection but they do offer a level of safety if your application is riding the bike for fun, sport, and recreation because chances you will also do some challenging acts. This brings the activity not so safe anymore and depending on the terrain, our bike helmets will differ as well. 

We will not be riding on the road with full face helmets like Bell Full 9 Vs TLD D3 but we also not riding an enduro bike while wearing something like Giro Aether. Road helmets are light, they are comfortable, and have many vents as well as aerodynamic models made for racer but off-road cyclists will have to wear something more protective; including with chin bar for some applications. There will be much more material in the helmet and overall heavier to match a certain rating.

Bike Helmet Fit

Choosing a bike helmet doesn’t stop at the model type itself because after you have found the ideal model to go, now is the time to find the perfect fit and any feature you want from the unit. Bike helmets must fit the head properly and feel at snug when being worn without overly tight nor moving around. In general helmets are offered at several sizing options but there are models that only available at one size fit all as well.

If this is your first time buying a bike helmet, know your head measurement by using a measuring band placed above the eyebrow about an inch and write it down to check the availability from each model you wish to buy. Bike helmets are not fixed with one size but in a range of sizes for example the Giro brand in medium size are for those with head circumference from 21.75 to 23-inch and the largest size is for those with sizing from 24.5 to 25.5-inch.

As for the features, depending on the model their features may differ as well and the basic one we usually found in mid-range options is MIPS. This is adding a level of safety for rotational impact through a moving plastic lining put on the inside of the helmet and for some off-road model, we also have removable, washable pad, or goggles clip to secure your tool when riding with one. Overall the more features they have, the more expensive the price will be.

POC Ventral POC Omne
Product Dimensions12 x 9.8 x 7.5 inches
12 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.56 pounds
1.8 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About POC Ventral and Omne

Now when you already decide to go with which helmet depending on the riding discipline, let’s see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and in most cases, all of them will do well if it is just for safety reasons. Shopping gets a little bit more complicated when you are also looking for certain qualities or features on the product that not all of them will perform the same for everyone have their own preference.

However, we suggest sticking with well-known names because they are more reliable when it comes to product quality and they also carry lots of options to match with your discipline or personal taste and for those who are into high-quality products, POC is always one of the best brands to choose from. This Swedish company was popular for their skiing helmets but their bike helmets are not falling behind at every aspect because their performances are among the best; even used by professionals.

They also have quite the option for road riders despite not as many as what you can find on other brands like Giro, what’s surprising their products are still effectively made for the road application to aim for certain issues. If you will be riding on the road, POC Ventral and Omne will be two of the most ideal models to consider but, not necessarily the same as well because in comparison, you will realize that the former is performance oriented.

The Omne itself is fairly new to Ventral and rather than to boost your riding, it is more of a daily helmet for casual cyclists in urban areas who are looking for a way to improve their safety but still be at ease while pedaling their bike. Being a more of a daily driver however, doesn’t make the new helmet cheap because it certainly not yet, this model is also carrying the qualities of higher-shelf road models be it on the weight or how vents work.

POC Ventral and Omne Design

Made for different riders also make POC Ventral and Omne a little bit different from the build quality because as you can see, the former has a slightly bulkier form and it has an overall higher feature than the causal model. Omne on the other hand is rather flat in comparison, making them ideal for your daily commuting yet, the stylish and fashionable look will not be an issue to be paired with our everyday clothes and certainly doesn’t make a funny appearance as well on top of our head.

These helmets have shiny coating or finish in various different shades to match with your personal taste. Depending on the cyclist’s head shape, they will sit above the eyebrow but can be slightly taller as well and overall, you will get the same material for both of them. While they are not the lightest helmets on the market, these two are fairly light and depending on which region version you have, the original European helmets will be around 248 grams compared to 305 grams.

POC Ventral and Omne Construction

Moving further, let’s see what POC Ventral and Omne are made with and how they are capable of delivering the best protective function. As with most bike helmets or road helmets out there, these two are using polyester micro shell which is bound together with the polystyrene foam on the inside using what they call a fully wrapped unibody construction which is aimed to increase the safety and helmet integrity. What’s special is that none of them are using MIPS which is a common protective layer in a bike helmet.

They have SPIN that is very similar to MIPS to call Shearing Pad Inside developed by POC and it is actually less complex but test numbers shown it has the same or greater protection than MIPS. This technology rather than using the elastomer-suspended structure that rotates upon impact, it will use specially developed pads put in the critical location of the helmet and these pad shear will move in any direction to produce the same effect while the pad itself is filled with medical-grade silicon.

POC Ventral and Omne Fitting System

Another important point in a bike helmet is their fitting system and this will affect their comfort level as well but both POC Ventral and Omne are pretty much the same here coming with the same rear retention system and the same chin strap mechanism too. What we love from the size adjustment is how easy it is to find the perfect fit here for they can be adjusted at 360 degree and the chin strap is also featured with a splitter while the length itself is adjustable.

Our issue with Ventral is there is not enough room to comfortably put the splitter below the ears for some people with a prominent oval head so it can press the ears and making the helmet feels too tight but, the company seems to already address this flaw.

POC Ventral and Omne Ventilation

The last point we want to mention is their ventilation performance because since Ventral is made for more serious cyclists, it also true that this helmet will do well on this side and in comparison, you will be more at ease riding with the helmet in summer or warmer weather. The Omne is not an uncomfortable helmet but in a slower ride, you will definitely feel how it becomes warmer and almost like there is very less air circulating inside which can be an issue for commuters at certain seasons.

POC Ventral vs Omne

These helmets are an amazing option for road riders but they are also different and the price gap between the two do put some gap on how they perform. They are safe as road helmets can protect our head with the same construction and safety system but when it comes to comfort, you will find that the Omne is not as breezy as Ventral in comparison yet, in cooler weather both of them are just as nice.

- BREATHE: Featuring extreme cooling, ventilation, and accelerated airflow zones
- TOUGH: Fully wrapped unibody shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity
- SECURE: Easily adjustable precision straps molded into the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety
- SAFETY: Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely placed on the helmet
- PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Optimized-density EPS liner for crash protection; Patent pending silicone pad technology system, SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside), uses innovative materials and design to complement POC's whole helmet approach
- STREAMLINED DESIGN: Slim profile for a clean aesthetic; Lightweight and breathable construction for comfort and functionality on longer rides
- ADJUSTABLE FIT: Lightweight 360° size adjustment system inside the helmet allows you to fine-tune the fit; One-handed dial for quick and easy adjusting
- SUPERIOR COMFORT: Easily adjustable precision straps are molded into the helmet liner for added safety; Extra comfort for longer rides


You can pick just any of them depending on your personal preference but for those who are eyeing for the best performance across different conditions, we do recommend POC Ventral for it is more comfortable.