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Poc Omne Air Spin vs Ventral

Bike helmets are necessary as it is safety gear but not all helmets are the same which is why we have to choose based on the riding discipline as well as what you will want from the unit. For those who are aiming to achieve protection with comfort for road application, the POC Omne Air Spin Vs Ventral are great choices to consider. Both are very similar yet not exactly the same and before deciding the option, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Wearing Bike Helmet
  • What are POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral
  • How are the Design of POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral
  • How are the Build Quality of POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral
  • How are the Fitting System in POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral
  • Are POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral Comfortable
  • POC Omne Air Spin Vs Ventral

Bike Helmets

Riding a bike is fun, it pumps the adrenalin, but also gives you a sense of freedom that we can enjoy both as an exercise and as a recreation method. Some of us love bicycles for their convenience as well when travelling from one place to another that is still doable with the vehicle. One thing that we must have with the bike is the helmet itself. This safety gear is easy to wear and is protective just in case you accidentally fall off the vehicle due to various causes.

Bike helmets are crucial for cyclists because this is the basic safety gear that we must wear during the activity. In fact, not only cyclists are required to wear the helmet because commuters who are using scooters or similar vehicles are also wearing them for the same purposes. They bear similar risks of injuring the head due to various causes that can be both internal from the rider or from the environment itself. The helmet is a small price compared to the injury that we may sustain from the accident.

Bike helmets are easy to wear meaning almost all of us will be able to wear the lid as long as it is fitted properly. The helmet will be covering especially the top of the head and in some cases also the face like the jaw for example to make sure that it is properly protected. The outer shell is solid polycarbonate which has a smooth surface and is meant to accept the impact. It will receive the energy before transferring to the foam in the next layer while dissipating some of it.

The hard surface is also useful to cover the head when it hits a sharp surface to prevent open wounds and possible scratches from the contact. It also helps the head to skid over the surface when it hits something on the ground. The soft foam inside is useful to receive the impact transferred and bridging it before arriving at our skull. In combination it will reduce the strength while spreading the area of impact to prevent serious concentrated injury.

However just like car safety seats, bike helmets are only useful when you are fitting it properly and securing them on the head. This is why they come in various sizing options to match the varying head shape and sizes. The chin strap needs to be clipped all the time to make sure the helmet stays in the proper place when needed. Different cyclists may need different sizes including for children who also need the same protection.

Poc Omne Air SpinPoc Ventral
Product Dimensions9.45 x 8.66 x 7.09 inches12 x 9.75 x 7.5 inches
Shipping Weight10.05 Ounces1.6 Pounds
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About POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral

The most popular helmets doesn’t mean they are best and rather than going with the most expensive choice, it is wise to shop based on your own need, especially when it comes to head sizes. Do make sure that the helmet is fitted properly and is certified for safety. But, if you want to shop quickly, we can just pick one from the popular choices to save time. They do have a high chance to match your preference or are incredibly comfortable to satisfy lots of users. 

There are more than plenty to choose from when it comes to bike helmets depending on what brand, styling, and price point that you like better. For those who like the styling of modern bike helmets that look cool on the head, POC is one of the best choices to consider. This Sweden brand is very attractive and quite different from the typical helmets but not too adventurous as well. We love their styling as well as the protective quality but they can be quite expensive. 

If you will be pedaling for longer and in rather hot weather as well, the POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral are two reliable options you will want to consider. Both of them are highly rated for the comfort and for the Ventral, this helmet is also available in the original variant or the Air Spin as well depending on which seems to attract you the most. As for the comparison, we are going to talk about the Air Spin variant for both helmets because of the SPIN technology.

These helmets are very comfy for the fitting system and the air vents design that makes them ideal for cyclists who will be pedaling for a long distance. At a glance the Ventral seems to be a very airy helmet but in comparison both POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral are equally breezy at all speeds. The differences are minor and we do think most people will love any of the two or one that match their aesthetic the most.

POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral Design

In general bike helmets are identical but they are not the same. Companies can make different designs and different looking helmets to improve the performance or how it looks. Following the typical shape of POC, these helmets are stylish and they are rather low on the head which is great because it means we don’t have to ride with a mushroom on top. The fashion is almost the same but POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral are different in the way the vents are arranged and shaped. 

As you can see, these helmets have huge vents that can capture lots of air from the front and they are almost rectangular in shape with the Ventral being the most prominent one. Instead of a long strip, Ventral uses smaller channels and distributes it all over the helmets. The rear is also different and you can notice that Ventral Air Spin has more channels on the back which will probably improve the cooling effect later. Read also: Smith Trace Vs Ignite.

POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral Build Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral can offer starting from the build quality. The best thing when you spend quite some for a bike helmet is their build quality because these two are very robust and this doesn’t only mean safety but also longevity. All the EPS foam is covered with the solid case and this is great to make sure the helmet is more rigid when they need to be transported often by preventing chipping or dent on the foam.

Surprisingly, POC don’t always put MIPS in their helmet despite the price point which in many other affordable alternatives are often featured already. To replace MIPS, these helmets have SPIN which is very similar and is slippery too when pressed. For the construction itself they are similar to most helmets and claimed to use in-mold construction which is lightweight and using the same polycarbonate combined with EPS liner to perform the absorption and protective abilities. 

POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral Fitting System

Next is for their fitting system but, the POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral are slightly different here. One of the reasons why Omne Air Spin is very popular is due to the fitting system which is more versatile for a wide range of head sizes and shapes. This helmet has a 360 degree adjustment which means the band around the head is adjustable through the rear dial. It is very low on the temple and brow which is great and doesn’t create pressure points as well. 

The Ventral Air Spin is also comfortable even though it uses the more standard fitting system but it is easy to adjust and the large micro adjustment dial at the back is easy to tweak with just one hand while you ride the bike.

POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral Comfort

Lastly is for the comfort of POC Omne Air Spin and Ventral which is surprisingly very similar. The SPIN padding inside is not putting any pressure at all and since it acts like MIPS, the helmet is also slightly floating on the inside. The chinstrap is standard and very comfy on skin and even though the Ventral has larger and more vents, the Omne is also cooling to ride with. However, Ventral is also noticeably lighter if you will wear the helmet for a prolonged ride.

Poc Omne Air Spin vs Ventral

Both helmets are good options based on their performance. They are sturdy, well-built, as well as coming with POC SPIN technology which is similar to MIPS. The fitting is slightly different but we found that they are equally easy to adjust and comfortable. The Ventral is also very cooling, with Omne Air Spin following close but Ventral is noticeably lighter to improve the overall comfort, especially for prolonged journey. 

- COMMUTING AND ROAD: All-around protection for everyday use; Multipurpose helmet designed for road cycling, from weekend rides to the daily commute
- PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Optimized-density EPS liner for crash protection; Patent pending silicone pad technology system, SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside), uses innovative materials and design to complement POC's whole helmet approach
-STREAMLINED DESIGN: Slim profile for a clean aesthetic; Lightweight and breathable construction for comfort and functionality on longer rides
- ADJUSTABLE FIT: Lightweight 360° size adjustment system inside the helmet allows you to fine-tune the fit; One-handed dial for quick and easy adjusting
- Shell Material: unibody shell
- Impact Foam: EPS foam liner, - SPIN rotational protection system
- Ventilation: 15 front ventilation ports, internal air channels
- Fit Adjustment: rear dial adjustment system


You can choose any of these helmets based on which seems to meet your expectations the most. Personally we recommend the Ventral or Ventral Air Spin for the additional comfort since we do love lighter helmets.