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POC Octal vs Omne

There are so many good bike helmets out there and all of them should add a level of protection into your activity because it will keep your head especially the top area to be more resistant to impact. For those who are riding on the road, POC Octal Vs Omne are two amazing models to consider because of their performance and comfort but before heading to shop for one, go check what they can offer below and pick the one that fits your application the most. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose the Ideal Bike Helmet
  • What are POC Octal and Omne
  • What POC Octal and Omne Look Like
  • How are the Safety of POC Octal and Omne
  • How are the Fitting System on POC Octal and Omne
  • What else POC Octal and Omne can offer
  • POC Octal Vs Omne

Tips to Choose a Bike Helmet

Cycling without a helmet is not for everybody and yes, it is all up to your decision about whether the activity will need a helmet or not because we believe that adult can already measure the risk and chance of getting things out of hand so if the activity is fairly safe cycling without helmet can be a great option at times. If you are paying extra attention and just want to be at ease while pedaling, a good helmet will keep your head safer and mind at ease.

The problem down to which helmet we should pick because there are so many of them out there and not all of us will need the same type of helmet. To shop for the best model for your application, go check what you need to pay attention to below.

  1. First is the activity type because not all of us will ride on the same road and in this part, make sure to get the one made for your riding application. For recreational options, the minimum, cheaper helmet should be fine because we only need them once in a while but if you are riding longer, a road helmet which is lightweight and vented are the best option. For MTB there are usually trail or full-face models with the maximum protection and heavy duty material.
  2. The next part is to determine its comfort and fit since we do have different head shapes and sizes. Before shopping, especially from online stores, measure your head first by using a flexible measurement about an inch above the eyebrow. Different manufacturers may have different size options so use this guidance to find your fit.
  3. The next factor is feature and this mostly depends on the bike helmet itself so not all models will have the same set of features in the unit. The most common and must haves for most cyclists are vents and visor because it affects comfort and your performance when riding under a glaring sun. Especially for DH rider, chin or mouth protector is the best and most ideal choice.
  4. The last thing is if you have specific preference, each helmet usually have some type of fitting system as well that can be slightly different from one model or from one brand to another so not all of them will be the same but in general you will get standard chin strap and fitting adjustment to provide the perfect fit thus, the helmet can snug comfortably on your head.
POC OctalPOC Omne
Product Dimensions15 x 10 x 8 inches13 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds12.8 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About POC Octal and Omne

When shopping at physical store, their shopkeepers will mostly help you to find the correct model for the application and help you find the perfect size but if you are looking for the most convenient by getting one from certain online shop, it is best to consider the option thoroughly so we don’t need to return the unit and redo the shopping later. In addition if you are on a tight budget, shopping based on the price range can be convenient as well.

If you are here, we are sure you are riding on the road only because if you are an MTB enthusiast a full-face helmet like POC Octal vs Octal X will be more ideal for the application. For road riders there are tons of options to choose coming from different brands but among those manufacturers, POC is indeed one of the best options when you are in the market for high-quality helmets. Their products can be on the expensive side but if you can find the perfect model, they can go very long.

They have quite the option in the catalogue for different types of applications and for those who are only riding on smooth roads but spend quite the time on their bike, POC Octal and Omne are two amazing choices you may want to consider. Both of them are very similar to each other because they are designed for similar applications but as you may already know, the first difference that may set them apart from each other is the design itself.

The Octal is a very popular model from the company and has been around for quite some time as well accepting both love and hate from the user. This model is marketed often for cross country cyclists or regular road riders, the same with Omne helmets so we can use them for either commuting or a longer riding activity. What we love the most from these helmets is their comfort and some cool features that you get on the unit for example the convenient fitting system that are identical on both models.

POC Octal and Omne Design

The first thing you will notice from POC Octal and Omne is their shape because this is what set them apart the most. As you can see, the former is a bit unique when it comes to shape because it is not very similar to what most helmets look like and it is all about preference to say whether it is attractive or not but for those with oval face we do think the helmet looks just fine. 

It doesn’t look like an aero model at all and it is not one but, the reason behind this shape is probably to both minimize weight and optimize vents. On the other hand, Omne is probably one of the most loved helmets from POC due to its design because this one is the opposite of Octal with its slimmer design and will not give you that mushroom head look. It looks like an aero helmet and overall fashionably fast looking which seems great for racing and commuting.

POC Octal and Omne Safety

Moving further, let’s see the safety side of these two helmets because this is also what set them apart from each other. In this side Octal does have the MIPS version if you want to spend more but the one in our article today is their standard version and just like most helmets, the outer unibody shell construction is very sturdy to resist impact while the inside is lined with high performance EPS liner with now optimized density to make sure it can absorb and spread the impact to prevent harmful effect.

On the other hand Omne is a little bit special because this model is already coming with POC patent-pending new technology called SPIN which is very similar to MIPS. It is easy to recognize because the technology will be visible as a blue liner inside the helmet. This technology used medical-grade gel built into some padding like lining and meant to reduce the rotational forces when there is an impact. This process is claimed to reduce the force transmitted to our head and in turn also reduce the risk of the chance for brain injury.

POC Octal and Omne Fitting System

The next point is their fitting system because it is similarly important for the comfort and in this side POC Octal and Omne are the same because you will get the same chin strap and the rear adjustment or fitting just like many other POC helmets. The chin strap is easy to buckle in and it sits well on the ears as well. The rear adjustment is the same through rotating knob which is convenient when operated with one hand, overall they are comfortable, easy to put in and easy to put off.

POC Octal and Omne Features

The last point we want to talk about is their features and on this side both of them are also pretty much similar to each other as well. Starting with the vents, Octal has massive vents and exhaust ports all over the helmet and in total of 21 windows, riding with this one is very breezy and light (230 grams for S). The Omne has less vents in comparison and so this model doesn’t offer the same cooling effect but for a shorter ride, it is not a serious problem. 

On the additional feature, there is one interesting function that is offered by these helmets and it is how their front vents also act as sunglass slot so we can put ours on and they will keep the unit there securely. Octal also has this special built to support ICE. system which is a tool that determines whether you have been in a crash or similar accident and then alert emergency service through your smartphone.

POC Octal vs Omne

Both of these helmets are amazing for road riding and they are also comfortable but, fashion wise we do like Omne better with its slimmer figure and overall stylish for the majority of users. What’s better with Octal is their lightweight and amazing vents because there are a huge amount of them and these vents are wide as well so cooling effect is more effective. In addition you can get the ICE. compatibility if you are using the system.

- STAY HEAD STRONG: High performance EPS liner that is optimized in density and fully wrapped in a unibody shell construction
- VENTED: Temperature regulating Coolbest padding that is generously ventilated, using POC's unique ventilation design
- FIT FOR YOU: Size adjustment system, with straps molded into the liner
- EXTRAS: Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet
- COMMUTING AND ROAD: All-around protection for everyday use; Multipurpose helmet designed for road cycling, from weekend rides to the daily commute
- PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Optimized-density EPS liner for crash protection; Patent pending silicone pad technology system, SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside), uses innovative materials and design to complement POC's whole helmet approach
- STREAMLINED DESIGN: Slim profile for a clean aesthetic; Lightweight and breathable construction for comfort and functionality on longer rides
- ADJUSTABLE FIT: Lightweight 360° size adjustment system inside the helmet allows you to fine-tune the fit; One-handed dial for quick and easy adjusting


All in all they can be a great safety gear but your choice can be different from others and if we have to pick one, we do recommend getting POC Octal if you are fine with the slightly unique shape because this helmet performs better.