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Oakley ARO3 Vs POC Octal

Bike helmets are necessary to help protect our skull while pedaling on the road or on different terrain. The hard shell and foam are designed to reduce overall impact to our head and depending on the riding discipline, our choice of helmets will vary as well such as Oakley ARO3 Vs POC Octal that are made for road cyclists. These helmets are not only offering safety but also comfort and, let’s see which will meet your preference below before deciding to choose one.

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  • Oakley ARO3 Vs POC Octal

Bike Helmets for Safety

Cycling is a fun activity, they are cheap, and almost everyone can have access to the space and can cycle both on the road and off the road such as mountain biking. Since most of us have learned how to ride a bike since very young, there is little to get used to this vehicle/exercise equipment. We probably only have to get used to the new bike since different bikes have their own feel but at least we don’t have to learn to balance the body or properly steer the two wheels anymore.

Just like using an electric scooter or running at a fast pace, we can feel the breeze while pedaling fast and this gives an experience of its own. Bicycles can be a transportation tool, an exercise method, or a recreation tool, based on what you want to aim. One issue with bicycles is whether to wear a safety gear like helmet during the activity. We all know how a motorist needs to always wear their helmet while riding their motorbike and similarly cyclists need to wear their helmet for the same reason.

Motorbike can go much faster than a bike but it doesn’t wipe the chance of us getting injured due to some mistakes or difficult terrain. For those who are not fond of bike helmets probably argue that there are many more “risky” activities such as walking on icy roads during the winter or cleaning the gutters on their roof without wearing a helmet then why should we use one for cycling. It is true that many risky activities don’t have any safety gear, but does it mean we have to leave the helmet at home?

We personally believe safety gear is always necessary because we don’t know what will happen in the future and out there. We can’t turn back time as well so there is no going back when the event took place and we can’t reverse a fatal injury. Scratches will heal on their own but fractured skulls are not something we want to deal with, especially compared to the cost of a bike helmet. If you are not used to a bike helmet, we can spare some time familiarizing with the gear.

Oakley ARO3POC Octal
Product Dimensions13 x 10 x 7 inches14.25 x 9.75 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight11.04 Ounces6.72 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Based on the review from International Journal of Epidemiology, the study involved 40 separate studies and found that helmet is significantly reducing the odds of head injury as well as fatal head injury is lower when the cyclist is wearing their bike helmet. But, it is important to understand that a bike helmet will not leave you without any injury since it only covers the top of the head and we can still receive injury on the head as well such as concussion because this impact can’t be prevented with just a helmet.

About Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal

If you are here then we believe there is no need to persuade you to wear this safety gear as well because it is necessary for our own safety and the price of good helmets are often very affordable as well such as Kask Rapido Vs Giro Foray. They are mostly comfortable too but since our head size and shapes tend to be different, it is good to shop based on your fitting or type of application. If you can spend more, the higher-end choice does tend to be better in overall quality.

Talking about bike helmets, you can find plenty of options in the market but some are more attractive than the other such as Oakley and POC. These brands may not be the mainstream options when people are thinking about buying a bike helmet and in comparison to most famous names, the two are quite expensive as well. But, for those who want a stylish lid, we do think there are some interesting options from their collection.

Sometimes when choosing a bicycle helmet, we tend to look for those that look good on our head, and for those who are in the market for some stylish choice, the Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal are two promising helmets to consider. These helmets are for road application only and suitable for any cyclist such as commuter, enthusiast, or casual user who ride on the weekend only. There are no fancy promises here however but for comfort and this also not the same for all users.

For some reason, the ARO3 sounds like this helmet is made with some aerodynamic in mind but, it is not and in general just a road bike helmet, the same with Octal. Overall we do think the Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal are two solid options for their overall build quality and styling which we personally like as well. Comfort wise they can vary among riders so we will leave it to your experience.

Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal Design

Before checking what the two can offer, we want to see the fashion of these helmets first and in a glance we can tell that these two are very robust as well. Holding the same helmets, the Octal is actually lighter compared to ARO3 because the medium size is about 233 grams while the small size of Oakley is already 254 grams. Similar to most bike helmets, there are varying sizes to choose from in their collection so we can get the best fitting.

Looking at the Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal, these helmets seem to be designed with cooling in mind which is why you can find plenty of large ventilation here, especially on Octal. Aesthetic wise, it can be very personal but we have no issue about how they look and in general, these helmets do look flatter on most people. If you are the type who likes eye-catching equipment or bright colors, there are orange, bright red, or bright blue in Octal’s collection.

Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal Build Quality

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal can offer and starting with the build quality, we will say that Octal is better here and this is only based on the additional material they decide to use covering the outer lid of the helmet. Cheaper helmets do not have any sort of cover to protect the foam and the fact that ARO3 is not cheap is a bit confusing or disappointing. It is not affecting their protective property but is great for overall durability and wear over time.

In addition the ARO3 is not light as well so we can’t see why they don’t add some durability feature here. For the additional safety feature, you can expect to see MIPS on both helmets and this is great to have since many other more affordable alternatives already have it as well. MIPS is useful to help reduce damage against rotational impact since it creates a slip plane in the helmet.

Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal Fitting

Now we want to talk about the fitting system in Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal where they use Boa 360 Fit and similarly regular rear fit adjustment that tighten the inner frame of the helmet according to how far each sizing is designed for. They are pretty basic compared to some types of adjustment since you can only tweak the overall fit only which is through the rear knob. But, it also means the helmets are straightforward despite not the best in terms of adjustability.

Oakley ARO3 and POC Octal Comfort

Lastly on the comfort, we do think these helmets are going to fit most people. The best thing about their performance is actually how well the ventilation works, especially the Octal with its larger air channels all over the helmets. This type of design may make the helmet somehow a bit see through because there are large holes here and there but when it comes to capturing wind, this specific helmet feels comfortable even under the hot weather.

For those who often ride while wearing sunglasses, these helmets are also providing a dedicated slot above the eyebrow where you can store the gear safely. But, in some cases depending on the glasses shape, especially their arm, some may not fit as firm.

Oakley ARO3 Vs POC Octal

Both of these helmets are good options based on which seem to fit in your application or personal preference the most but, in our opinion the Octal is much better in build quality while keeping the weight lower as well. The amount and size of its ventilation channels are large enough to capture more air during hot summer or when you pedal slower. The not so good part is the limited fitting adjustment which is applied for the two.

- Lightweight polycarbonate shell
- Imported
- Oakley ARO3 is built with optimized ventilation to help keep you cool
- Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell: Integrated goggle base to securely store your shades and keep them close at hand for quick and easy access.
- Housing material: Polycarbonate
- Impact foam: EPS
- Ventilation: optimized ventilation
- Fit adjustment: size adjustment system with low contact area


There is no bad option between these helmets but personally we will recommend Octal because this helmet is better in built quality and also more comfortable with lighter weight while the cooling vents are helpful to keep you from sweating too much.