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Livall vs Lumos 

Helmet has always be something vital to keep you safe when you ride a road bike, a mountain bike, or a motorcycle. You always need to make sure that your helmet is good and could really protect you from accidents.

The helmets might appear to be so simple. But nowadays, the technology has even made its modification to this simple yet vital protector. They are called as smart helmets. They are equipped with speakers, built-in microphones, rear-facing cameras, and many other helpful features.

If you are an active cyclist or motocross fan and love having high technology stuff around you, then having a smart helmet is a must. There are many brands of smart helmet, but we are going to introduce you with the top two; Livall and Lumos.

Which one is better? Well, check out their comparison bellow.

About Livall

Livall Smart Bike Helmet is a helmet that is designed for emergencies prepared. It is lightweight and durable. Plus, it is also offered in a better price. It gives you all you need in an affordable price.

The smart helmet is equipped with additional features that could connect you with the outside world. It comes with SOS system that could safe you in an emergency situation as well as a walkie-talkie to communicate with other riders. 

It is also equipped with flashing wireless tail lights which signal other riders when you want to turn left or right. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth wireless speakers that allow you to enjoy music from your phone while riding your bike. Read also: Livall MT1 vs Livall BH60.

However, on the flip side, the lightning is only placed on the back of the helmet. It also comes in limited color choices. The lights are also said to be too weak as they cannot be seen in the morning.

Livall Lumos 
Product Dimensions13 x 9.4 x 7.3 inches10.6 x 9.1 x 5.9 inches
Shipping Weight2.1 pounds13.4 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

In short, Livall gives you safety ride with the features of walkie-talkie, LED taillights and turn signals, SOS alert, hands-free operation, long battery life that could be up to 10 hours, and also durable and lightweight. 

This smart helmet makes sure that you enjoy your riding time as well as keep you in your safest in case of emergencies.

About Lumos

Lumos Smart Helmet is considered as a stylish and practical smart helmet. Comes with a more expensive price of around $50, Lumos has more colors and designs to offer, which is why it is considered as a stylish smart helmet.

It comes with 48 LED lights. 10 are placed on the front and 38 are placed on the back of the smart helmet. These LED lights are essentially important when you ride during the night. It also has automatic turn signals.

If you want to turn the LED lights off, you can simply tap the wireless handlebar remote. Since it has many LED lights, it is water-resistant. The helmet is also compatible with Apple Health and Strava.

However, on the flip side, the battery life is less between charges. It lasts around 6 hours on flashing and 3 hours on solid mode. This might be an important concern if you want to have a long ride.

In shorts, this Lumos smart helmet will make you stand out when riding on the road. It keeps you safe riding in the morning or at night with the 38 LED lights and automatic turn signals. It also meets the CPSC and CE standards for safety.

Livall vs Lumos

Both of the Livall and Lumos smart helmets offer different features for different types of riders. The Lumos offers LED lights that are both placed on the front and back of the helmet, adding extra protection that is missed by the Livall. It is because the Livall only provides lights on the back of the helmet.

The automatic signal lights in the Lumos could automatically sense when you are slowing down. The lights can also automatically turn red when you speed up.

On the other hand, the Livall smart helmet provides other additional features that could build up extra protections in case of emergencies. Livall offers SOS alert and walkie-talkie which are important during emergencies.

The Livall also weighs less than the Lumos since it is constructed with EPS foam and high-quality polycarbonate. The Livall uses materials that improves air cooling and reduces wind resistance. It protects you from tree branches, shields you from direct sunlight, and prevents water from getting into your eyes.

The Livall smart helmet weighs around 310g while the Lumos weighs around 439g. The battery life is longer in the Livall as it can lasts up to 10 hours while the Lumos can lasts up to 6 hours. As for the styles, the Lumos smart helmet comes with more styles since it has  6 different styles while the Livall only has 2 styles.

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The choice of a smart helmet to protect your riding day is now up to you. The considerations are your concerns of extra features that you cannot live without and also the moment when you will mostly ride.

If you are going to mostly ride at night, then having the Lumos smart helmet that is equipped with LED lights both on the back and front side of the helmet will be a good choice. Further, if you like to have wider color selections and like to be the attention on the road, then this Lumos helmet is also a good choice.

However, if you wish to enjoy a hands-free communication and music while riding, then your answer might fall to the Livall. It is equipped with advance walkie-talkie that comes with built-in windproof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speakers.

Plus, if you like to have a light durable smart helmet with extra protections, you can go with the Livall smart helmet. It comes with SOS alert that could inform your friends or family in case you are in emergencies.

Anyway, you can also save up to $50 if you choose to buy the Livall smart helmet. But then again, think about your needs, nighttime biking or day time biking. 

So, which one are you going to buy?