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Livall MT1 vs Livall BH60

Smart cycling helmets have become a trend in the cycling community. Apart from keeping your head safe in the case of accidents, these smart helmets also allow you to call someone or listen to the music while cycling. So, if you ever get lost or involved in an accident, you can call your family or friends to ask for help.

In the smart cycling helmet industry, Livall is one of the best manufacturers out there. After comparing Livall MT1 and Livall BH60SE the other day, we’re going to review Livall MT1 and the older version of Livall BH60SE, which is the BH60 model. These two models are pretty similar to each other, and both are sold under $100.

Livall MT1 Review

Livall MT1 is currently unavailable on Amazon, but it’s usually priced at $79, cheaper than the BH60 model. It holds a rating of 3.7 starts out of 5 from 99 customer reviews. It fits the heads size 22.83 to 24.4 inches and has passed EN 1078, CPSC 1203 safety certification. Read also: Livall BH60SE vs Livall MT1.

In terms of features, it comes with smart flashlights that are noticeable from quite a long distance, SOS alert that sends signal in times of accidents, a Walkie-Talkie that uses built-in windproof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speaker, as well as the Smart Bling Jet Controller.

On the back, you can see eight LED taillights and turn indicators, which play an essential role for your safety. Design-wise, we think this is a great decision since if you use it in the dark or inclement weather, it can be really dangerous to not being able to tell someone’s positions. Even when their vehicle has lights, there needs to be an indicator to tell where the rider is.

With the taillights on the LIVALL MT1 helmet, other drivers can tell where you’re located very easily. They will know where your head exactly is and can guess where they should position themselves to avoid collision. This helmet minimizes safety risks on the road by a lot.

Livall MT1Livall BH60
Product Dimensions11.8 x 9.4 x 6.9 inches
11.2 x 9 x 5.9 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

There is more, LIVALL MT1 has a Bluetooth speaker installed, which you can use to listen to your favorite music or for making or taking a call while you’re on the road. To make it even more convenience, you can use the LIVALL riding app as well, which you can install on your phone. Connect the helmet with the app to use every feature available, including sending SOS alerts to your registered emergency contacts and turning on emergency signals that people can pick up.

Right on the handlebar, you can spot a remote control called Smart Bling Jet Controller. This remote control’s design is patented by the company and is very useful and easy to operate. You can use it to take photos, answer calls, use walkie-talkie, play music, and control turning signals.

This smart helmet is designed mostly to protect you from accidents. So, the speaker is not that great for music and phone calls. But overall, Livall MT1 is a good smart helmet that keeps you safe while cycling, comes in with various features, and is sold at a very affordable price.

All in all, we think that the combination of these features dramatically increases road visibility and thus safety. The added functionalities like calls, SOS, and photos provide a lot of convenience. They increase safety too, given that you do not have to be entangled in cables while cycling.

Livall BH60 Review

Livall BH60 is currently unavailable on Amazon, but it’s usually sold at $90, slightly more expensive than the MT1 model. It holds a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 from 25 customer reviews.

In terms of features, this model is pretty similar to the Livall MT1. It comes with 6 LED lights for visibility and 8 LED tail lights serve as direction indicators, built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to music without headphones, built-in mic that allows you to make phone calls, a Walkie-Talkie, as well as SOS alert that automatically will signal emergency to your contacts.

The main attraction with this helmet is the lights. A rear strip of red LEDs pulses while you ride and continues that steady animation for hours. This keeps you highly visible in any environment, and because the lights are on my helmet instead of down under my seat it’s easier for larger vehicles to see me at night.

There’s also a second set of LEDs, but instead of pulsing red, they blink yellow just like turn signals. In fact, thanks to the Livall remote mounted on the handlebars, they basically are turn signals. Tap the left arrow, and everyone behind you gets five left blinks. Same for the right. This is significantly more effective than the standard hand signals, which sadly very few car drivers in my area recognize or appreciate.

The biggest issue we have with this helmet is battery life. Livall claims this helmet can get you 9-10 hours of battery in a single charge, but that goes down fast when you have a phone paired and the Livall Remote controller connected.

When properly set up, the battery can last up to 4 hours with a single charge. And since the charging port is in the front of the helmet, it would be impossible to try and charge it from a power source while riding.

Livall’s helmets allow you make calls, but the downside is, the feature isn’t all that enjoyable to use. The one microphone near the power button is too far from your mouth, so your voice won’t be crystal clear. But the microphone does a good job at picking up sounds from the surroundings.
Besides, you can’t use it when you’re moving anyway, which kind of makes it useless. It’d be nice to be able to make calls while cycling. So, you’ll have to stop if you’re getting calls and just your phone normally.

Despite all of that, Livall BH60 is still a great helmet to have mainly because of its awesome LED lights, affordable price, and the ability to listen to the music while cycling.

Livall MT1 vs Livall BH60

- Safety Certification:Passed EN 1078, CPSC 1203 safety certification, CE, FCC, C-Tick, BQB, ROHS electronic certification.
- Careful Design:The MT1 helmet weighs only 310g, so you won't feel its weight in long-term riding. And with 21 vents design
- Smart Flash Lights: The wireless taillight will give you directions to turn left or right, noticeable from quite a distance, and inform the vehicle behind you of your riding intention in time
- Walkie - Talkie: Using built-in wind proof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speaker, even in high speed cycling, it can ensure the clarity of voice input / output
- Music: The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your music without headphones
- Phone: The built-in mic lets you make and receive calls on the go
- Walkie-Talkie: Use the Walkie-Talkie function to communicate with your riding team
- SOS Alert: If the gravity sensor senses impact, the LED lights will auto-display SOS signals & your emergency contacts will be notified immediately


These two smart helmets come with similar main features in Walkie-Talkie, LED lights, SOS alert, as well as built-in Bluetooth speaker and mic. However, the LED light system in Livall BH60 is better than Livall MT1.

So, although it’s slightly more expensive than Livall MT1, we feel that you should get the Livall BH60 model if you’re looking for a smart helmet that can keep you safe while cycling, thanks to its LED lights.