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Kask REX Vs POC Tectal

Bike helmet is the basic protective gear when you are riding the bike in any terrain because they are going to add some protection to your skull, in case there is an accident. There are plenty to choose from depending on where you will ride such as the popular Kask REX Vs POC Tectal for people who prefer to do mountain biking. These helmets are protective and comfortable but also slightly different and before choosing one, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Bike Helmet to Buy
  • What are Kask REX and POC Tectal
  • What Kask REX and POC Tectal Look Like
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  • How are the Fit of Kask REX and POC Tectal
  • Are Kask REX and POC Tectal Comfortable
  • Kask REX Vs POC Tectal

Bike Helmets

Bicycling is fun and it is great to maintain your body fitness because this is similar to running and any other cardio exercise; they are great to improve heart health and help you to lose some body fat in case you want to lose weight. However, we can’t forget about the bike helmet because this is the basic protective gear that we have to wear during the activity. It may not be able to remove the risk but helpful to reduce the impact and more serious head injuries.

While all bike helmets are safe, not all of them are made for the same purpose or type of activities which is why it is best to shop based on where you will be riding the bicycle or what level of protectiveness you will need for the type of terrain. In general, there are road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets based on the place you will be pedaling but each of them may have other categories as well such as for casual, daily commuting, recreation, or for performance cyclists.

Road bike helmets are typically light and cover the top of the head until slightly around the back area. The examples are Giro Vasona Vs Register or Giro Hale for children. These helmets are very comfortable and usually have plenty of vents to make it as breezy as possible, especially when you are pedaling pretty slowly. They are also not as protective, especially on the rear area of the head and on the side because road cycling is typically safe.

On the other hand, the bike helmets for mountain biking are going to be quite heavier compared to the road models. You can easily notice them as well because they are designed sportier and the easiest way to notice them is by looking at the visor, the rear part, and the side of the helmet or those above the ear. Usually, the bike helmets made for cycling on more challenging terrains will add more material in these areas for more effective protection due to the nature of the activity.

Kask REXPOC Tectal
Product Dimensions13 x 9.3 x 7.6 inches16.25 x 9.75 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.8 Pounds
1.78 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Another similar bike helmet is for the more aggressive type of rider or also often called a trail helmet such as Fox Proframe. This type of helmet is looking more like a motorbike helmet because they are featured with a chin protector in order to cover your face when accidentally falling off the bike. In typical rough terrain, there are high chances we will fall face or head first and having a chin protector can save far more serious damage to the head and face area.

About Kask REX and POC Tectal

Now when you already decide which bike helmet to go for, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and most are also pretty much similar to each other. When looking for a bike helmet, it is best to know your head size first, especially when shopping online as we can’t try them first. If you have no time to look for each brand and models, it is best to stick with popular names because they tend to be more reliable.

They are also widely available and chances are you may like them too. Among those well-known brands of bike helmets, Kask and POC are two reliable options to consider both for road and off-road cyclists with their abundance of choices. If you are here then it means mountain biking is your discipline and for this type of cyclist, the best is to pick the helmet for the application. Mountain biking has a higher risk or injuries for the terrain they face which makes bike helmets highly necessary.

Fortunately, almost all companies who made bike helmets also carry mountain bike helmets in their catalog including these two with the popular Kask REX and POC Tectal. One thing that the two are similar to each other besides the fact that they are suitable for mountain biking or trail bike is the price point which is quite high for something a casual cyclist will spend. Usually these helmets are sold at around $170-$190 range for a unit and considering the features, they are certainly attractive.

The REX is probably one of the most expensive mountain bike helmets in the market but for a helmet that is made to optimize comfort both in low speed and even in hot weather, this may be exactly what you look for. On the other hand, Tectal is also the same and if you found their Trebec not as comfortable, then this helmet seems to make some adjustment in order to fix the design; many seem to be satisfied with how it improves vents and overall user experience.

Kask REX and POC Tectal Design

Before seeing what Kask REX and POC Tectal are offering, let’s check the overall helmet first and as you can see on the sample picture above, they are quite similar to most mountain bike helmets out there with large visor and more material on the rear and side of the head. The best thing from the design is these visors because in some helmets they can be removable but non-adjustable and here you can lift or turn it down as needed which is a great plus for convenience.

The design is pretty basic and there is nothing that stands out from how these helmets look but typical sporty helmets like Kask REX and POC Tectal usually look good for most people. They cover the back of the head and stop just a centimeter or two above the ears for maximum protection. There are also plenty of shades to choose from and plenty of vents all over the build for best air circulation.

Kask REX and POC Tectal Built

Just like most helmets, both of these MTB models are made with hard shell and soft EPS foam on the inside but compared to many other cheaper road helmets, the best thing about expensive models beside how often they look good for most people is the extra coverage of these hard shell that protect the soft foam including on the rim of the helmets itself. In cheaper models, they are open and while this reduces the overall weight, will also sacrifice the longevity of your lid.

Unfortunately, none of Kask REX and POC Tectal are featured with MIPS which comes as a surprise knowing that they are not cheap at all. However, the Tectal do have special built with aramid fiber grid that are placed in key areas of the EPS foam and this is claimed to improve protection and durability of your helmet.

Kask REX and POC Tectal Fit

Now let’s talk about the fit of these helmets but similarly, they seem to be pretty good and fitting most people with the rear adjustable fitting systems. They are also coming with a non-adjustable splitter below the ear which may be a drawback for some people, especially for those with a more oval or longer face, but personally they are just convenient for us and sit really well below the ears of most adults yet, the gap or room is a subject to vary among different users.

Below the lid, the only adjustable part is your chin strap and REX has something special here because the strap is leather, unlike most helmets including Tectal that are usually just regular fabric. There is a “made in Italy” printed on the strap and this can be a quite new experience because it feels thick on our chin yet after sometimes, we don’t notice anymore and since it is not absorbing, we may be able to keep it clean by just wiping the leather after being used.

Kask REX and POC Tectal Comfort

Lastly we want to talk about the cooling performance of Kask REX and POC Tectal because this is what the two are designed for besides covering the head. In this area, both are also impressive but not surprisingly because you will notice some sweat build up as well in either of them. What we love is the vents designed on the right place to channel the air and cool your head to a certain level with the 20 and 22 vents respectively making the ride more bearable under sun rays.

Kask REX Vs POC Tectal

Both Kask REX and POC Tectal are good MTB helmets for those who are looking for comfort as well and can spend the budget. They are very comfortable thanks to the ventilation and placement so air can get inside and flow properly but in comparison they are pretty much the same. Personally we like any of them but a regular strap is easier to get used to compared to leather yet REX visor is more protective than Tectal.

- With 20 perfectly placed vents, Rex has maximum airflow at slower speeds and in warmer climates, allowing you to stay cool.
- The optimum airflow is complemented by innovative frontal pads with new technologies which encourage efficient sweat evaporation, providing comfort and temperature management.
- The rider’s entire head is protected including the Lower Occipital bone in the rear and added temporal coverage in front for additional safety.
- The Octo-fit adjustable rear fitting system has a wide range of adjustment to fit all head shapes and sizes in complete comfort.
- Includes an EPS liner, outer PC shell, and unibody shell construction.
- Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability.
- Designed to provide more coverage at the temples and back of the head.
- Size adjustment and adjustable visor.


All in all it is best to choose the helmet that fits in your application the most and between the two, they are equally comfortable but if you often ride below the bright sun rays, REX visor will be more effective in shielding your eyes while still adjustable when you are climbing.