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Kask Rapido Vs Mojito

Bike helmets are necessary for safety purposes and they are very convenient as well to wear without much fuss. We can choose helmets based on the typical riding application such as Kask Rapido Vs Mojito that are made for road cyclists. The best thing about these models is their comfort and price point which makes the two ideal for many users. If you are interested to buy one, see below about which of the two will be the better option since they are not exactly the same.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do You Need to Wear a Bike Helmet
  • What are Kask Rapido and Mojito
  • How are the Design of Kask Rapido and Mojito
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  • How are the Fitting of Kask Rapido and Mojito
  • Are Kask Rapido and Mojito Comfortable
  • Kask Rapido Vs Mojito

Bike Helmets

No matter if you prefer sport for an exercise or as an alternative for recreation, safety always comes first because when something is harmful or damaging to our body, it is wise to prevent or stay away from the risk. There are typical safer sports and those extreme ones that challenge the adrenaline such as mountain biking. Mountain biking is fun but there is a high risk of injury due to the uneven terrain or the typical condition we often meet.

If you like to spend the time on the more challenging terrain, the proper bicycle helmet is those made for the MTB ones, depending on what type of terrain or the riding habit itself we can choose the more lightweight options such as Bell Nomad Vs 4Forty or the more protective like Leatt DBX 3.0. For the road cyclists, these types of helmets are not going to be the most comfortable since they are often being heavier or more restrictive compared to how we want to stay light and breezy on the road.

In comparison, road cycling probably doesn’t have as high risk as mountain biking because the typical terrain we use is usually pavement or at least flat terrain with some gravel. Other road users such as drivers and motorcyclists are probably what carry the biggest risk for road cyclists because they are typically faster and sometimes when they use the same road, some users on either side can make mistakes that cause injury or damage to the vehicles.

Wearing a bike helmet will not eliminate the possibilities or risk at 100% and since this is only covering the head, other injuries on the body are difficult to prevent yet, we can always reduce them or minimizing the impact and this is what helmet is doing. A helmet will help cyclists or its wearer to reduce the possibilities of greater impact that can cause permanent damage or head injury. Sure they can’t keep you completely unscratched but it is wise to always be cautious.

Kask Rapido Kask Mojito
Product Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1 Pounds1.55 Pounds
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Even for the road application which is inherently safer as long as all road users are using their vehicle safely, a bike helmet is still necessary. In some places it is mandatory to wear the helmet in order to minimize the chance of cyclists getting heavy injury on the head whether it is due to slippery roads or some accidents that involved other road users. Modern bike helmets are easy to wear and many are very affordable too, making them friendlier for more people.

About Kask Rapido and Mojito

If you are here then it means we don’t have to persuade you to wear a proper helmet for the activity anymore. Some people may still avoid wearing this safety gear but we can always try to get used to them as we want to always be safe. Just like any product however, bike helmets are not something that are easy to choose as there are just so many of them out there and not all will be suitable or ideal for your discipline or even budget range.

Bike helmets can be less than $50 and more than five times expensive depending on who they are made for and what they can offer. Performance helmets are always expensive because they are meant for professionals or competitive cyclists but for casual riders who want to protect their head, almost any road helmets will be a good option. If you are overwhelmed by the options, we can shop based on the brand such as Kask which is well-known for their high-quality helmets.

There are plenty of good helmet brands and Kask is one of the most popular for a huge range of options both on the collection and on the price point so everyone can get their most ideal helmet. They are also famous for accompanying Team Sky with their high-end models but for road cyclists who are more casual about the activity, the Kask Rapido and Mojito are two ideal models to consider. These are among their popular options that you can wear while enjoying the ride.

Of course just like most siblings from other brands these helmets are not exactly the same despite carrying similar features and just as reliable but, the Mojito is not among the budget choice and is about twice the price of Rapido so it is just natural to wonder which of them will be the better option. In compariso,n they are very comfortable and easy to wear but the latter seems to have better overall build quality that makes the Mojito more durable or for prolonged use.

Kask Rapido and Mojito Design

Before checking what Kask Rapido and Mojito can offer, let’s see the unit first and as you can guess, both of them are pretty similar to each other. In terms of shape they are round and a bit oval so we do think they are going to match well with the most common head shapes. The overall design is not identical however and the Mojito seems to be slightly more aggressive with more details all over the helmets than the typically smoother Rapido.

Surprisingly, they are very much similar to each other in weight because we do think Mojito will be heavier. These helmets look good for most people and they look sporty as well while staying low on the head to not create that mushroom image. The finish is glossy and there are several color options to match with your preference. They are also available in different sizing to match with your head size.

Kask Rapido and Mojito Build

Moving further, let’s see what makes Kask Rapido and Mojito different and if you examine the unit then what prominently sets them apart is the built quality. It doesn’t mean that Rapido has a bad build quality but if you look into the rim of the helmet, there is no coverage here and the amount of foam exposed is always the reason why helmets can chip easily or not as durable. They are not reducing the protective properties but will be prone to external damage.

The Mojito on the other hand is fully covered from the front to the rear area of the helmet which is great and what you will see in higher-end models. The material however, stays the same because these helmets are still made of polycarbonate plastic for the outer lid and combined with EPS foam on the inside. Unfortunately, despite being quite expensive, the Mojito is not featured with MIPS which is surprising since many other much cheaper than this model already has the additional safety system.

Kask Rapido and Mojito Fitting

Next we move to their fitting system and if you have worn a Kask helmet before, this is what we love the most from this Italian brand compared to many of its competitors. Both Kask Rapido and Mojito are coming with the Up N Down cradle system which you can find in many other helmets by this brand. As the name suggests there is a cradle at the back of the head that is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

This cradle is very comfortable since they can follow the shape and height of the neck because not all of us have the same head size and shape. For securing the fit there is a knob in the middle of this cradle and is accessible with one hand since they can be quite low so even with gloves you will still be able to adjust the knob.

Kask Rapido and Mojito Comfort

For the comfort as long as we are fitting them properly and buying the correct size, Kask Rapido and Mojito are going to both look good and feel good on the head. The race styling of these helmets makes them a breeze to ride with and this is good for casual application. There is padding inside the helmets that can absorb sweat and they do feel comfy but if you sweat too much it can be a bit annoying and at times we will want to dry it a little bit before resuming the journey.

Kask Rapido Vs Mojito

These helmets are good options for any road cyclist who want to stay safe and comfortable. They are also good for prolonged use but the vents are not enough to make your head sweat-free. The prominent difference between Kask Rapido and Mojito is about the built quality because Mojito is more durable with better construction that covers all of the foam that is prone to chip otherwise. Comfort wise they are similar and the fit is just very easy to adjust.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 24 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Up'N'Down system
- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 26 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Up & Down fit system


You can go amazing with any of them but it is wise to consider your own preference. We want to recommend Mojito if budget is not a concern since this model has an overall better built but for best value, the Rapido is still a great choice.