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Kask Rapido Vs Giro Savant

There are plenty of good bike helmets to choose out there such as Kask Rapido Vs Giro Savant. These helmets are not expensive and the most important is they are comfortable because we all want to kick the pedal without having to think about the lid that covers our head. The two however, are not the same and you may like one of them better so before deciding to choose one, do check what they can offer below and see which of them will fit you better.

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  • Kask Rapido Vs Giro Savant

Bike Helmets

We never know what will happen in the future and there are endless possibilities that may affect your mental or physical state. Anything can happen and when it comes to safety, we always want to stay away from any chance of getting hurt yet, some people do love the adrenaline for challenging the adventure. It is all up to the person themself but in general we don’t fancy getting hurt, moreover if it will leave permanent damage to our body.

Cycling is a fairly safe activity with a very low risk of accidents depending on where you are pedaling. The safest option will be indoor cycling because it is stationary and the highest risk will be mountain biking because of the unruly terrain. To reduce the possibilities of more serious impact, a bike helmet is necessary no matter which terrain you are cycling on. They may not be going to prevent any injuries but will reduce the level of damage to the head.

The main function of a bike helmet or any other helmet is to reduce the impact that arrives on the head. When riding a bike or motorcycle, there are chances that we accidentally fall from the vehicle due to various factors such as slippery roads or irresponsible road users and in this case our head may hit the road or other solid surface. A helmet will protect the surface from possible cuts of sharp objects as well as reducing the energy before it arrives on the head.

Kask RapidoGiro Savant
Product Dimensions6 x 6 x 6 inches2.76 x 2.76 x 9.84 inches
Shipping Weight1 pounds3.53 ounces
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Helmets are mostly the same; they have a solid case or outer lid and then a soft EPS foam on the inside of the structure. The solid case will protect against the solid objects and possible scratches while the foam will pad and reduce the energy by absorbing and spreading it, to prevent a concentrated impact on a single area. Of course it is not going to eliminate the risk of any head injury by one hundred percent and there are serious accidents where they won’t help as well.

But, taking all risks and possibilities, wearing a helmet is just a convenient way of reducing risks and they are not an expensive investment at all, if you can buy the bicycle then chances are the helmet will be affordable as well. It is, however, wise to choose the one that is more comfortable to you so we should check the helmet first before investing on one. Additionally, you may want to have some features or design preference to match with what you want.

About Kask Rapido and Giro Savant

If you are here then it means you also agree that wearing a helmet will be really helpful. Even commuters can benefit from wearing helmets, especially if your city has no dedicated cyclist lane since we will be riding with other drivers or motorists which also increase the risk of accidents on the road. When choosing a bike helmet, we do recommend shopping from named brands because they tend to be more reliable and have lots of options to choose from.

Most of them are also offering few models on the entry-level or for budget shoppers. Among those, Kask and Giro are two good options to shop from and we are sure most cyclists are familiar with these names already because they are very popular. There are plenty to choose from these brands but most of their products are loved by customers both for the price point and for the performance itself. They are also carrying a wide range of collections for you to consider.

For those who are wishing to spend on a budget, Kask Rapido and Giro Savant are two good options from the two brands. They are less than $100 and loved by many of the users because they just work. For bike helmets, the most important part beside safety itself is comfort as it needs to stay comfy when sitting on top of our head and it is what both of them can offer. The Savant is similar to Foray in our Kask Rapido Vs Giro Foray but often sold cheaper.

Bike helmets must pass standardization before being able to be marketed and in general all bike helmets will be safe but there are those with additional features to increase the safety with their own technology or more material on the critical areas. Kask Rapido and Giro Savant are basic at best however, so everything will be for the most important part only yet, there is also nothing bad about the two which lead us to believe you will like them as well.

Kask Rapido and Giro Savant Design

As many other entry-level helmets, both Kask Rapido and Giro Savant are looking very much the same like any bike helmets out there but there is nothing bad about them and personally we like the styling which is sporty and suitable for either enthusiast or commuters. The shape and points including the vent arrangement in both helmets are also similar to each other with difference on details like finish in which we prefer it to be matte like Savant instead of glossy.

When on head, the head or shape face will affect how good the helmet will look on you so it will vary greatly but the two are decent and looks nice for both oval and round-face cyclists. Side by side however, the Savant will look slightly slimmer, probably because of the rather pointy pattern for the lid above. In comparison, the Savant will be slightly heavier too than Rapido but we doubt it will affect the comfort as it is not as noticeable.

Kask Rapido and Giro Savant Build

Now for the most important part, Kask Rapido and Giro Savant are also the same when it comes to the build quality. The outer lid is mostly made from polycarbonate while the inside is EPS foam, similar to most if not all bike helmets out there. The amount of plastic used may differ based on the design but typically they are not as much on entry-level so they can be as light as possible in which the two are considered light already.

Unfortunately, this also affects the coverage for EPS foam especially at the bottom of the helmets which play a role on their longevity because these foams are soft and easy to chipped or scratched when transferred around. In addition, the Savant we compare today is not MIPS but you can find them with this extra feature while on the other hand Rapido is not available with the feature.

Kask Rapido and Giro Savant Fitting

Next is the fitting mechanism and here both Kask Rapido and Giro Savant are the same too. The retention system is on the rear of the helmet and the most prominent difference is on the cradles because the Rapido is chunky or large in comparison to Savant which is not as thin and small but is indeed more compact. It doesn’t affect the performance however, because the two are working seamlessly and without any issue while also convenient with one hand operation.

The comfort of this retention system will rely mostly on the shape of the head itself so it will vary among users. For many people they fit just well but for some whose head is not conforming to the cage inside, they may cause several pressure points. However, if your head is round and rather oval, we do think they are going to be very comfortable.

Kask Rapido and Giro Savant Vents

The last is about the cooling and how it affects your helmet’s comfort. We all want to wear a helmet but at the same time don’t feel like wearing anything so it is necessary to achieve it through ventilations. There are 24 and 25 vents in Kask Rapido and Giro Savant respectively and they are working really well. These helmets are not very chilly however so as long as we are pedaling quite fast, they are going to be a breeze to ride with and very comfortable for your daily routine.

Kask Rapido Vs Giro Savant

These bike helmets are good options if you need to keep the budget low but still want a comfortable and ideal for daily commuters as well as weekend activities. The two are mostly similar besides you can find Savant with MIPS protection and a less chunky rear cradle. They are not universal and some people may find the fitting system to be less comfortable but most are satisfied with these helmets.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 24 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Up'N'Down system
- Roc Loc 5 offers a comfortable fit that cradles your head
- In-mold construction combines polycarbonate outer shell with impact-absorbing foam liner
- Compact, stylish shape
- 25 vents with internal channeling keep your head nice and cool


All in all it is best to choose the one that fits you the most and between the two we do like any of them but, personally we recommend Savant because it looks better on our head and the thinner rear cradles are also more comfortable.