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Kask Protone vs POC Ventral

Everybody knows that some types of sport require safety gear due to the natural risk of the activity and if you are a cyclist, riding for sport, fast, or racing, a helmet will be a must to have because it will add a level of safety to the riding experience. Those who ride fast on the road, Kask Protone Vs POC Ventral will be two of the most ideal choices to consider and if you are also considering these helmets, go check which model will suit your preference the most here.

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  • Is Bike Helmet Necessary 
  • What are Kask Protone and POC Ventral
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  • Kask Protone Vs POC Ventral

Bike Helmet

Living in a packed city often brings stress and our busy schedule is indeed boring when done in prolonged time. What if we tell you that a bicycle can help lessening these effects just by spending some time pedaling your bike. This is especially true if you love cyling and being active because this formerly transportation tool is both great to save your time dealing with jam-packed roads as well as help you relax more and enjoy the wind while on the way to your destination.

In big cities all around the world, cycling is becoming more popular one as a solution for the amount of motor vehicles and second being the alternative for exercise which is why it is not surprising to see other cities starting to pick their cyclist infrastructure plan quickly. One thing we are still debating over today about using this versatile and convenient transportation tool is whether a bike helmet is necessary on the application. For individual riding, it depends on the law in your city because we can always ditch it if not necessary.

At the end of the day, a safer road and a more aware road users will play the most important role in deciding our safety when riding in the same place because cyclist paths cause far less accidents compared when you have to ride with other drivers or motorist. However, for sport activities in which the main goal of your ride is for fun, we also tend to try various different challenging situations which ultimately increase the risk of bike accident.

This is why we are seeing professionals and hobbyists wearing their bike helmet all the time when doing the activity because it is always better safe than sorry. In this type of application, our enemy is usually the road and terrain itself because in most cases we are not doing it in crowded places and together with lots of other cyclists that will bring more attention and awareness of other road users to your team thus, they can be more careful.

Bike helmet is necessary in this type of application due to the increased risk of accidents and for example, mountain biking has the highest risk of slipping due to the harsh terrain and challenges. When not protected, these accidents may bring permanent injury to your body, especially the brain and we never wanted that. If you have no specific issue against a helmet, it is always better to wear one and some models can be interchangeable for different riding discipline as well to save some budget if you have different preferences.

Kask Protone POC Ventral
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches13 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.65 pounds
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About Kask Protone and POC Ventral

After deciding what kind of riding we are doing, it is easy to choose the correct helmet to go with because they are made based on the riding option. In general there are road and off-road or mountain bike helmets if you want to shop quickly but as it has been mentioned above, we can go for a versatile model for example getting a trail bike helmet that can be used comfortably both on the road and off-road in case you are enjoying two of these riding options.

Bike helmets are widely available, you can access them from sport stores to online stores but before choosing the model, it is better to decide the sizing option first so then we can pick the best fitting. If you are here then we are sure, road riding is what you are doing and for this application, both Kask and POC will be a very amazing option to consider. Both of them are very popular in the market for high-quality bike helmets but they are also among the expensive ones.

If you are into the budget version, Giro will probably fit the criteria more with tons of affordable models but if you are looking for a more richly-featured road helmets, Kask Protone and POC Ventral will be two of the most ideal models to consider. These road helmets are designed to give a high comfort and they do pay attention to the venting system as well for most users are going to wear them for a prolonged time so the comfort is a must.

Both of them are also made to be ideal for fast riding which is why you often find Kask Protone and POC Ventral in best aero helmet or road helmet in general. Performance wise they are made to offer more than just a standard EPS and hard-shell coating since there will be some interesting features as well inside the helmets. If your goal is to get comfortable and fast helmets then these two will be a very promising choice we should consider.

Kask Protone vs POC Ventral

Kask Protone and POC Ventral Design

When it comes to fashion, everything is very personal and subjectively talking these two are very attractive helmets yet in comparison you may find the Ventral a bit rounder at the front which looks fine in real life but this slightly wider surface is needed to put those huge vents to cool your head. POC helmets tend to sit lower on the skull and it is a bit rounder as well but at times the front part can get in the way when you need to look upwards.

Protone on the other hand is looking instantly like an aero helmet with a slim design and in comparison you can tell it is slightly higher in the middle with a bit sharp front area. When worn, compared to Ventral, there is lack of protection especially on the sides. However, there are tons of vents here as well and when it is about weight, the Protone is actually very light at about 218 grams for the Medium size compared to 280 grams of Ventral.

Kask Protone and POC Ventral Construction

The one thing you may want to know about a bike helmet for the first time is probably the construction because it relates to the safety and in this side just like many other helmets, there will be a hard shell at the outer layer from polystyrene while thick padding inside is the same EPS foam. What we love the most from more expensive helmets like these two is that they do extend the shell to further cover the foam.

Cheaper models like Giro Savant Vs Atmos II for example still leave some area uncovered and it can reduce the life of the helmet. As for the safety feature Kask has this MIT or multi in-molding technology by joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one which is aimed to improve shock-absorption. On the other hand POC has this SPIN technology which is their own with the same function as MIPS. What’s different is this new technology is using medical-grade gel instead of polycarbonate plastic.

Kask Protone and POC Ventral Fitting System

Moving further, let’s check the fitting system of Kask Protone and POC Ventral because they need to be easy to wear and taken off. Here you will get the same strap to secure the helmet and what we love from the material is they are very comfortable by being made from synthetic leather. The material is very smooth and the one in Kask is even confirmed to be washable. The previous issue about Ventral strap was how it was too close to the ears and this is worked by the company already.

Similarly there is a rear retention system at the back and they are equally easy to use or the same to many other helmets yet, you can see that their quality is also improved to be better and more robust.

Kask Protone and POC Ventral Comfort

The last is their comfort and in this side none of them will cause any problem for a long riding activity because with the combination 13 vent on both units all over the front, top, and rear for exhaust, these helmets are very cooling yet, in comparison you will feel a better air flow with Kask Protone. In addition, this helmet is also featured with 3D Dry padding with a multi-layer open cell construction process to improve the comfort and performance.

Kask Protone vs POC Ventral

These are two of the best helmets for a cool and fast ride because they are very comfortable and safer with additional safety technologies. The difference is that Protone will be much lighter than Ventral as well as cooler in riding, probably because of how the helmet was designed to have a better air channeling inside. It is also aerodynamic so you can ride with less hurdles but Ventral is also marketed with the same promise and certainly worth to be called an aerodynamic helmet.

- Aero Control Technology creates an incredibly aerodynamic and top-performing shell, tested in the Wind Tunnel and able to provide an impressive CX rate
- MIT Technology guarantees higher safety and complete protection, thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back
- In-Mold construction joins the inner polystyrene core to the outer polycarbonate layer to ensure better shock absorption
- Reinforced frame protects the shell from secondary impacts
- Shell Material: unibody shell
- Impact Foam: EPS foam, Spin rotational protection system
- Ventilation: 9 large vents
- Fit Adjustment: rear dial adjustment system


It is best to choose the helmet based on your preference and on this side we can go with either of them but for those who love to ride lightly, we do recommend Kask Protone because not only it is very comfortable, the helmet is also fairly light even among road helmets.