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Kask Protone vs Giro Aether

Bike helmet is necessary if you are going to ride faster, in long distance or in extreme terrain in which they have a higher risk of unexpected accidents. The best option should be the one made for the application and for those who are riding on the road, Kask Protone Vs Giro Aether will be two of the most ideal choices to consider. They are equally comfortable but, before shopping, go check which of them will fit your preference better here.

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  • Are Bike Helmets Necessary for Safety Cycling
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  • Kask Protone Vs Giro Aether

Bike Helmet and Safety

Everybody agrees that being active is beneficial for the long term health because sedentary lifestyle is not a good decision if you want to enjoy life to the fullest free from lifestyle diseases which is currently being one of our big concerns today. Bicycles are a great alternative to let people be as active as possible without actually pushing them to exercise such as spending some of their time in a gym for it can be part of your transportation.

The issue rises when safety becomes a concern because just like any moving vehicle, there must be a safety gear worn with the tool. The risk of accident when riding a bike is prominently far less concerning than sedentary lifestyle health risks but do you really need to wear one. This problem occurs in some cyclist friendly countries where the regulation tries to push its citizens to wear one when riding a bike in which can have another reverse effect in practice.

Wearing a helmet is safer than not wearing one; it can’t help us avoid getting injured but it does provide better protection especially to the head and brain. However, study shows that people will get less motivated to ride their bike when they have to wear a helmet for reasons; some may just don’t like the feeling and some may don’t want to spend the money or don’t see the benefit of wearing one. The reducing amount of cyclists is what makes the road less safe for them.

The more cyclists, the more aware other road users such as drivers and motorists paying attention to our wellbeing while using the same public infrastructure. Our biggest fear when riding on the road is because of other road users in cities with a crowded population. At the end, bike helmet and bike accident relation is far more complicated than it seems which in the end put some of us in confusion whether we should wear the safety gear or not.

You can judge it from your own point of view and consider whether it is needed for the kind of application you have or not. In our opinion, a bike helmet is necessary for additional protection but it is more important for those who will be doing a riskier act or cyclist who are riding for fun rather than daily cyclists who use the tool mainly for transportation especially if you find a bike helmet doesn’t feel comfortable.

Kask Protone Giro Aether
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 11 inches13 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Kask Protone and Giro Aether

For those who don’t have any issue about wearing a helmet and are serious about their cycling activity, wearing the safety gear should be standard because it is always better safe than sorry. There are tons of good bike helmets out there and these manufacturers have to follow certain certification for example the CPSC to make sure the products are working properly. For casual, daily cyclists, any road helmet will be ideal but do pay attention to their fitting because we have different head shapes and size.

If you don’t have much time to spare checking out what are the available options out there, it is faster by taking a look at what other cyclists are using or what are the most well-known bike helmet manufacturers in the market. Among those varying brands and country of origin, Kask and Giro can be an ideal choice for your cycling experience. They are often being enthusiast choice thanks to enhanced quality and comfort, sometimes with interesting features to offer such as better aerodynamics.

Their road helmets are highly popular but depending on your preferences and riding application, our choice can vary greatly as well and, if you are the type who look for comfortable helmet when riding long distance and pay attention to how they feel while you speed, Kask Protone and Giro Aether will be two of the most ideal choices to consider. Both of them are built based on the idea of riding faster and they are optimized to smoothen airflow through the helmets.

Kask has been working with Team Sky for quite a while now and the latest they have is Utopia but, the older helmet is still being the choice of many cyclists because it works very well already. You will get what most of us are aiming in such helmets here including good ventilations to let you wear it with ease on hot summer days, but also maintain the aerodynamic shape to cause less friction and let you pedal faster.

Aether on the other hand is Giro’s new flagship into their road racing category and this one is almost looking like the further improved version of their older Synthe that you can check on our Giro Savant Vs Synthe but now being so much better and as opposed to what Giro is popular with, the new helmet is quite pricey.

Kask Protone and Giro Aether Design

Now let’s check the look of these helmets and side by side, they sure appear to be quite different because the Aether is a bit flat in comparison to Protone which already looks chunky from the first impression. This helmet is also wider to the side with prominent huge stripes of vents from the front directly connected to almost at the rear part of the helmet while Kask put different separate windows but still retaining the similar placement, added with brow vents.

Aesthetic wise, Kask Protone and Giro Aether are very attractive and look great on most heads without causing funny appearance but styling is very subjective and we do think these helmets are pretty. Aero or semi-aero helmets are made for speed and one of the most crucial parts is their weight because we personally adore lighter models to cause less fatigue for prolonged rides and these two are already sporting lightweight bodies at 250 and 267 grams for Medium size in European standard.

Kask Protone and Giro Aether Construction

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new bike helmet is their safety and this is related to their construction in which most bike helmets are the same because their outer shell and inner foam are the same but, Kask Protone and Giro Aether are a bit special here. The former doesn’t have MIPS like most helmets made for race purpose but Kask did use some technologies to improve safety by strengthening the inner frame in an attempt to prevent the bike from breaking into many pieces.

They also have this Multi In-Molding technology which sounds the same to in-mold in Giro helmets that joins the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one to make sure the unit offer better shock absorption and in addition it did put polycarbonate layer to cover the shell on the top base ring, and back. As for Aether, we have MIPS here but it is slightly different called MIPS Spherical inspired by their skiing helmet. 

The new MIPS Spherical is different because instead of using plastic liner inside the helmet, the new technology is made up of independent inner and outer shells that are held together by rubberized strings. These almost perfectly spherical interfaces between the two shells will allow them to slide independently and mimicking the slip-plane function of our traditional MIPS but without the plastic liner.

Kask Protone and Giro Aether Fitting System

Moving to the fitting system, the ranges we get from Kask Protone and Giro Aether are exactly mirroring their price point because everything is adjustable here from the Y buckles, fore/aft adjustment, as well as the standard rear retention to give the best fit to your head’s size. However, there is an issue with Protone because while it does have for/aft adjustment, the Y buckles itself is not and somehow the former doesn’t stay in place for long, making you have to re-adjust it from time to time.

Kask Protone and Giro Aether Comfort

The last point here is their vents which affect their comfort the most for prolonged riding application and in this side, it is easy to say that Aether is working better at giving your head a blow of breeze while pedaling. The huge vents in the unit is probably what makes it work best and the fact that it has better aerodynamic than Synthe without designed to be one is another plus. Heat is not an issue however if you ride faster with Protone but may be more noticeable at slower speed.

Kask Protone vs Giro Aether

Both of these race helmets are very ideal for you who are riding for speed and want to balance fast movement with safety but, they are also different because Aether with its new MIPS is offering better slip plane system and its huge vents work amazing to cools your head while also being aerodynamic to let you pedal faster.

- Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
- Wind tunnel tested - the protone boasts the lowest drag co-efficient of any ventilated helmet available
- All about fit - Kask octofit adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit
- Lightweight comfort - weighs just 230G and uses 3D Dry padding and eco-leather Chinstrap
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- UNPARALLELED AIRFLOW: With deep internal channeling and massive vents
- EYEWEAR STORAGE: Dedicated eyewear grippers for storing sunglasses when not in use
- LIGHTWEIGHT AND PROGRESSIVE LAYERING: 6-piece shell with in-mold construction. Two densities of EPS foam manage a wide range of impact energy


It is best to get the one that fits your preference the most but between these expensive helmets, we do like Aether better prominently because it has better vents but also because it has a more reliable fitting system.