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Kask Mojito Vs Valegro

There are plenty of bike helmets to choose out there but not all of them will give the exact same performance or experience. However, most are usually comfortable such as the popular Kask Mojito Vs Valegro that are made for road cyclists. These helmets not only look great on your head but also protective and comfortable to not hinder the fun of bicycling. If you are curious about which of them will be the better option, do check below about what they can offer.

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  • Kask Mojito Vs Valegro

Bike Helmets

Cycling is fun and we are sure most of us have enjoyed them in the past during childhood where we used to play around with friends and families around the place where we live. As we age and have lots of things to do, many also ditch their bike and focus on schoolwork but, now when we are an adult, cycling is still a surprisingly fun activity to do. There are various health benefits from the exercise and if your travel distance everyday is not very far then we can use it as a vehicle as well.

One thing we can’t forget is to always wear a bike helmet when riding the vehicle because we never know what will happen out there. Bike helmets are necessary equipment for cyclists both on the casual and enthusiast side, especially on the professional spectrum as it is a protective gear to prevent more serious injuries. Just like when riding a motorcycle, the bike helmet will add a higher protection to the skull and prevent more severe damage.

The bike helmets are also designed for different disciplines depending on what you enjoy the most. Many people start with road cycling because this is the most comfortable and easily accessible almost for everyone, moreover if your city supports their cyclists by providing a dedicated path for safety. For this type of cyclist what you will need is a road bike helmet with a good amount of vents and proper fitting because a helmet can only work properly if they are fitted to the head.

Kask MojitoKask Valegro
Product Dimensions13.27 x 9.45 x 7.6 inches10 x 13 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.56 pounds6.24 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Sizing is a key when it comes to helmets, the same with seatbelt because they need to stay on your head and stay on the coverage area to deliver the proper protection and this is why we have to get the correct sizes. Usually helmets have their own sizing range and adjustment but you can measure the head first using measuring tape, just about an inch above the eyebrow and around the head to see which size will fit our head the most.

In addition, there are also specialized helmets for the more extreme cyclist such as if you like to ride on rougher terrains or off-road. The type of helmets are usually heavier with more solid materials covering the outer layer of the gear. They are also slightly lower to the back of the head as well as around the top of the ears to provide extra protection when you fall off the bike. They are also often featured with adjustable or removable such as those in Kask REX Vs POC Tectal

About Kask Mojito and Valegro

If you are here then it means you are also currently looking for a new bike helmet and will be riding on the road. For this application, most road bike helmets are going to be sufficient even those on the budget range because bike helmets as protective gear must follow the standard thus, they are equally safe but the higher end models may have elevated comfort or additional bells & whistles to improve user experience. If you don’t have a favorite brand, it is convenient to see what other similar users are opting for.

There are plenty of good options to choose from and ranging from the most affordable to high-end performance type of bike helmet. Among those, if you are going to spend on a performance helmet that is not only comfortable but also improves the experience, Kask is one of the best brands to consider. This name must be familiar for most cyclists because they are working with Team Sky or now Ineos for various projects and through these collaborations they introduce lots of good options for the enthusiasts.

Some that are taking attention from cyclists are Kask Mojito and Valegro in which both are famous with the “developed in cooperation with Team Sky” tag so it is easy to see why the helmets are quite interesting. Both are categorized as enthusiast as none of them are affordable and what commuters may want to invest in if they are only riding the bike to a nearby place. However, they are matched to the price and certainly better than typical budget choices.

Being in the industry with cyclists itself, Kask has gained their reputation to offer great helmets, especially when it comes to comfort if you are cycling or living in a place where the temperature can get quite high because this is what Kask Mojito and Valegro will offer to you. In comparison both of them are quite similar to each other but since Valegro is newer, this model seems to have more improvement which may or may not be a better option than the classic.

Kask Mojito and Valegro Design

For some people, the way their helmets look on their head can be an important factor to choose their cycling helmets but unlike Giro that often looks a bit bubbly on some people’s head, Kask is more low-profile about their helmets. The Kask Mojito and Valegro are fairly low but in comparison the Valegro is going to look thicker or higher, especially right at the top front of the head. The two have a completely different looks however with the Valegro rounder and the Mojito, shorter with slight pointy tail at the back.

However, the style of ventilations are still the same with large windows at the front, and elongated to the middle part of the unit. These helmets are very light however which is one of the reasons why they are very popular yet, none are the lightest as well in the market. The Mojito is about 250 grams while Valegro is 206 grams so if helmet weight is always an issue, it is probably best to try these two.

Kask Mojito and Valegro Built

What we love the most from expensive helmets is their built quality because these Kask Mojito and Valegro are properly designed to sustain stress as well, not only when it hits the pavement but also when being transported and overall wear. The solid polycarbonate plastic on the outer layer is incorporated with the soft EPS foam inside to reduce impact but the plastic is also wrapped around the outer rim of the helmet; something we rarely see on budget helmets.

Kask Mojito and Valegro Fit

Now for the fitting, it seems Kask Mojito and Valegro are using a different system in which Valegro is coming with its Octo Fit. The mechanism is not changing but the shape and design for the rear cradle and rotating dial is slightly different. The rear dial can be adjusted up to several positions while the cradle itself can be slid down or up following the head shape so the place they may end up on the back of the head often varies among people.

We are not sure how far they can be extended but it seems about 50mm from the bottom of the helmet so they definitely can fit a wide range of head sizes. The strap seems to be the same but if you notice, these helmets are also attached with a new chin strap or fake leather to keep the helmet firm on your head. The strap is smooth however so there is no issue of scratching and the addition of leather strap is making the fit more comfortable as it feels softer to the skin. As for the Y strap, they are simple and sit well below the ears so you don’t need any adjustment.

Kask Mojito and Valegro Comfort

As for comfort, Kask Mojito and Valegro are amazing and this is probably why so many people love these helmets. With tons of vents they are able to channel air properly and help dissipate the heat but, it doesn’t mean you won’t sweat either. Even for sweat management, they are padded inside to absorb the liquid but in case you sweat a lot, there might be cases that we need to squeeze the pad to make room for the remaining journey. Overall these helmets are very comfortable.

Kask Mojito Vs Valegro

The gap of these amazing helmets is very narrow and in most cases will be around the fit and head shape because some people may find pressure points when wearing them. It is very subjective however and most people seem to find the Kask Mojito and Valegro very comfortable. The fitting system is also very reliable to give room for further adjustment and look great on most people’s heads.

- The Mojito X from Kask has been improved; featuring more performance at an even lower weight.
- MIT technology, with its polycarbon layer, and shock absorbing in molding construction enhance comfort and protection.
- The Up & Down fit system cradles the back of the head and easily tightens thanks to its double pivot design and central ratchet wheel.
- 26 air vents ensure optimal ventilation while the breathable, non-slip internal gel liner and allergenic, washable faux-leather chinstrap and pad enhance comfort while preventing skin irritation.
- The MiT technology s a higher safety and a complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer on the top, base ring and back.
- The tridimensional 3D Dry padding utilizes a multi-layer open cell construction process.
- Hy-vent structure and design of the shell implement the air flow and break up the exchangeable heat.
- The innovative "in moulding" technology, joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, for better shock absorption.


It is best to shop based on your personal preference but in comparison, we will recommend the Mojito because it is much cheaper and has no additional protection like MIPS, the same with Valegro. It is comfortable, light, and very cooling too.