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Giro Isode vs Foray

Safety matter for our brain is an important thing to preserve, especially for the rider. Legally, there is no particular rule for the rider to have to wear a helmet when they ride the bike. Most people are abandoning the rule. It is necessary to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Well, if you get a maze about what kind of helmet you should prefer, here some tips. We take between two from highly recommend the helmet people choose. They are Giro Isode versus Giro Foray.

Giro Isode

The Giro Isode is part of the Bike Helmet with the price starts from about $39 until about $139 on Amazon. It has a specific complete hard body shell in-mold polycarbonate shell. Contain EPS impact foam and also have multiple impacts with MIPS. That means the helmet can absorb from the bump forces in a smash. Read also: Giro Isode vs Register

The styrofoam protective seam is shaped directly into the shell properly. That is why it helps us to keep our heads safe. It has a single knob size to adjust to the helmet itself so the rider will feel comfortable to wear it. Isode is very easy to wear.

The Giro Isode has 19 vents for ventilation and fits adjustment with the roc loc system. The judgment of how well airstream down through the helmet provides cooling during rides. It will help the head feel fresh when riding a bike. If so, then our brain and skull will keep in a good condition like feel healthy inside because we are feeling safe when riding our journey while riding the bike.

The Giro Isode is quantified for adolescence and also adults in universal. Isode fits about 54-61cm, the dimension of the head perimeter is available with the head. The gauge only in a medium the helmet is not considered with multiple sizes. Most of the rider choose the medium size, it is about 249 grams. It will fit our head perfectly because when we wear a too-heavy helmet it will ruin our mood for riding a bike.

The Giro Isode has a mild strap on its which is so flat-woven and fine –thread wire. It’s more curve to manage the size to fit in against our face. It does not delve into the edge of our ears. It will have a comfortable feeling and pleasant when we wear a helmet while riding a bike.

Giro IsodeGiro Foray
Product Dimensions13 x 9 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds2.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Although the Giro Isode has so much great way to pick, I notice about the helmet that has no visor. If your head is sized over 60 like 62 or so, the helmet will feel so stiff on your head. There is no big size for the helmet like the XL size. 

One more thing, the only adjustment strap is the chin strap and the back knob. The side role of the strap of Isode can’t be short because they sew it up perfectly tight on its length. There is no magnetic buckle for the chin strap. But it only happens when your head is bigger than the average size the helmet would not fit with your head. 

Giro Foray

The Giro Foray helmet is a benchmark for style and worth. It constructs off the bold design language of the premium synthetic helmet. It’s a design in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. The price proffers for the helmet start about $49 up to $135 on Amazon with multiple series of colors. The design has a shortened look that will make you look smart when wearing the Foray.

The Foray has a Coolmax padding that can be removable whenever we want. That makes perfect for the Foray. We can remove the padding to clean it then wash it or whenever we want to replace it. Just like when we want to use it or not to use it, sometimes we are feeling moldy in our head while riding a bike for a long time.

The Giro Foray has 21 vents for ventilation and MIPS features on its. That is so lovely for the helmet. It will have some freshness experience in our heads through our brains. The cooling inside our head will make our brain keep healthy while riding a bike.

The role loc retention system is the best thing for the Foray has. The system is remarkable and can be operated while we are wearing a gantlet in one hand. It is so easy to use and adjustable for the adorable models. The ability to keep the impact forces in a crash fits perfectly with the system.

The weight of the medium size of Giro Foray is about 272 grams, a little bit heavy though. It has three size small (51-55cm), medium (55-59cm) and large size (up to 63cm). It fits perfectly with the big head size. There will no feeling tighten anymore when wearing the helmet. It comfortably adjusts the head properly.

The strap for the Foray has an adaptable strap that can be shortened or lengthen as we want. It can be reposition easily to adjust our head with the helmet’s fit. The strap on the back can safely be protecting our head and secure our ear. It fits our chin easily because of the adjustable thing it has.

The Giro Foray overall is good unless for the weight. I think 270 grams still too heavy to place in the head if your head has a small size. The strap will so difficult to adjust the fit with our chin. And you should be careful with the knob in the back, it has sharp edges and probably could harm our finger when we try to adjust it. Besides, it has no visor and magnetic buckle on it which is so important for the helmet. 

Giro Isode vs Foray

- Quick-dry padding
- Full Hard body coverage
- Reflectivity
- Universal Fit: 21.25" - 24"
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Coolmax padding
- Streamlined design
- Roc Loc 5 fit system

Which one do you should prefer?

Whether the Giro Isode or Foray, both of them have good and bad things on it. But if we take a look even closer to them, we will have a certain differentiation. The model of the helmet, both the Isode or the Foray are nearly similar to one another, but Foray is more stylish than Isode. Foray also has multiple ranges of colors than Isode, so the choice is pretty well for the Foray. 

The price is medium ranges for the helmet, but Foray looks more expensive than Isode. Besides, Foray has more weight than Isode to wear on the head. So if you pick for comfort, if your head is on a small size you should choose the Isode. But if your head is on a large size, I prefer you to pick Foray ones.