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Giro Vasona vs Register

Riding a bicycle is fun and they are convenient too for your exercise method. However, we must not forget to wear the helmet because this safety gear is necessary to add some protection to our head just in case we fall from the vehicle. There are plenty to choose from based on what you want to have such as Giro Vasona Vs Register that are both affordable and comfortable. If you are also eyeing to have one of these models, do check which of them will be the better option below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing Bicycling for New Lifestyle
  • What are Giro Vasona and Register
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  • How are the Built of Giro Vasona and Register
  • How are the Fit of Giro Vasona and Register
  • What else Giro Vasona and Register can offer
  • Are Giro Vasona and Register Comfortable
  • Giro Vasona Vs Register

Bicycling and Benefits

Being healthy and living life to the fullest is probably what’s in your mind when thinking about how to live happily. No matter what we want to do and work on, health is very important because it allows you to be active and achieve those dreams as well. There are plenty of methods to stay healthy from fixing or improving bad habits to trying new ones in order to maintain health or preventing especially lifestyle related issues in the future.

Different people have different preferences and exercising is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to stay healthy. There are plenty of benefits of exercising and they can be fun as well as improve your confidence. Among those fun exercises that you can try, bicycling is probably one of the most interesting to try. This activity is not only fun but also beneficial for your health, especially if you also like to spend time outside and do some adventuring while relaxing.

Many people are moving to bicycles in modern cities because it is more environmentally friendly and helps them avoid road congestion during busy hours as well as saving the cost of gas or public transportation. As long as the distance to your destination is reachable, riding a bike is convenient and enjoyable too but, we can’t bring many goods like when driving the car. It can be an alternative to exercise as well as useful as a transportation option.

As for the health and fitness side, bicycling is similar to any other cardio training because they will improve heart health. The energy we spend by pedaling the bike is strengthening our muscles as well so you can tone especially the leg and abdominal area with cycling. It can burn quite a lot of calories if done in higher intensity or if you are facing a difficult terrain. For people with injuries however, it is probably wiser to cycle indoors using a stationary or exercise bike since we can adjust the retention or intensity.

In many cases however, we are not cycling for the health benefits only but because it is fun. We love riding the bike since little and spend a lot of time playing around with them but slowly ditching it as we grow older with busier school and socializing. Coming back to the bicycle and trying to pedal around the neighborhood or in different terrain is fun and relaxing, moreover with new scenery and fresh air to breath.

Giro Vasona Register
Product Dimensions13.9 x 9.37 x 7.24 inches15 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.44 Pounds1.45 Pounds
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About Giro Vasona and Register

Bicycling is convenient, fun, and healthy but it also has a risk of accidents due to various factors. On the road there are other road users like drivers and motorists or slippery roads itself while for those who prefer the more extreme mountain biking will have to face the unruly terrain. There are various safety gears we can wear to minimize impact but the core is the bike helmet itself. The helmet may not be going to avoid any accident but will reduce the severity of the impact.

Bike helmets are also not a costly investment to spend because unless you are going for the performance one, many of them are less than $100 and can be very affordable as well, depending on the brand. Shopping for a bike helmet based on the brand is actually more convenient because it can help us remove most of the products from the options. This can help save the time and effort browsing through numerous names and models for your type of cycling.

If you are here then it means you are only cycling on the road, for recreation during the weekend or for commuting so we will recommend you Giro Vasona and Register. Both of them are very popular low-entry helmets for your recreational purpose and the two are also known for their comfort as well as decent protection. As you may already know, in general all bike helmets are going to be similar to each other and this is what applied to these models too.

What’s most prominent between Giro Vasona and Register is probably the fit because Vasona is coming in women’s sizing option so we guess it will be smaller for the fitting while the Register is unisex. In terms of performance the two will most likely be the same to most Giro’s casual helmets. In other words, you can go well with any of them because they are equally good so it is best to choose the one that will be more convenient to you such as the availability and price point.

Giro Vasona and Register Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these bike helmets are identical to each other from the design and we find it difficult to tell which of them apart because of the visually similar shape. There are plenty of air vents all over the helmet and when worn properly, it is a both rounder on top with a visor to provide a little bit of protection from sun rays. The helmets however, have different sets of fashion or pattern in which some from the Vasona have thin lines on the surface.

While none of them are the lightest helmets from the collection, both are still quite lightweight being around 250 to 280 grams approximately. Do note that these helmets are universal sizes so we may be unable to get the most comfortable fitting especially with different head shapes and sizes. However, they seem to be decently round and slightly oval that should conform to lots of heads sizes. Read also: Kask Rapido Vs Giro Savant.

Giro Vasona and Register Built

Similar with most bike helmets out there, Giro Vasona and Register are also built with the same construction. They are typically durable to sustain some impact and protective for cycling on regular roads. The two are built using in-mold construction with a hardbody shell and visually the same compact size. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate combined with EPS foam on the inside which is fused together with the shell, making the helmet more durable to last longer but also lighter.

Both variants are featured with MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection System which put a thin layer or flexible layer inside the helmet to allow the unit to slightly move a little when facing an impact. This system is also said to provide a better fitting range so cyclists can find the best fitting for their size.

Giro Vasona and Register Fitting

Moving to the fitting system itself, identically the Giro Vasona and Register are using the same Roc Loc Sport MIPS integrated with the inner lining of these helmets. The rear retention system is the same with a thin two cradles at both sides of the rear head and a single panel with a rotating knob in the middle. This knob is quite large for comfort and the plastic built also sits well on the back of the head. Vasona only comes in universal sizing the same with Register so we do think we can have plenty of adjustability.

Giro Vasona and Register Feature

On the additional features, the two have very little to hope for but it is to be expected since they are meant for recreational use only or for typical road cycling. But, nonetheless we are happy with the convenience and quick to remove visor for additional protection. They may not cover your eyes fully but if you are wearing sunglasses then there will be no issue. In addition, they also have quick dry padding inside the helmet to make sure we are pedaling with comfort.

Giro Vasona and Register Comfort

The last is for their comfort, especially when you are cycling under hot weather. We are glad that there are equally 22 total vents in Giro Vasona and Register to make sure you can cycle with ease. The vents are not the best nor the most what you can get in the market but at least they work well. They will capture and circulate air inside to keep the head cool but this is only prominent when you are pedaling a little bit faster.

Giro Vasona vs Register

Both helmets are working really well to add some protection to our head during the activity. There is no prominent difference between the Giro Vasona and Register so most people can go well with any of them. They are comfortable, easy to find the correct fit, as well as convenient but do have different fashion or color options as well as different sizes because the Vasona is a women’s helmet and is slightly smaller despite the same universal sizing.

- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- COMFORT: Easily adjust position and tension with the Roc Loc Sport MIPS Fit System
- VENTILATION AND CERTIFICATION: 22 vents. Complies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmet for Persons Age 5 and Older.
- InMold Construction technology
- Certification: Complies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmet for Persons Age 5 and Older
- Universal Fit™ size
- Roc Loc® Sport system - simple turn of the dial so you can customize the fit


Overall you can go amazing with any of the two yet we do recommend choosing the one more convenient and since they are sold at the same price point, mens can choose Register and womens may want to go with Vasona.