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Giro Vanquish vs Synthe 

For serious cyclists, a helmet is a must because it means better protection for our head and it is necessary in different types of disciplines. Road cyclists may want to have something protective but also have an upper hand in speed like Giro Vanquish Vs Synthe because they tend to offer great experience for this certain application. These are designed to offer aerodynamic features if you want to pedal faster but, there are some differences and before deciding to choose, check which seems to fit you the best here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Aero Bike Helmet
  • What are Giro Vanquish and Synthe
  • What Giro Vanquish and Synthe Look Like
  • How are the Build of Giro Vanquish and Synthe
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Vanquish and Synthe
  • Are Giro Vanquish and Synthe Comfortable
  • Giro Vanquish Vs Synthe

Aero Bike Helmet

Cycling is probably one of the most popular sports today as it is also a transportation tool to keep our city clean from pollution as well as a healthy solution for those who find their daily lifestyle is lack of physical movement. This activity is very beneficial for humans and the environment but putting the notable pros of pedaling a bike, this is also a very fun activity you can try as a recreational time or break free from the boring daily routine.

When cycling is a hobby, you will do it for fun and we tend to ride either faster or in a more extreme terrain as they offer more challenges. You can prefer to tackle rocks and climb a hill or riding down a terrain but you may also like riding on smooth roads at a higher speed, in a long distance, etc. If you are here then it means road cycling seems the most fun to you and for this discipline, one of the most popular gear many of us are tempted to have is an aero helmet. 

We are sure most cyclists are familiar with this special protective gear but not all of us have one due to the higher price range or what other cyclists said about the item. Of course commuters will not need something like aero helmet and this type is usually only used by time trials or those who want to beat their previous time, being faster with the same or less effort. Renowned cyclist Michael Hutchinson said that an aero is worth about a minute over a 40km race.

This is a great number that decides if you will finish the line at number one and for anyone who is riding against time and wind, this is a very necessary feature or goal to achieve. Similar to any helmet with “aero” design, aero bicycle helmet will work by smoothing the airflow around the head and down the back which in result will reduce the turbulence and enable the rider to slip through the air more effectively yet, it is not going to be the most comfortable to wear.

To create this aerodynamic feature, there should be less vents to not disturb the airflow and this makes the helmet not very friendly with cyclists especially on hotter days as it will warm the head. This is also why aero helmets are not ideal for anyone who will ride casually because in this application, the better the vents the better the experience will be. 

Giro VanquishGiro Synthe 
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 8 inches15 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds2.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Vanquish and Synthe

If you are someone who will benefit from a faster helmet or want to pedal faster with same or less effort then getting an aero helmet will be very beneficial but for casual users, such as those who just commuting with the bike they are not very comfortable. There are tons of options in the market for this type of helmet today because of how popular the hobby and application is. They are usually about twice more expensive than our standard road helmets.

Bike helmets are made by so many sport companies both those made in the country to those we import and one of the most popular brands in the market is Giro. This American company is very much the synonym of affordable helmets and our first option when looking for a new safety gear due to their huge collection as well as friendly price range. Not only for casual cyclists, they also have those made for hobbyists or more serious users including cyclists who ride fast or riding in extreme terrain.

Aero helmets are also in their collection and similar to their road option, these models are also loved by many cyclists for their performances. Two of the most well-known from the catalog are Giro Vanquish and Synthe which are priced almost at the same level but not exactly the same in design and performance, making it difficult for new users to choose which will fit their application the most yet, overall these are a very good road helmet to try and hit the road.

Comparing them with each other however, you will realize that Synthe is not a true aero helmet besides being designed to offer some of its benefits and actually we don’t recommend it if your goal is to get the best out of the word “aero”. Performance wise, Giro also has another top rated helmet in this category and it is the Aerohead which you can check on our Giro Aerohead Vs Kask Bambino  but Vanquish is still a decent option for the application.

Giro Vanquish and Synthe Design

Side by side, as you can see, both Giro Vanquish and Synthe are not very similar starting from the design alone because the latter looks more like a standard road helmet than an aero helmet with a huge vents and common design. Vanquish on the other hand has this special shape and is elongated a bit on the back area. Giro also has a special technology here called TransformAir and this is noticeable with the little steps down just right behind the logo.

In addition, they are also different in weight and even from the design alone we can already guess that the Vanquish is heavier in this MIPS version, the medium size is weighing about 367 grams compared to the latter at 234 grams. For a road helmet, Synthe is very light and very comfortable on the head but for the inner shape, similar to most Giro helmets, the cup or fit is round with a little bit of oval shape to provide the best fitting.

Giro Vanquish and Synthe Build

Helmet is a protective gear and they need to be safe but in general they are made with the same material which is polycarbonate shell combined with polystyrene or EPS foam inside and these two are using what Giro called as in-mold design to maximize the performance but also make the weight lighter compared to the traditional technology. What’s special about Synthe is that it has Roll Cage reinforcement inside which is a light and tough web to hold the unit together when experiencing impact.

The sample in our article today is the non-MIPS version but Synthe is also available with the extra protection the same with Vanquish. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System itself was designed to redirect energy and provide more protection to your head under rotational impact as it slightly moves. This system comprises a skeleton internal cradle that sits next to the head and connected to the rest of the helmet via a little yellow tab.

Another noticeable difference here is that Vanquish do have a better build quality because we often worry about exposed foam and the rim of Synthe is still not fully covered unlike the former so it may affect the lasting ability especially if you will transport it often.

Giro Vanquish and Synthe Fitting System

The next point we want to talk about Giro Vanquish and Synthe is the fitting system and in this side, both of them are the same because both helmets are using Roc Loc Air Fit system which is adjusted with a click wheel. The back retention system looks fragile as it is small and light but it is probably made so to reduce weight and we don’t find there is any comfort issue here for it to just snug very well. 

Here you can choose from three different height positions around the temples including the forehead and back area as it covers all fitting spots around the helmet. This also makes these helmets fit almost any head shapes because you can adjust all of the points.

Giro Vanquish and Synthe Comfort

The last part we want to mention here is their comfort and side by side you will feel much more comfortable with Synthe. This is an obvious result because for starters the Synthe is lighter than Vanquish and this alone will reduce the strain on your neck. With an addition of better vents, this road helmet will be better in casual riding. The aero option is not very uncomfortable but will cause some sweating as you climb up and what’s surprising, the eye shield here actually improves the breeze a bit than when worn without. 

 Giro Vanquish vs Synthe 

Both of these helmets are going to be a great choice for road cyclists who want to try aero helmet benefit but only Vanquish is categorized as true aero here as Synthe is more like a hybrid and in comparison doesn’t perform as well in addressing air flow. However, this helmet excels in comfort as it has better vents and also being the lighter option. Durability wise, Vanquish has a better build quality than Synthe.

- TransformAir Technology
- EPS liner with progressive layering
- Integrated MIPS Technology
- Magnetic Vivid shield by Zeiss
- Featherweight Webbing with Slimline Buckle
- Roll Cage internal reiforcement
- Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner, Thermoformed SL reinforcement
- Roc Loc Air Fit System


All in all we should choose the one that fits our application the most and here, if you will aim for faster riding then Vanquish is the best choice between the two but for casual cyclists, Synthe is very comfortable for long distance and commuting.