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Giro Vanquish vs Air Attack

Giro brings the latest aero model that makes the helmet more fashionable looks. This time Giro brings us to the Vanquish and the Air Attack. Both of them has a unique feature with full protection on them. Giro provides a comfortable wear helmet from them as become the riders favorite since it was released. Let’s take a deeper look at the Vanquish and the Air Attack.

Giro Vanquish

The Vanquish comes with an aero model that looks on it and has an adorable design. The Vanquish design with the polycarbonate outer shell with an EPS foam liner surrounds the inside the helmet. The outer shell covers the helmet perfectly with interlocking hardbody. The EPS foam liner functions to prevent any damages that may bump the head during the riding. Read also: Giro Tremor vs Fixture

The Giro Vanquish comes at a high-end rate at about US$299 prices on Amazon. With this price, makes the helmet worth it to buy because the full features that provide by the Vanquish. It comes with eight different colors such as red, blue, black, green, grey, white, and matte dazzle. 

The fitting size of Vanquish includes three size different choices. The small (51cm – 55cm), medium (55cm -59cm), and large (59cm – 63cm). The Role Loc air system that connects to the MIPS system makes the Vanquish more affordable and safer than any other helmet. By 300 grams of weight by medium size with no visor (if includes visor become 352 grams) gives the Vanquish heavier but fit to put in the head neatly.

The MIPS system is perfect works for better protection from the Vanquish. The latest MIPS technology connected with the EPS foam liner inside and the Role Loc air system. The system brings full protection to prevent any injuries that may occur during riding. This technology is the best in their class of the Giro helmet, makes the Vanquish stand over the other aero helmet.

Giro VanquishGiro Air Attack
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 8 inches12 x 11 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.8 pounds1.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The visor comes to the Vanquish integrated with the MIPS perfectly. The visor is in the right place and the glass made the visor prettier look through the Vanquish. The tint also beautifully works out to notice the larger of the vision when riding into the light. That makes the Vanquish safer when the rider wears it. 

The Vanquish includes four wider vents at the front side and six vents at the rear side. The vents make the Vanquish breathable with warm air and a good regulation through the head from the airflows. The channeling works so well with good airflows to release the warm air so it can come in and out perfectly during the riding.

Giro Air Attack

The Giro Air Attack builds with an aerodynamic cool design-construct in-mold polycarbonate outer shell with an EPS foam liner. The Air Attack addresses any bike riding needs such a race, road racing, track, or trail. The design becomes famous as the coolest design ever. The EPS foam liner makes the Air Attack looks prettier than any other helmet. The foam perfectly provides full protection to the rider integrated with the MIPS system.

The Giro Air Attack comes in a high-end aero helmet at a rate of about US$239 at Amazon. The price is high but the features completely provide full protection makes the Air Attack worth it to bring back home as soon as possible. The Air Attack available in green and red color. The colors are so bright make the rider becomes so colorful looks when wearing the Air Attack.

The fitting size of the Air Attack comes with three different sizes such a small, medium, and larges. It has a fit button to fit the size with the Roloc air system to ensure the helmet safer. It feels comfortable to wear with the right size in the rider’s head. By 305 grams of weight at medium size with visor makes the Air Attack lighter than any other aero helmet.

The MIPS technology offers from the Air Attack to optimize the safeguard through the skull and the brain from any injury that may happen during the riding. The technology can reduce the rotational high impact to the head. The MIPS connected with the pads inside the foam liner to keeping the minimum weight of the helmet.

The vents of the Air Attack available in six vents surround the outer shell, it makes the helmet cooler than any other aero helmet vents. The inside channel integrates with the vents perfectly so the air will flows perfectly through the rider’s head. The wind tunnel helps the pads through optimizing the airflows. The pads also have a quick-dry technology to ensure the sweat absorb and dry quickly.

The visor on the Air Attack is removable with a Zeiss magnet on the top of the helmet. When the rider wants to use it, they only need to fit the visor as they want to the right position. If the rider doesn’t want to use the visor, they have to remove it from the front side to prevent any harm during the riding. 

Giro Vanquish vs Air Attack

- Integrated MIPS technology
- Magnetic Vivid shield by Zeiss
- Fit System: Roc Loc Air MIPS
- Lightweight, tail-less design
- Ventilation: 6 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5
- Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

Which one do you prefer?

Giro never disappointed us when it comes to their product. As the Vanquish and the Air Attack claim as the high-end aero helmet, they come with full safeguards features and a beautiful design. Come to nearly the same prices the Vanquish more look eye-catching to pick than the Air Attack. The aero model from the Vanquish is more beautiful than the Air Attack.

The Air Attack is lighter weight than the Vanquish, but the features from the Vanquish are more complete than the Air Attack. It shown as the MIPS of the Vanquish is more stand out than the Air attack. 

The Vanquish has more vents than the Air Attack, while the Vanquish has ten vents the Air Attack only has six vents. It means that the Vanquish is more breathable and has a good circulation of air than the Air Attack. The vents make the rider’s head keep healthy and fresh from the Vanquish than the Air Attack. 

The Giro Vanquish is an adorable helmet that should pick as it has the complete protection features with a beautiful look in an aero model helmet.