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Giro Vanquish vs Aerohead offer

Helmet is a basic protective gear in many activities including cycling to protect our head from any impact may happen but sometimes, they are also built to deliver additional benefits such as what Giro Vanquish Vs Aerohead offer. These popular bike helmets are made to both protect and improve your time for those who want to finish the track faster. If you are also considering getting one of them, go check below about what they can offer and which seems to fit your application best.

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  • Are Giro Vanquish and Aerohead Comfortable
  • Giro Vanquish Vs Aerohead

Helmet as Safety Gear

Safety is crucial and no matter what extreme activity we do, usually there is some type of basic safety system built to prepare for the worst scenario. For cyclists, a bike helmet is the basic safety gear we have to wear to cover and protect our head from any impact that may happen during the activity and it is always recommended to wear one whether you are a commuter or one that enjoys it as sport. While helmets will not reduce the chance of accidents, it is prominently useful to prevent worse effects.

Helmets are made of hard plastic shell on the outside and the inside is layered with thicker foam so when there is an impact in which our head is hitting on something, the materials in the helmets will help to dissipate the force and energy of the impact thus, reducing the force arriving to the skull as well. Outer hard plastic acts as a shell to allow the head to skid across the surface without jerking your neck and preventing direct contact.

The foam on the other hand cushion head as it receives the impact. As for concussions, there is no helmet that is concussion-proof because it is the result of internal jostling of the brain so a helmet will not prevent it from happening. While many will take this as the reason to not wear one, a helmet still can reduce the amount of force applied to the brain and protect against severe cuts including skull fractures and broken facial bones especially in extreme application such as downhill riding.

Giro VanquishAerohead offer
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 8 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.8 pounds2.4 pounds
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Road Bike Helmet

There are various activities that require the doers to wear a helmet and for cycling itself, we can match the helmet with the type of riding discipline. Road helmets are the basic model with a minimalist design and a lowest level of protection compared to the off-road version. Road helmets since commonly worn in a prolonged time, they are focusing on making the helmet more comfortable to wear which is why you will find many with tons of vents to keep the head cool.

Road helmets made for time trial will be different however because they are not focusing on the comfort level but instead on how to make the helmet as sleek as possible or to reduce the air drag as much as possible. These aero helmets are usually pricey and only worn by enthusiasts or professionals. About the efficacy, there will be lots affecting their performance but it is true that reducing this aerodynamic drag will be helpful in race as it will let you ride faster.

About Giro Vanquish and Aerohead

If you are here then it means the helmet you are looking for is a road helmet and for this type of discipline, we can either look for a standard commuting type, semi-aero, or the aero helmet to go with. For those who will ride to win or just want to know how fast they can go with a proper helmet designed for time trial, a full aero helmet will be the best option. They can be quite expensive but the difference will also be more prominent.

There are many companies making bike helmets either for daily cycling or for more serious riding and one of them is Giro. This American brand often being our first choice whenever looking for a new helmet because they are not only one of the best in terms of product quality but also offering a wide variety of models so every cyclist can find the one that fits their application the most. In addition we also love their competitive price range.

Talking about aero helmets, you will find quite a few of them from this brand but for a more serious and probably professional performance, Giro Vanquish and Aerohead will be two of the most popular and reliable options from the collection. Both of them are top rated among similar aero/time trial types which makes them are often compared to see which will benefit the cyclist better but, as a true time trial, we can guess that Aerohead will improve at least slightly better than its aero brother.

Vanquish itself seems like the other version of Giro’s older favorite Air Attack but instead of going with the existing helmet, they decide to create a new model based on their extensive computational fluid dynamic analysis. Compared to Vanquish, Aerohead was hitting the market earlier and this is clearly aimed at time trial application and certainly gains attention after worn by Rohan Dennis and Marcin Bialoblocki showing how capable this helmet is in the right cyclist but, it is still not perfect and not made for everyone.

Giro Vanquish and Aerohead Design

When talking about any helmet which is designed to improve speed, one prominent design we see is the “tail” part. This elongated shape is what makes the drawback reduced and as you can see, Giro Vanquish and Aerohead also have this part but differently. Aerohead clearly has the more pointy tips and longer tail than Vanquish as a true time trial helmet but the others retain the fashion of road helmet by cutting this tail short, making it not as “unusual” for daily riding.

However, there is a unique part to the design of this aero road helmet because not only they are a little bit elongated in road helmet standard but there is also a “cliff” here located just above the ears which is claimed to be the proper technology to deliver a time trial-like performance, adding the versatility into the model. As you can already expect, Aerohead will also be heavier than Vanquish and in their medium size it is between 352 versus 480 grams with included visor.

Giro Vanquish and Aerohead Build and Performance

Moving further, just like many other bike helmets, Giro Vanquish and Aerohead are made of polycarbonate shell combined with foam on the inside which is often called EPS or polystyrene foam. As for these models, Giro also uses MIPS to add its initial protective level and they also seem to improve the liner inside to be more breathable and comfortable. MIPS itself is great as it can provide a sliding inner surface to enable any rotational forces generated from the impact, making it dissipated to reduce skull/brain injuries.

Performance wise, it is difficult to know exactly how they compared to each other without access to wind tunnels and going in specific testing but the helmet type itself should give an idea on how they affect the time. Aerohead is comparable to other time trials models such as Kask Bambino and Bell Javelin with results varying depending on the cyclist riding position. Vanquish itself is typical for aero helmets and they do give a “fast” impression. Read also: Giro Vanquish Vs Synthe.

Giro Vanquish and Aerohead Feature

What’s these helmets are very similar is on the eye shield/visor and if your existing visors are annoying or affect the view a lot then the one in Giro Vanquish or Aerohead should improve it. They are similarly using Zeiss Optic visor with a magnetic anchor in which the performance is amazing in our opinion. Magnet securing systems may sound awful but this one is not and they stay firmly unless you use your hand to remove them, they are not going anywhere.

The visibility also very good especially on the Aerohead model as you can see everything making there is no different in wearing or sliding it upward while the one in Vanquish is not as wide in comparison with both extreme sides are added with plastic, making it very much looking like a regular sunglass with a sci-fi touch to it. We are a bit concerned about its tint however, for it can be too dark for some people especially on cloudy days or in tracks with lots of trees.

Giro Vanquish and Aerohead Comfort

The last part we want to mention is their comfort and as aero or time trial helmet, comfort is not something we expect to be amazing in both Giro Vanquish and Aerohead. As helmets made for the race they are however, still counted as comfortable and Vanquish even good for daily use with or without the visor but Aerohead with its minimal vents is not only heavy but also hot for longer rides. But, we can always remove the visor to get more cooling effects such as when climbing.

Giro Vanquish vs Aerohead offer

These are amazing helmets for anyone who wants to improve their time or see whether a good helmet will make them arrive faster. As aero and time trial helmets they are quite different not only from the design but also performance and comfort. Compared to each other, Aerohead may be faster as it is also comparable with other similar TT models but comfort wise Vanquish is more versatile even for daily activities. They have similar visor systems but visibility wise, Aerohead will offer a wider view than Vanquish.

- Included Accessories: Magnetic Vivid shield by Zeiss
- Construction: In-Mold Construction with Progressive Layering, Four-piece polucarbonate interlocking Hardbody shell
- Fit System: Roc Loc Air MIPS
- Ventilation: Wind Tunnel ventilation
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- 4 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
- Over-brow ventilation
- Polycarbonate shell


You can always go with any helmet that seems to fit the application the most but, if your goal is also to use the helmet for everyday or more casual purposes, we highly recommend getting Giro Vanquish as it is more comfortable but still has an aero benefit to it.