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Giro Tremor vs Hale

Bike helmet is important for cyclists to add a level of safety to the riding application and it is more necessary for children because their body is not fully developed yet. For parents whose children love to ride one, Giro Tremor Vs Hale will be a good option to consider because they are very safe, affordable, as well as comfortable for prolonged play time. If you are also eyeing these options, go check what they can offer below and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose Bike Helmet for Children
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  • Are Giro Tremor and Hale Comfortable
  • Giro Tremor Vs Hale

Bike Helmet for Children

Bicycles are fun to ride and chances if the parent love this active lifestyle, their children will try to mimic their hobbies as well. As a parent, spending our time with the children is great because we can be closer to them as we introduced various things such as safe riding and all the fun stuff. However, children are prone to be clumsy and just like when using any transportation tool, safety always comes first. It is always recommended to wear a bike helmet when doing it as sport but children need it for play time as well.

It is an amazing sight, seeing our children off to school with their friends from the neighborhood riding their bikes together and chit chatting with each other but every parent must feel anxious sometimes since we will never know what’s happening out there. Bike accidents happen frequently and there are millions of children experienced in the U.S alone that it is estimated about 400 child deaths each year. Wearing a bike helmet can reduce the fatality of an accident despite not being able to fully eliminate it.

If your children love riding their bike to commute to their school or just playing with their friends, a bike helmet will be a necessary safety gear, we as a parent should provide and tell them to wear all the time. Here are some factors that you may need to consider first before buying their helmets:

  1. Helmets are available widely and have varying purposes so make sure to get the one made for cycling purpose and make sure to get the one made for children because adults sizing will be different despite having the same shape and fashion. A proper children’s helmet will properly padded and provide adequate protection.
  2. If you are shopping through physical stores, it is better to try the helmet right on and when worn, the unit must sit about two fingers gap between the top eyes and the helmet. The ears should lay flat against the head in “Y” form that linger below the ears and when the chin strap is secured, our kid should still be able to open their mouth.
  3. The last but not least in our opinion is comfort level and this is something in which rely on our kid’s preference the most. Not all kids are going to willingly wear a helmet since it doesn’t feel natural at first thus, we have to choose the one that seems fitting their preference or try to give explanation on why they should wear one for their own safety.
Giro Tremor Giro Hale
Product Dimensions15 x 10 x 8 inches13 x 9 x 6 inches
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About Giro Tremor and Hale

There are tons of bike helmets out there from the cheaper one that you can grab without thinking too much to those made for professional or enthusiasts applications. Many adult helmet’s manufacturers are also offering the child version as well and it is usually mentioned on the model whether the unit is their regular version of the smaller ones. Some brands also make the helmet in different sizes but many are available at one size fits all option so it is best to at least check their sizing list as well.

When talking about bike helmets, one brand that always pops out on our memory is Giro and we are sure if the parent is cyclist as well, you will be familiar with this American brand. They are very popular with different favorite models mainly for road riding such as Giro Trinity Vs Revel and what makes them the choice of many cyclists is not only the wide variety of choices but also the good quality and competitive price to keep your wallet happy.

They do carry children helmets in the catalogue but not as many as the adult’s version and for parents with small children, two of the most ideal options will be Giro Tremor and Hale. Both of them are designed for kids that are already capable of riding their tricycle or balance bike and big enough to use their bike on their own. However, even though they are only riding with you at the back, a helmet is still necessary for best protection and they will need one.

Giro Tremor and Hale are designed to give the best protection for your children and in general they are the same compared to an adult’s helmet with the same level of features and most importantly build quality. In general these models are quite similar to each other when it comes to features and comfortability and in our opinion, what sets them apart to each other is mainly on the design and the shape of the helmets.

Giro Tremor and Hale Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are an attractive helmet and we are sure most children will love the color or shade options Giro provide but when it is about the design, they are quite different. Bike helmets can be shaped a little bit differently to each other depending on the manufacturer and between Giro Tremor and Hale, the prominent difference is that Tremor adopt trail helmet style while Hale is based on regular road helmet or cross country type.

In comparison Tremor looks a bit rounder compared to Hale which is a bit oval side by side and the huge visor on the former also makes the whole appearance more sporty especially if your kids love to play around with their bike, adventuring in the neighborhood with their friends. Hale looks more streamlined and serious but still comes in fun colors. They are only available in one size to fit all and the sizing is meant for those with 50-57 cm in circumference. 

Giro Tremor and Hale Construction

Moving further, the first thing you may want to know is their construction because they relate to the build quality hence safety level as well. In general all bike helmets are safe but depending on the manufacturer, they can be made using different technology that is usually designed to improve the performance. Giro is famous for its in-mold construction which is probably the same with co-molded used by Bell. This is actually the same process in which a thin piece of plastic is placed in a mold, and conforms to the surface.

This process will make a superior quality helmets and Giro claimed that through the in-mold construction, they can reduce the weight of the helmet as well as improve the vents performance. In addition, Giro Tremor and Hale are also featured with MIPS which is another added safety technology to improve the helmet’s protection level. The MIPS is like a layer inside a helmet and intended to rotate when there is an impact to reduce the amount of energy transferred to or from the head.

Giro Tremor and Hale Fitting System

Moving forward let’s check the fitting system in these helmets and similar to the adult version, both of them are also coming with the standard Y strap which is long enough to go below the kid’s ears but in comparison Hale is providing more room to this fitting. They equally have standard clasp or snap lock mechanism. On the back there is Roc Loc rear retention and while this is identical, the convenience is a bit different because overall Hale is easier to rotate.

This is because the rear retention sits a bit below the helmet for the rear area is a bit shorter than Tremor in which this model can cover the back head area fully in comparison to Hale thus the rear retention is sitting directly to the helmet.

Giro Tremor and Hale Comfort

Moving to comfort, Giro Tremor and Hale are pretty much comfortable but if your kid rides under the strong sun rays, Tremor huge visor does offer a better coverage to make sure they can ride comfortably yet, this model only has 18 vents all around the helmets in which the latter has a total of 22. There are vents at the front, top and rear but Hale is prominently vented with huge windows and when used while riding, this one does feel breezier in comparison.

Giro Tremor vs Hale

These helmets are ideal for small children to youth who enjoy adventuring alone, with their friends, or riding along with the parents. The difference is that Tremor has a bigger visor and offers more coverage to the back of the head as well as sit a little bit higher than Hale which comes with a bigger and more vents to make sure your kid can ride comfortably even during the summer.

- Integrated MIPS® technology
- In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Full Hardbody™ coverage
- PinchGuard™ Buckle
- Removable visor
- Quick-Dry padding
- Reflectivity
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner


All in all it is good to choose any of these helmets for your kid’s safety but if we have to get one, Tremor is a great option due to how the unit adds a little bit more of coverage on the rear area and the huge visor for riding comfortably in summer.