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Giro Tremor vs Fixture

Choosing a bike helmet can be very simple but can be complicated as well because there are so many options out there and sometimes parents are confused about which to buy for their children such as between Giro Tremor Vs Fixture. The latter is an adult model but it doesn’t mean we can’t choose it and for those who wonder which helmet will be fitting their kid’s the most, go check how these two differs from each other and then pick the one that matches with your kid’s needs the best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Children Must Wear a Helmet
  • What are Giro Tremor and Fixture
  • What Giro Tremor and Fixture Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Giro Tremor and Fixture
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Tremor and Fixture
  • Are Giro Tremor and Fixture Comfortable
  • Giro Tremor Vs Fixture

Children Bike Helmet

As a parent we are bound to always worry about our children and sometimes we can be overprotective but, our kid will finally grow up and before they face the world, we have to prepare them for lots of events that will happen in their life. In their early days  we can teach them to ride a bike or scooter thus, they are not going to be left alone by their child their age. One thing for sure is safety always comes first.

Children love to try new things, sometimes it can be risky and we are not always there to pay attention to them or assist them all the time. If your kid is very active and specifically loves to ride a bike or scooter, a helmet will be the basic safety gear we have to provide. We never know what will happen out there and chances, our kid may fall from their bike while playing around and injure themselves on the head which is very dangerous.

Thankfully, safety gear is something that is available almost everywhere and there are different types of helmet to choose for your kid if they are going to ride their bike, scooter, or just riding along on your back in a trailer or in the rear seat. According to the Center for Disease Control, children age 5 and older as well as young adults have the highest bicycle-relate injury and 60% of them end up in the U.S. emergency departments.

Wearing a helmet will not eliminate the chance of injury but it will significantly reduce the risk of head injury as much as 85%. However, not all helmets will do the job equally because just like anything, it is best to shop based on the application and most importantly sizing because a good helmet must fit snugly on the head to give the proper protection so they can’t be too small or too loose which will affect the performance to be not as reliable as it should be.

To get the correct helmet, make sure that it is designed for cycling and for the sizing, place a measurement tape on top of the eyebrow for about an inch in distance and use it as a buying guide when shopping for the sizes. Usually, bike helmets will have certain types of fitting options including dial adjust, pad adjustment, and the less common, autofit from brands like Lazer. All of them will provide a range of adjustment to snuggly hug the top of the head.

Giro Tremor Giro Fixture
Product Dimensions15 x 10 x 8 inches14 x 9 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds1.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Tremor and Fixture

If you already have the measurement taken, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and chances it can be confusing to just pick one. However, if you don’t have much time to spare, it is good to shop from just one brand or see what other parents are choosing because they have a huge chance to fit your children as well. In addition shopping based on the budget can be helpful too.

One of the most popular and reliable bike helmets manufacturers out there is Giro and the reason is because this American brand seems to always have the choice for your needs both children and adults helmets. They are focusing on road helmet models and have quite a huge variants in the catalogue to choose from based on the design, features, and of course price but overall, all of their helmets are high-quality and safe with a sturdy built while being comfortable as well.

For children and youth, the option will not be as wide as the adult version and two of the most favorite models from their catalogue are Giro Tremor and Fixture. The former is indeed children and youth helmet but the latter is actually marketed as an adult helmet and this can be confusing for parents who plan to get one of these models. Fixture itself is a very popular model for budget trail helmets and its universal sizing is what makes the unit versatile for different age ranges.

Tremor is a little bit different because the model is specifically made for children together with another famous helmet like Hale and if your kid is smaller such as from 4/5 years old, go check our Giro Tremor Vs Hale here since they will fit the age requirement the most. In general Giro Tremor and Fixture are pretty much similar to each other and what you will get on one model will mostly be available on the latter as well.

Giro Tremor and Fixture Design

Design wise, these helmets are identical to each other and side by side they are resembling each version prominently yet, the Fixture will look like a bulkier, bigger version of Tremor since they do sport the same design. There is a huge visor at the front and if you ever use or see a trail helmet, these models seem to be based on the MTB application because the Fixture is indeed made for this discipline. They look sporty, have various color options, and won’t give you a mushroom head appearance. 

Since they are made for different users, we thought that the Fixture will be much heavier in comparison to Tremor and because it is made for MTB application as well but it is not completely true because these helmets are fairly the same including the weight around 300 grams. What you need to know is the sizing for Tremor is from 50-57 cm while Fixture is from 54- 61 cm which makes them equally ideal for youth but not very much the same for children.

Giro Tremor and Fixture Construction

Moving further, let’s check the build of these helmets because it will relate to their performance and the most important safety. All bike helmets are safe and will be able to add a level of protection to the activity but if you are familiar with bike helmets, most of them are using the mold construction despite having different naming. Giro specifically call them in-mold construction and claimed to make the helmet lighter, more robust, as well as improve their venting system.

In general the construction is the same in which there is a thin piece of plastic placed in a mold then conforms to the surface. Here beads of polystyrene are added to the mold then is bolted together followed by injection of steam under pressure. This steam will expand the polystyrene beads and form into the shape for the mold to make a whole helmet. Since the plastic is heated as well using the steam, it conforms very tightly to the expanded EPS foam thus, it leaves no gaps.

To add a higher safety to Giro Tremor and Fixture, MIPS layer is also added into the inside of the helmet that you can check by the different layer in different color. It is almost like a standard feature for bike helmets nowadays to make sure the impact will be reduced before hitting your head in case an accident happens.

Giro Tremor and Fixture Fitting System

As for the fitting system, both of these helmets are very much the same to each other and while you can’t see them on the sample picture above, they are equally coming with a standard Y strap but the material is the similar one we can find on most helmets; they are comfortable but not soft or anything. As for the rear retention system, you will get Roc Loc which sits directly below the helmet so at times it can be a bit inconvenient to access.

Giro Tremor and Fixture Comfort

Since Giro Tremor and Fixture are like the children and adult version of each other, they will perform the same as well for comfort. The fitting system does a good job to give a snugness feeling but the vents are equally similar at 18 windows all over the helmets. These are very standard and not meant to give the best ventilation performance so children may experience some heat buildup if used for riding in a prolonged time.

Giro Tremor vs Fixture

These Giro helmets are very popular for cycling activity especially if your kid is more into adventuring than just riding on the road but, what set them apart from each other prominently is the size because Tremor is made for children and Fixture is made for adults. However, due to the range, both of them can be worn by youth depending on the head circumference.

- Integrated MIPS® technology
- In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Full Hardbody™ coverage
- PinchGuard™ Buckle
- Construction: In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Fit System: Roc Loc Sport
- 18 Vents
- Removable visor


All in all it is best to shop based on your needs and we can pick any of these helmets as long as the sizing match but the most ideal user who can use either of them is youth or those with head size from 54-57 cm.