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Giro Sonnet vs Savant

Bike helmet is not something we can afford to leave if your cycling activity is more of a recreational riding than just commuting. Road helmets are safer than no road helmets for enthusiast and Giro as one of the most well-known helmet brands offer Giro Sonnet Vs Savant to keep you at ease while pedaling. They are safe but also comfortable as well as affordable so before choosing one of them, go check below about which seems to fit your preference better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Bike Helmet
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  • How are the Vents in Giro Sonnet and Savant
  • Giro Sonnet Vs Savant

Bike Helmet

As regular humans, our body is sturdy enough for any common daily job but it is not going to sustain any hard impact without causing harmful side effects which is why safety measures always put first on everything to prevent any possible injuries and even so, we can still expect something is going wrong. Cycling is a fairly safe activity but not without a risk especially if you are doing it for fun because we tend to challenge ourselves with faster riding or tackling extreme terrain.

In this application a bike helmet is necessary for it increases the risk of any injury to happen as well. Bike helmets indeed can only protect your skull, even so depending on the model they offer different safety rate but it is always better safe than sorry because none of us are going to enjoy any serious injury like fractured skull. In addition to safety, bike helmets are continuously improved in comfort for cyclists who find the lid not so ideal for their head shape or preference.

Road and Off-road Helmet

Bike helmets in general are differentiated into road helmets and a more extreme off-road cyclist because these are the exact opposite of each other despite the fact that we ride the same vehicle called a bicycle. The bike type itself is also different and you will get more protection when wearing a helmet made for off-road discipline because of the nature of its high rate of injury. Off-road applications have an uncontrolled environment so anything can happen, the fact that the surface itself is unfriendly, gives a higher risk of accidents.

You will see off-road helmets have a heavier build than its road brother which is fairly light in comparison and it also have material to cover the head, for some applications like enduro racing, the helmet must cover the chin area and only leave a space around the eyes and nose with and an elongated chin bar to offer the best protection. Trail helmet is much similar to a road model but has a larger visor and more covering on the rear area.

For the road helmets, they are fairly less protective in general but more ideal in the application because when riding on the road, our first focus is about comfort which is why they are made to be as light as possible, to make sure you can still feel the breeze while climbing and even better when speeding. You will see lots of vents, many use wide openings and exhaust ports to give the best air circulation. However, comfort is not affected by vents only since the shape and fitting system will play some role as well.

Giro SonnetGiro Savant
Product Dimensions12 x 9.8 x 7.5 inches
14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight2.4 pounds2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Sonnet and Savant

While it is always tempting to buy an attractive helmet, the best option should be the model made for your application and riding discipline. If you are the type who often changes from one terrain to another, look for helmets that can be modified or offer a feature to match the common quality we often consider on each application. Additionally, size and budget matter thus, deciding it from the beginning will be very helpful to simply your shopping journey.

If you already decide which bike helmet to buy or have an image on how the option should be, let’s see what the market has to offer with its huge range of products and types together with different manufacturers and their origin. For those who are only cycling on the road, Giro will have lots of helmets to consider without having to ask so much from your pocket. This American company is often our first choice when it comes to bike helmets due to their various options.

Their standard price for road helmets is around $100, much lower than other brands for example POC with their popular products like POC Ventral Vs Omne. Among the road helmet collections, they have Giro Sonnet and Savant which falls into this price range and are equally popular for casual cyclists or those enthusiasts who don’t want to spend twice or three times the budget just to get a comfortable helmet. While both of them are pretty affordable, you can find their MIPS version ready with a slightly bumped out price. 

What you will get in Giro Sonnet and Savant are lots of vents to maximum comfort including when you ride in a warmer area together with a reliable fitting system to make sure cyclists can instantly fit the lid on top of their head.

Giro Sonnet and Savant Design

Giro did tend to make lots of similar helmets especially on their entry-level and this is true with Giro Sonnet and Savant because they are identical to each other. Commonly you will see some tweaked design here and there whether it is just by how the lid appears to be flatter or a bit wider to the side. It is not the case with these two for what you can get will be the same on both helmets including the shape and weight.

This is because they are actually the same model but differentiated based on gender, making the Sonnet a female version of Savant aimed for male cyclists. In general, Giro has a history of shaping their helmet towards oval shape better than rounder head so if you have been wearing round helmet all this time and find the fit nicely snug, the oval shape may need more adjustment to give the same experience. As for the weight itself, they are equally weighed around 225 grams.

Giro Sonnet and Savant Construction

Moving further, let’s see the construction of these helmets but, if you ever have a bike helmet before chances companies are using the same technology called in-mold system by Giro but can go with slightly different terms depending on the company. Some may tweak it a little bit but in general it is used to refer to bonding of polyester micro shells or the hardened surface on the outside to the polystyrene foam inside in which aim is to design a better unit.

This method prevents separation over time and allows manufacturers to improve the air channeling system inside as well as reduce quite a bit from the overall weight. Our only complaint with cheaper helmets is always how they leave some exposed foam on the rim of the lid which can affect the longevity of the unit especially over prolonged use and when they are being transported often. If you can spend a little bit more, there are MIPS versions for these models.

MIPS is a third-party feature and this is placed inside the helmet so the shell and the liner are separated by a low-friction layer. This technology is meant to reduce rotational impacts so the helmet can slide when there is an impact even up to 39% without reducing the desirable energy absorbing properties in non-angled impacts.

Giro Sonnet and Savant Fitting System

For the fitting system, Giro Sonnet and Savant will come with the same Roc Loc 5 fit system which is performing good to offer an amount of adjustability but since the helmet shape itself is more into oval than round, different head shape may experience different feeling. They do have fixed anchor points so if the head does not conform to the shape of the EPS shell, it will be difficult to find the best fit. 

As for the strap, they are a bit thick and firm making them not as comfortable compared to higher-end models like Overdrive or Aeon. However, for the price range, we expect them to not offer the best comfort as well yet, they are still useful for most road rides.

Giro Sonnet and Savant Vents

There are 25 windows in Giro Sonnet and Savant and this number should be adequate to give cyclists enough air to ride with ease. In performance, they do work well and while none of them are the best in the road category nor can be called aerodynamic, in our opinion for this price range they are very much effective. Riding at higher speed is great but you will feel less air while climbing probably because the Roc Loc 5 internal channeling is not as good as for example to the Air Fit.

Giro Sonnet vs Savant

Both of them are a good choice for cyclist who are in the market for an affordable road helmet but Giro Sonnet and Savant are an identical helmets and the factor that set them apart from each other is only the gender option which makes the Sonnet as the female version have smaller size in general than male head which is usually bigger.

- MIPS-Equipped
- In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- The Sonnet is a favorite in our Women's Series collection
- offering acclaimed ft and performance for riders who enjoy great routes as much as a swift pace
- Roc Loc 5 offers a comfortable fit that cradles your head
- In-mold construction combines polycarbonate outer shell with impact-absorbing foam liner
- Compact, stylish shape
- 25 vents with internal channeling keep your head nice and cool


You can pick any of these helmets just make sure to know the proper sizing of each model and match them with your head circumference. If unisex helmets often too big on your head, try the Sonnet.