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Giro Scamp vs Tremor

Bike helmets are necessary both for adults and for children, especially in younger people as their body is still in a growing phase. For parents with active children, make sure to give the kids proper helmets that suit their activities such as the Giro Scamp Vs Tremor for cycling. These helmets are not only looking attractive with various shades to choose from but are safe and secure for protection. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose Bike Helmet for Children
  • What are Giro Scamp and Tremor
  • How are Giro Scamp and Tremor Look Like
  • How are the Built of Giro Scamp and Tremor
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Scamp and Tremor
  • Are Giro Scamp and Tremor Comfortable
  • Giro Scamp Vs Tremor

Children Bike Helmet

Bicycling is a fun way of exercising and for recreation which is why many people nowadays are getting into the hobby; not only because they look fun but they are very relaxing as well. For adults, we may see this as a method to stay active but for children, it is one of their ways to enjoy their time. One thing we should never forget as a parent is making sure our kids always wear their helmets when cycling because this protective gear is necessary for their head’s safety.

However, a protective gear can only work properly when they are properly fitted as well and this is why we have to choose the helmet carefully, especially if you are going to buy them online since we can’t try the fit first. To find the correct fit, use a measuring tape to know the circumference of the kid’s head, and to measure it, put the tape just above the eyebrow. Bike helmets usually have their sizing chart and we can refer to them when shopping.

Similar to seatbelt, the helmet must stay in place while being used and in case they fall from the vehicle in order to properly cover the impacted area. There are also other factors to consider when buying a new helmet and the first is never use a hand-me-down unit because they may have been in a crash before or if the helmet was manufactured quite a long time ago there is a chance they don’t come with the recent safety standard.

To make sure the helmet is meeting the specification for safety, there is a sticker from CPSC on the unit and most if not all bike helmets in the market usually have this label already. Second, if you are going to buy a new one, the expensive models are not always necessarily safer than the more affordable option but they do tend to come with several additional features that may help in the fitting process or make sure the helmet feels more comfortable. 

Third, if you are interested to buy hard shell or soft shell helmets, the two have the same interior and are considered equally effective in giving protection as long as they are CPSC-approved for the activity. Fourth, if your children are not interested in wearing a helmet, try looking for the models that have design or stickers and colors that attract their attention such as with their favorite superhero character and favorite color thus, they may want to wear it willingly. 

About Giro Scamp and Tremor

Now when you already have an image on what to expect from the helmet or know which of them to go for, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. For adults we can rely on popular brands such as Kask with their favorite models like Kask Mojito Vs Valegro but for children, there are more affordable options we can consider. If you don’t have a favorite or familiar brand yet, we can see what other parents are choosing for as they may fit your children as well.

Giro ScampTremor
Product Dimensions11.81 x 9.25 x 7.24 inches14.09 x 9.37 x 7.2 inches
Shipping Weight1 Pounds1 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

When talking about bike helmets, there are plenty to choose from but one brand that we often go for as a convenient choice is Giro. This brand is very popular among cyclists and the best thing about Giro is probably because they are easily available, affordable, as well as carrying the type of helmet in almost any price range. Their collection of children cycling helmets are also adequate to consider and choose from, based on the activity and which seems to attract your kid’s attention.

Among this brand’s collection, Giro Scamp and Tremor are two ideal options you may want to introduce to the kids as their safety system while riding their bike. These popular helmets are not only protective but also attractive and easy to use so children will get familiar with the gear in no time. Many parents have liked these models because their kids also like them and it puts our mind at ease knowing they are properly protected while having fun with the bike.

However, just like with other helmets from the brand, Giro Scamp and Tremor are also different from each other and while this difference is not affecting the safety of the helmets, it is probably more related to the kid’s personal taste and what type of terrain they are often playing around but in comparison, both are very protective with Tremor being a similar option as an MTB helmet in adult application. Overall it is best to match them with your kid’s activity.

Giro Scamp and Tremor Design

Moving forward, let’s see how these helmets look first before checking what they can offer. As you can see from the sample picture above, these helmets’ prominent difference is in the design because the Scamp is more similar to road or BMX-style helmet, not exactly like the Dime model but they do have more similarities. The shape is round and smoother compared to the Tremor which looks like an MTB or trail helmet. Fashion wise they are available in so many different colors to choose from.

The most important point to note here is Tremor is only available in universal youth size and this is for children with head circumference from 50 to 57cm while on the other hand the Scamp is available in smaller size from XS to S in a general measurement from 45 to 53cm. This implied that Scamp is also ideal for younger users from one year and older while to fit Tremor our kid must be older; many parents seem to find it fit their 4 years old to 11 years old children.

Giro Scamp and Tremor Built

Now let’s see the build quality of Giro Scamp and Tremor because this is also important to decide the helmet’s overall quality. Both of them are certified U.S. CPSC so we can rest assured that these helmets are going to work properly. The prominent difference besides shape and design is that Tremor will be heavier than Scamp and this is due to the extra material, common for MTB style helmets. This model also looks bulkier and with the addition of visor.

The material is the same however as they are made from polycarbonate shell and EPS foam on the inside using in-mold construction. The two are also available in either standard variant or with MIPS with a slight price difference. MIPS is great for added safety because this will let the helmet move a bit when facing an impact in order to mimic the brain’s structure thus, the rotational force can be reduced and minimizing the trauma on the brain in case of oblique impacts. 

Giro Scamp and Tremor Fitting System

Let’s move to fitting part of Giro Scamp and Tremor as this is necessary to make sure we can find the best fit and comfort for the user. Just like most helmets from Giro, both of them are coming with a different variant of Roc Loc fit system where Tremor has the Roc Loc Sport and Scamp has the Junior variant to match their sizing; side by side they are very similar however with cradles and a rotating knob in the middle.

The mechanism is the same but the sizing is probably different since Scamp is made for younger children but you can adjust the dial very comfortably. It is smooth as well and best to adjust when the helmet is already worn so we can find the best adjustment.

Giro Scamp and Tremor Comfort

The last part is about comfort and here Giro Scamp and Tremor are both featured with some padding inside. The Tremor seem to have quick dry padding which is great to keep the sweat away from their face as they face difficult terrain. Scamp has a more standard padding but since it is meant for younger children, they may not sweat as much. The two seem to work well too in circulating air to keep the children’s head comfortable.  

Giro Scamp vs Tremor

Both of them are good options for parents with active kids but the two are not made for the same users. The prominent difference is Scamp will be more ideal for younger children above one year old as the sizing is smaller. It is also for road application and slow speed while on the other hand the MTB-style Tremor is made for older kids who love to adventure and can already control their body and balance properly. It is also heavier and has a visor for extra features.

- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- COMFORT: Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc Jr. fit system
- RUGGED: In-mold construction
- MARKET-LEADING PERFORMANCE AND PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s helmet test lab.
- INTEGRATED MIPS: MIPS Brain Protection System is integrated with the Roc Loc Sport Fit System for an added measure of protection in certain impacts plus market-leading fit and comfort.
- UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box.
- VENTILATION: 18 vents.


All in all it is best to choose the helmet made for the activity. For parents with younger children, Scamp will be the most ideal choice but for older children who start to ride faster or like adventure, the Tremor will be a better option.