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Giro Savant vs Kask Mojito

For those who are more serious about the game, wearing a helmet is necessary for your safety when pedaling over a prolonged time or on an uneven surface racing with friends. For those who are riding on the road, Giro Savant Vs Kask Mojito will be a very ideal choice to consider especially if you are into comfort. But, depending on your preference the options may differ, so before heading to shop for one, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Bike Helmet to Purchase
  • What are Giro Savant and Kask Mojito
  • What Giro Savant and Kask Mojito Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Giro Savant and Kask Mojito
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Savant and Kask Mojito
  • How are the Vents Performance in Giro Savant and Kask Mojito
  • Giro Savant Vs Kask Mojito

Bike Helmet Types

We are sure everyone agrees with the phrase “safety first” because it is literally best for our own protection when present in an uncontrolled environment. There are various safety gear made to protect humans while doing certain activities but in most cases, the basic safety for various activities is a helmet. They are necessary to keep your head safe and brain safer because the construction helps cover the sensitive area against huge impact with solid objects yet, there are still many who are not willing to wear one today.

If you are here chances you already know the importance of wearing a helmet and we don’t need to convince how one can save our life anymore but we also recommend getting the type that matches with the kind of riding you are going to do. If it is just for a short moment riding to a workplace or commuting from school and home, a bike helmet may not be necessary but for those who are riding for fun, sport, racing, and riding on more extreme terrains, wearing one is a must.

The most basic helmet type today is road helmet and to get one you don’t have to dig in too deep into the pocket because many are very much affordable depending on the brand. For example Giro Register Vs Foray are ideal for long distance riders but also nice and cheap for even daily commuters. This type of helmet has plenty of vents to keep the rider comfortable and prevent too much heat building up on our head while riding, especially in summer.

The difference between commuter and for example cross country road helmet is on the construction in which the latter must have higher protection in comparison. The next type of helmet is meant for more extreme sports that require you to pedal on an uneven surface and in short we can set them between trail and enduro helmet. They are categorized as mountain bike helmets and compared to road helmets, you will get even higher protection with any of these types.

Trail helmet is like an upgraded version of a cross country helmet with more material on the back of the head and on the side as well with mostly heavier construction or some additional feature such as visor. Enduro helmet mostly used for the same application but more for a faster riding downhill rather than climbing which is why the face area is fully covered to give the best protection in case you accidently slip and fall forward face first. This type of helmet is very heavy and not so comfortable for long rides.

Giro SavantKask Mojito
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds1.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Savant and Kask Mojito

After deciding which helmet to get, it is easier to shop for one and if you have never purchased a bike helmet before, you may also want to decide the size as well because most helmets are coming in different sizes from S to XL but some models do have a wider option depending on the manufacturer. To measure the head size, put a flexible measuring tape about an inch above the eyebrow circling the head and write it down to match with the product sizing later.

But, if you have bought one before, we can just jump straight in the shopping process. The most complicated stage is selecting the helmet options itself because there are so many of them out there and in most cases, all will be able to add a level of protection against any unwanted contact or impact against solid objects. Among those many brands offering their interesting bike helmets, two of the most reliable options are Giro and Kask which are almost equally popular in the market.

They carry various models in the catalogue for different applications so we can choose the most ideal model to go with the riding activity or to match with your personal preference. For those who are concerned about comfort when wearing a bike helmet, the two models you may want to consider are Giro Savant and Kask Mojito which are very similar to each other when it comes to how nice they can sit on top of your head but also not compromising the safety side.

The reason why Savant is one of the bestselling helmets from the company is because it can provide what cyclists want, simple, comfortable, safe, and affordable. All of them are molding into one helmet which is also very stylist to enhance your confidence. Mojito is not a new name in the game because chances you know them from Team Sky (2012 to 2014). Being part of the ride this helmet is one of the best for comfort by combining a lightweight construction and adequate vents.

Giro Savant and Kask Mojito Design

Side by side Giro Savant and Kask Mojito are quite different to each other when it comes to the rear design because the latter have a pretty huge vents here in which the former is not necessarily narrow either. The rear design is equally elongated to give that slim and stylish form but also thicker. From the front area, as you can see both of them are quite similar to each other with a bunch of slim and longer, layered vents.

Fashion wise they are equally stylish and we do like how they look on top of most people’s heads. These helmets are not bulky and round at the top thus, will not make your head appear like a mushroom as well as have a pretty sporty look. There are various color options and we like all of them, especially the darker shades. Comparing the weight, Savant in size M is around 256 compared to 220 grams in the same size from Mojito.

Giro Savant and Kask Mojito Construction

The most important part of the helmet is safety and this is why there are so many different designs as well as technology used to build one yet at the end of the day they are still EPS bowl protected with coating on the outside which is like what Kask do with its Mojito helmet. There is a thick EPS foam to mostly build the unit and then the outer layer is coated with polycarbonate material for added stability and safety during crash.

Giro uses a different description about how Savant and many of its helmets are with in-mold polycarbonate shells which are bound to the plastic outer during the production process to promote a tight bond between the two. Polycarbonate shells are often being used in a high-end helmet as well and often said to add weight into the final product. Savant has the MIPS version if you are looking for higher protection but Mojito is only available in one version.

What’s special between regular Savant and Mojito is that the latter is also featured with inner liner which is actually gel-pad, is designed to be non-slip and also nonbacterial to keep your head comfortable and preventing the bad odor. 

Giro Savant and Kask Mojito Fitting System

The next part that we want to talk about is the fitting system and similar to many other helmets, Giro Savant and Kask Mojito are also coming with standard rear adjustment and the chin strap that you can clip on easily. The difference is the rear retention of Savant sit directly below the helmet, making it a slightly inconvenient to access while also being tiny compared to Mojito with an elongated arm on both sides.

These are dual pivots that you can adjust to sit on the back of your neck instead directly to the back of your head which can add comfort for some riders especially those with a longer facial shape.

Giro Savant and Kask Mojito Vents

The last part we want to mention is the comfort and even among affordable helmets, these two are very much comfortable and nicely snug on top of your head but what about ventilation and how cool riding with these helmets. People can have different experiences but on this side none of them are causing build up heat on the head and fairly cooling when you ride but just for a comparison there are 25 vents on Savant and 26 vents on Mojito.

Giro Savant vs Kask Mojito

These helmets are very ideal for road cyclists and they are also great for those who are seeking comfort because both are designed to give the proper fitting system and a nice fit to your head. Combined with 25 and 26 vents respectively, riding with Giro Savant and Kask Mojito is a breeze but, talking about the retention system, those who find it uncomfortable wearing one with the strap sit directly below the helmet, the latter can be a great option.

- 25 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc 5 fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Classic road styling
- Shell Material: in-mold composite
- Ventilation: 26 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Up-N-Down hinged system
- Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063


You can pick any of these helmets and still be satisfied about the performance but if you are in for the budget version, Giro Savant is already a great option for the ride, it is comfortable, fairly light, and also very cooling.