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Giro Savant vs Foray

Bike helmet is a necessary safety gear to have if you are riding for a prolonged time and riding for sport because these types of activities are going to have an increased risk of accident. To make sure we have lower risk of head and brain injury, helmets like Giro Savant Vs Foray are great options to consider especially for road riders. For those who are also eyeing these options, go check what they can offer below so then we can pick the most ideal option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need to wear Bike Helmet
  • What are Giro Savant and Foray
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  • How are the Construction of Giro Savant and Foray
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Savant and Foray
  • How the Vents Performance on Giro Savant and Foray
  • Giro Savant Vs Foray

Bike Helmet

Cycling is one of the most popular activities in bigger cities where the citizen can safely pedaling on the road or have a dedicated cyclist path. Our modern lifestyle often brings some health issues to your life because most of us want to be convenient and it makes many of us looking for the best way to stay at home or stay still. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and this is not good for the health so if pedaling is a hobby, this activity will be beneficial for you.

We love cycling mostly because it is fun and while it can be a great time to spend the weekend with, for those who are looking for a way to avoid the packed road, this method can save your time as well. One thing that we always debate with each other when it comes to bicycles is whether we should wear a helmet or not during the riding and on this side not all of us are going to have the same answer.

In our opinion and we are sure many others, a helmet is not something that every cyclist needs during their application and while it is indeed will add a level of safety to your riding experience, it is not crucial to save your life or heavy injury. As we all know, a bike helmet can only cover the top of your head and even when there is an impact that happens to the head area, it can only do so much for your safety. In comparison, the risk is actually higher for car drivers than cyclists.

If you are only going to spend a few minutes pedaling to go to the office or commuting to various places doing some errands, a bike helmet is not something that will greatly impact your experience and safety. Compared to a safer road and more aware drivers or motorists, bike helmets play a very little role to our safety but, we do need one on certain activities including fast riding and extreme, off-road riding such as mountain biking.

The faster we ride, the higher the chance to have an accident which is why a racer is required to wear one and competition always demands for its participants to wear the proper clothing and proper safety gear including helmet. In addition, off-road riding is another dangerous or extreme activity which demands precise control and handling especially in an uneven surface and the obstacles are varying greatly, making the ride has a higher risk of accident for example downhill riding that is not only fast but also facing many hurdles.

Giro SavantGiro Foray
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds2.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Savant and Foray

For those who are only commuting or riding for a short time, a helmet may not increase your level or safety than a safe road made for cyclists or how aware the city about the cyclist using the same road especially for drivers and motorists. However, if you are into the game and riding not only because bike is a cheap option for exercise and transportation, a helmet will significantly increase the level of safety in activities involving long riding hours or racing and off-road cycling.

There are tons of options to choose in the market for just any bike helmet and chances there are those in the budget range we can spend now. Depending on your activity, we can choose the ideal type of helmet freely from those made for road riding to those made for off-road riding. One of the most ideal choices if you are also planning to spend a little is from Giro because this brand is very well-known when it comes to affordable products but still have a great quality.

Giro carries a huge number of models in the catalogue to fit your application, but each is made based on the ideal application. For you road cyclists, two of the most ideal choices will be Giro Savant and Foray. Both of them are good options for those who are exclusively riding on the road only and very ideal if you are doing cross country because they are made to serve this type of activity yet, if you are concerned about commuters, they can do great as well.

Just like many of its cheaper or affordable options, Giro Savant and Foray are very much basic when it comes to feature for you will not find anything fancy here and in comparison both of them are very much similar to each other. What you can get on one model will most likely be also available on the next helmet and if you own several road helmets in this price range, what set them apart the most will be styling and comfort. Read also: Giro Savant Vs Synthe.

Giro Savant and Foray Design

Putting them side by side, as you can see from the sample picture above both of them are not exactly the same when it comes to deciding the fashion choice because overall the Foray is more classic, with no-playing-around look like most professional helmet in which the Savant is more sporty with some sharp edges to add some distinct feature in the styling side. We do like both of them since none looks bulky or weird on top of most people’s heads.

They are very attractive and coming with various fashion options such as the matte black and white on our sample picture above but when you put them side by side, they are not exactly similar for the weight part since the Savant is probably one of the lightest, affordable helmets you can get out there with size M at 256 grams compared to 270 grams of Foray in the same size. Price wise Savant is also slightly more expensive in comparison to Foray.

Giro Savant and Foray Construction

Moving further, the first thing you may want to know about a helmet is usually the construction because it relates to the safety level and in this side just like with most Giro helmets, Giro Savant and Foray are built with the same in-mold construction process using polycarbonate as the shell which is often used in a more expensive helmets that can affect its weight. This construction is bonded to the plastic outer during the process which is why it leads to a tight bond between the materials.

While the outer shell is robust, what makes us a bit concerned about the longevity of these helmets is the amount of exposed EPS padding itself because they are not covered fully here and may reduce the age of your helmets later especially in Foray version. For additional safety you can always choose the one with MIPS technology but for the cheaper option, none of the models in our article has the additional feature.

Giro Savant and Foray Fitting System

Moving further let’s check the fitting system here and as you can guess, they are also still the same here because Roc Loc is the one used for the rear fitting system. We do like this fitting system because you can adjust the helmet’s snugness perfectly following your head’s comfort. However, the plastic used here is pretty thin in our opinion and while there is no issue when fitting any of them, the feel of the material does gives you a flimsy impression.

What we like is the Roc Loc is placed not too closely below the helmet so there is still a space in between to comfortably adjust the rotating wheel. As for the chin strap, you will get the standard Y strap here with smooth, working lock.

Giro Savant and Foray Vent

The last is for comfort level and in this side, Giro Savant and Foray are equally coming with an amount of vent to prevent build up heat when riding for quite prolonged time. However, they are different on this side because in comparison Foray has 21 vents in comparison to 25 available in Savant. Performance wise the former has the vents a bit lower which makes it not as effective to cool your head down than those in Foray in which is rated pretty high or even at par to Infinity by Kask.

Giro Savant vs Foray

Bike helmet is necessary for a sports application in which you will spend more time riding on a more challenging surface. The difference between Giro Savant and Foray is mostly on the styling but weight wise Savant is indeed lighter than Foray yet, the vent performance seems to work better on the former and price wise Savant is also slightly more expensive than the other.

- 25 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc 5 fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Classic road styling
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Coolmax padding
- Streamlined design
- Roc Loc 5 fit system


All in all you can pick any of these helmets because they are very ideal for the application but if you have a smaller head, we do think Savant with its lighter weight will be more comfortable and if cooling effect is what you look for then Foray is the answer.