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Giro Reverb vs Sutton

While bicycles have far lower risk of accident than motorbike and four-wheel vehicles, it doesn’t mean that there is zero chance of it that you may not need any protective gear. Even for commuters, bike helmets are necessary to keep everything safer and with Giro Reverb Vs Sutton, you can pedal not only safer but also with style. These road helmets are made for urban commuters to both offer protection and comfort but, see what you need to know about the helmets here before deciding to buy.

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  • How are the Construction and Safety of Giro Reverb and Sutton
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  • Are Giro Reverb and Sutton Comfortable 
  • Giro Reverb Vs Sutton

Bike Helmet, a Necessary Item

We are sure many people will argue about the safety of bicycle helmets because the fact that it can’t reduce the chance of injury and while we do agree to a certain level that if you fall, chances we will get scraped knees, bruises on legs and arms are very common but the focus is our head here. Of course safer roads are better for everyone and one way of making it more ideal for cyclists is filling them up with bicycles.

One of the popular arguments of bike helmets is that many people will stop riding their bike when pressed to wear one and it discourages them from riding their bike, resulting in a lesser number of cyclists on the road which then makes it less safe. Another argument is that people will be more reckless when wearing a helmet so they may not pay attention as much as when they are not wearing protective gear. We do think despite anything, all of us should pay attention to our own safety and the people around us.

Of course bike helmets can’t reduce the chance of getting in an accident or guarantee our safety but they will help in protecting our head in such an event to make sure there is less harm to suffer. In general, they will make sure the impact we received will not be as severe as when not wearing anything including surface injury like scratches. 

Finding the Best Bike Helmet

Depending on the riding discipline itself, bike helmets are available in several types both for road and mountain or off-road application so it is always best to choose based on which activity you will be doing. Road helmets in general are the same except for long distance and commuting as the former will also boast comfort and probably some additional features needed in the application such as cross country helmet. Road bike helmets can also be made for increased air flow like Giro Vanquish Vs Aerohead.

Off road helmets on the other hand have the best safety level as they are covering more of the head but they are heavier as well and tend to be not as comfortable as the road type. In some models they also gave specific features such as a wide visor or chin protector for better comfort and safety. Besides the riding discipline, the fit matters as well. Try to find the best fit by measuring the top of your head using tape and match them with the helmets’ sizing chart.

Giro Reverb Giro Sutton
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight 3 pounds1.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Reverb and Sutton

If you are here then it means that we don’t have to reassure you that a bike helmet is necessary. Bike helmets are widely available as well as offered by various manufacturers out there so the shopping journey can be very time consuming but, choosing based on your type of application and the sizing option will make everything faster. If this is only for casual cycling or commuting, we also can set up a lower budget as they are often very affordable.

One of the best brands to shop from when it is about bike helmets is Giro and we are sure many of us have been hearing about the brand for quite some time now if this is your first time purchase. This American company is a great choice for their wide application of products and we are also attracted to their price point as you can find the model almost in any price range. No matter whether you are a casual cyclist or more of an enthusiast, Giro has the perfect product for your activities.

Their road helmets are also often placed at the top favorite options both for commuting and for longer ride but, if you will be using the helmet as daily safety gear to commute, Giro Reverb and Sutton will be two of the most ideal options to consider. We understand that these two are not looking like most road bike helmets we often see but the unique design may conform to your lifestyle and personal taste better. They are very much similar to each other so performance wise we do think they are identical as well.

This type of helmet is actually very popular in big cities as a commuting partner and they differ greatly from the common road helmets we see worn by enthusiasts as you may don’t need what’s featured on such a model. Giro Reverb and Sutton are the classic, savvy options for daily use and without reducing any of its safety purpose, you will ride with style but also convenience and comfort. However, side by side it is also prominent that Sutton offers more than Reverb.

Giro Reverb and Sutton Design 

What you may want to note is that Reverb seems to be discontinued by Giro so it can be difficult to find the product at stores today. Unlike most or typical road bike helmets these two are looking like a BMX or skate-style with a rounder form at the top and very small or less vents all over the unit. As you can see, Giro Reverb and Sutton are quite identical but from the side, it is prominent that Sutton is flatter at the top. 

Most if not all Giro helmets have a fit that is a little bit oval to conform into the head better and there is a difference on the rear panel as well because Sutton have a similar look to a mountain bike helmet with slightly more material covering the occipital area. Similarly, both models have this soft visor which is attached on the inside of the internal frame instead of outside the shell. As for the weight, they are not the lightest for road application but also not the heaviest at 270 and 304 grams.

Giro Reverb and Sutton Construction and Safety Feature

While Giro Reverb and Sutton are following the shape and design of traditional skate helmets, they are still made from the common material for cycling and both are using this in-mold construction of polycarbonate outer shell which is combined with expanded polystyrene or EPS foam. This method is claimed to improve the unit’s weight, better air vents design, as well as more durable helmet. As opposed, skate helmets usually have softer foam inside made to receive multiple impacts instead of bicycle helmet single impact systems.

This is why when receiving some serious force it is recommended to change the helmet despite there is no damage seen as its internal mechanism may not work properly anymore. In addition, Giro Sutton is also coming featured with MIPS which is a rotational impact layer for added safety and makes the helmet’s internal frame to slightly move following the impact in an attempt to reduce the effect. This feature is unfortunately not available in the Reverb model.

Giro Reverb and Sutton Fit

As for the fit, most Giro helmets will have the Roc Loc rear retention system and this is similar to what Sutton have but since it is meant for commuting in urban environments, the new system is called Roc Loc City which features a large and plush pad at the back of the helmet. This is probably one of the few systems with this huge adjusting pad but it is very effective on the go and can be used to adjust up to three positions vertically or 6 cm range.

To give the best securing position, you will also get a standard chin strap with basic clip or lock but the material is better here in Sutton as it is softer and not too harsh on your skin. Unfortunately, Reverb doesn’t offer an adjustable fit because you can only find a flexible strap on the rear area which is the very minimum you can get on modern helmets.

Giro Reverb and Sutton Comfort

As for the comfort, it can vary depending on each user but thanks to the vents, at least we don’t have to experience sweating heads when wearing these helmets. But, for those who are used to more common helmets, the 9 and 8 vents respectively in these helmets will not be an amazing part to look forward to. Compared to each other however, we do think the vents placement of Reverb do a decent job in cooling your head compared to how warm Sutton is.

Giro Reverb vs Sutton

Wearing a helmet is necessary to keep your head from risks of more severe injuries. Giro Reverb and Sutton are ideal for daily, road commuting applications but, they are different as well and in general Sutton is the better option as it cover more of the head surface, have modern adjustable retention system that is also convenient, as well as offer good fit but, when it comes to comfort especially through their vents, we think Superb have better vents placement which works effectively than Suuton.

- Features: Removable cap-style visor
- Construction: In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell with EPS liner
- Fit System: Auto Loc
- Ventilation: 9 Vents
- 8 vents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc City Fit System
- Full-wrap in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Ultrasuede padding


Road commuters can go with any of them as they are very similar, affordable, and increase your safety but, compromising the comfort, we do like Sutton better primarily because it is a newer model, have MIPS, and still acceptably comfortable in short distance.