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Giro Revel vs Register

Safety gear is necessary when you are doing some types of sport that has a high chance of accident and among those, cycling is one of the popular activities where you can get injured easily. If you are a recreational cyclist and often ride long distance or adventuring off-road, Giro Revel Vs Register are two ideal choices to consider. Both of them are affordable but also comfortable and here you can check what they can offer so then we can see which will be the best choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you Need a Bike Helmet
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  • What are Giro Revel and Register
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  • Are Giro Revel and Register Comfortable
  • Giro Revel Vs Register

Bike Helmet Urgency

Bicycles are a very versatile tool because while they are a safer choice to our environment and a cheaper transportation that runs on our energy, it is more popular as a recreational equipment with lots of enthusiasts today. One question remains the same however, whether a bike helmet is necessary when riding one because it seems many are against it and how it doesn’t actually reduce the chance of physical injuries since a helmet can only do so much, for the head or its upper region in particular. Read also: Giro Trinity vs Revel

Wearing a helmet also increases the likelihood of one to ride carelessly because they have been wearing safety gear so it can be dangerous for their own safety. This is why regular commuters or those who are using the bicycle as a transportation tool rarely seen to wear one for it doesn’t affect the activity much. What’s different is if you are riding for recreational purpose, long distance, or riding off-road where there are many hurdles and we are doing it all for fun.

In this type of activity the risks of injury will be higher because we tend to challenge ourselves and even with safety gear the risk is still very high. Especially for long distance and mountain bike applications, a helmet is a must have and the difference between wearing one and not may greatly affect our safety or even live.

Giro Revel Giro Register
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Bike Helmet Types

Bike helmets for serious riders are built to be more robust and many of them can be very expensive as well depending on the brand but the best way to choose one is always trying to match the model with the riding discipline. Cross country helmets are made for the applications of long distance riding which is why they are fairly light, similar to road commuting helmet, but is designed to be as comfortable as possible sometimes combined with certain aerodynamic to allow you pedaling faster.

A higher model trail helmet can be used for road riding as well sometime if you want to save the cost of having to buy two for different applications. It is slightly bigger than cross country with more protection especially on the back of the head and often comes with a visor. Another off-road model is a full face helmet or often called enduro helmet which is the best when it comes to safety or protection. They have full-face design and will cover our head fully; most popular being used by downhill riders and free riders.

About Giro Revel and Register

If you have decided which type of bike helmet to go with, the shopping can be done in a no time but for those who plan to shop from an online platform, we recommend to also prepare a measurement before checking the options especially if this is your first time getting a bike helmet as well. A simple method is to put measurement tape around the head about one inch above the eyebrow and use this as a guide to see which size will fit our head’s size.

They are mostly available in a set of different sizes but there are also models with universal fitting so it is always best to check the sizing options as well. Among those bike helmet manufacturers who offer a huge collection to choose, Giro is one of the best options to shop from. They are very well known in the market and also the one we always seek to when going with lower budget since they carry lots of affordable entry-level helmets.

For those who are riding both on and off the road, we can purchase one for each application of if you want to save some budget, we can get one versatile model that can be used for both activities and for this type of users, Giro Revel and Register will be a very ideal choice to consider. Both of them are like a hybrid or cross country and trail helmet with everything you need and want in the unit from style to comfort without paying a high price.

However, we are not recommending them as a trail helmet because there is less protection here and in general, while they can go great for some off-road cycling, none are made for MTB application. The prominent lacks in Giro Revel and Register are there is not enough coverage on the back of the head and on the side while the helmet sits a bit higher, making them best for road riding or light recreational riding and not for those who are seeking an extreme adventure.

Giro Revel and Register Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, Giro Revel and Register are pretty much similar to each other but side by side they are not identical with Revel looks a bit rounder at the front top and there is this slight difference on the rear design. However, color choices, they are mostly available in common shades like black, white, or neon green for best visibility. Another similarity is that they are only available in one size which is for those with head circumference from 54 to 61 cm.

They are looking good on most riders and while not as attractive as more expensive models, they are not very bubbly as well so there should be no issue about how they will look on most heads. In comparison however, the Revel is a bit wide thus the helmet can look bigger than Register and going with black will prominently reduce the appearance. Weight wise, none of them are going to be as light as specialized helmets but for the budget, they are indeed light.

Giro Revel and Register Construction

Bike helmets must be sturdy enough to sustain impact and on this side Giro is boasting their in-mold construction which you can find on its other popular helmets like Giro Savant Vs Atmos II. It is by using a thin polycarbonate outer shell to cover the shock absorbing polystyrene or EPS liner inside. The process is done with polycarbonate outer shell bonding to the EPS foam liner in which is formed to result in lightweight, single piece or complete helmet.

Compared to a hard shell helmet, the polycarbonate outer layer is probably only about one millimeter thick thus, once we have an accident and bump the helmet, it is recommended to replace it. It is also not necessarily a bad thing just because it is thin since the design will allow the foam liner to do a better job of absorbing the impacts with less force involved. The models in our article now are their MIPS version but there are also a regular helmet as well if you prefer.

Giro Revel and Register Fitting System

The next part we want to talk about is their fitting system and in this side Giro Revel and Register are practically identical to each other with the Roc Loc rear retention system. Different from what we get for example in Atmos, the dial now is larger and easier to access because the panel is sitting a bit lower from the helmet itself thus, your hand can reach and adjust it freely without having to bump into the helmet’s shell.

The chin strap is nothing special, it is the regular strap we have from almost every helmet which is secured with a snap lock. It is easy to adjust and sometimes tend to loosen as we put on and off but the ear rooms are pretty wide and don’t press your ears when secured.

Giro Revel and Register Comfort

The last is their comfort level and on this side they are equally comfortable for long riding applications because there are 22 vents on the unit to make sure there is enough air flow going in and out of the helmet. They are not as extensive and as huge as models made specifically for cooling the cyclist but overall they are very much comfortable even in summer. In addition when the sun is strong up there, their visor will be useful but if not, they can be removed too.

Giro Revel vs Register

Both of them are a great choice for versatile helmets that can be used for on and off-road applications as long as we are not going for the extreme one. They are identical to each other with the same level of comfort, the same fitting system, as well as the same overall design that looks nice on top of most people’s head but in comparison the Register seems a little bit wider than Revel.

- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Snap-ft visor with reinforced anchors
- Refective rear decal
- FEATURES - EPS impact foam, MIPS liner
- CONSTRUCTION - In-Mold Polycarbonate
- FIT SYSTEM - Roc Loc Sport
- VENTILATION - 22 Vents


You can go with any of these helmets and still be satisfied about the build and comfort but in comparison we like the Revel better for it is slimmer and looks nicer on the head while still offering all the basic qualities.