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Giro Caden vs Sutton

Depending on the riding discipline, our choice of bike helmets have to match with the application because they will have different standards. If typical road bike helmets are not your style, the alternatives such as Giro Caden Vs Sutton will be very attractive. These bike helmets are suitable for cyclists who are riding the bike on the road and if you are also considering these options, let’s see below about what they can offer and which of the two will be your better option.

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  • Giro Caden Vs Sutton

Road Bike Helmet

Cycling is fun and it is healthy which is why many of us are enjoying the activity. In urban settings the bike is also an alternative for transportation, moreover if your city has a dedicated line for cyclists. Most of us are able to ride the bike already since it is usually thought from early life but, the best thing is that most people enjoy cycling for the feeling against the wind, pumping the adrenaline, or just because we are moving very fast.

Just like how runners need running shoes, cyclists also need their bike helmet despite it is never a must. The reason why bike helmets are necessary for cyclists is to protect their head against the more serious impacts which we are sure none of us are willing to suffer from. The activity is fairly safe in general, especially for road bike helmets but it is not free from any risks of accidents such as how you may fall off the bike from slippery roads or from obstacles on the path.

For those who are only riding the bike on the road, the specific helmet for this discipline is the most suitable option. The examples are Smith Network Vs Trace, if you are into the more attractive side of bike helmets. Usually road bike helmets are looking almost identical to each other especially on the overall shape and look but, some companies can arrange their products to look different from the rest without having to scarify any of its protective quality.

Giro CadenGiro Sutton
Product Dimensions12 x 10 x 7 inches12 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight9.6 Ounces1.56 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

When it comes to road bike helmets, different people may have their own taste but at the basic the helmet must be able to provide the proper protection to the head or covering an adequate amount of the head according to the standard. In order to be available in the market, companies have to manufacture their helmets according to the safety standard whether it is by the regulator in their country or by third-party, or by the company itself so they are going to sustain the impact.

Another aspect is their comfort and this is very important because they are going to be worn for quite some time or for hours depending on how long you are going with the activity. Comfort is very subjective however because it is related to the head shape and size as well as the fitting system of the helmet itself. It is best to find a helmet that fits the fitting system and can cover almost the entire head. This way we can find the most comfortable fitting.

About Giro Caden and Sutton

On the styling, it is also subjective based on which seems to match your preference the most. In general the shape and design will be somehow similar to each other but not all of them are identical. The ventilations amount and shape or depth can be different and the helmet type can be different as well. It is wise to shop based on what you want to wear or which looks best on the head. There will be plenty to choose from and we are free to choose.

If you have a favorite brand, it can be faster to shop from them since we can start from this company and see what they carry in the collection, such as what Giro can offer from their huge range of bike helmets. This brand is very popular and the reason is they have some of the most interesting as well as versatile helmets that will fit on so many cyclists. Price wise you can get the entry-level choice to those on the more attractive product range based on which seems to fit you the most.

If typical road bike helmets are not what you are going to wear or just dislike the styling and look, this brand has suitable alternatives such as Giro Caden and Sutton. Both of them are probably what BMX enthusiasts will opt for with their bike since the styling matches well with this type of discipline but even if you are not into the more extreme activity, we can still wear them for typical cycling such as commuting or recreation.

Compared to typical road bike helmets such as Foray for example, they are not going to be as breezy but for those who don’t find their head to be warm enough during the ride should be fine with the type of ventilations Giro Caden and Sutton have. The two are attractive, comfy, and suitable with various typical urban riding experiences while price wise also quite affordable so we think many cyclists will love these helmets too.

Giro Caden and Sutton Design

Before checking what these helmets can offer, let’s see how they look first and styling is one of the most prominent differences between the two. In comparison, the overall shape of these urban helmets are very similar but not the same, especially when already fitted on top of your head. The look with them on is flatter if you are wearing Sutton compared to Caden that has a slightly taller height. Personally we like the curvy Caden as it looks more attractive yet, it is purely subjective.

While not as many as what you will find in regular road helmets like Foray, there are still several ventilations on both of them and Caden will have more in comparison. For the sizing these helmets are available in S, M, and L and Giro have the same sizing range too. These helmets are quite lightweight as well just like most road bike helmets out there and when it comes to shade, unlike many helmets the fashion here is single shade which is mostly very subtle too with matte finish.

Giro Caden and Sutton Build Quality

Now for the most important part, just like most helmets nowadays the Giro Caden and Sutton are made using the in mold construction. This is meant to improve the build quality while making sure the helmets will last longer without having to add more weight into your protective gear. The material used is the same or polycarbonate on the outside and foam on the inside. What we like is there is minimal foam exposed on these helmets so they will be able to sustain the wear.

It may not affect the protective ability of these helmets but it will affect the durability, especially if you often store or bump the unit like putting it inside a container or transporting them. In addition, they are already featured with a MIPS layer inside the helmet to improve the protection against rotational impact just like most helmets from Giro. It may sound unnecessary but we never know when this feature can reduce the impact severity when you fall off the bike.

Giro Caden and Sutton Fitting

Next we want to talk about the fitting system and both of them are using the same Roc Loc City through the adjustable knob at the back of the helmet. This fitting system is integrated with the MIPS on Caden so the fitting is better at conforming the shape of the head without producing strange pressure points. The rear dial is very easy to adjust but besides the retention, their chin strap is the same, locking easily and made of soft fabric too.

Giro Caden and Sutton Comfort

Lastly on the comfort part, the Giro Caden and Sutton are very comfortable to ride with, especially when the weather is nice and you are not cycling for hours. They are perfect for commuting or mobility inside an urban setting. In comparison Caden has more effective ventilations not only for the amount that is more than what you can find on Sutton (12 vs 8) vents, but also for the placement. Caden doesn’t only capture air near the outer side of the helmet but also in the middle of the head for a breezier ride.

Giro Caden vs Sutton

Both Giro Caden and Sutton are ideal options for anyone who is riding their bike on the road only. They are very much different on the design and on the fitting or comfort however. The Caden is better at providing more air to cool down the head thanks to the higher amount of vents and an even placement. It’s fitting system is also slightly better because the Roc Loc here is built with MIPS in consideration, more flush and more conforming to the head shape and size.

- Market Leading Protection: Designed in Giro's category-leading helmet testing lab
- MIPS: uses the multi-directional impact protection system to redirect energy in an accident
- Comfort: Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc City adjustment system
- Visor: Removable cycling cap style visor accentuates style without compromising ventilation
- Market Leading Protection: Designed in Giro's category-leading helmet testing lab
- MIPS: uses the multi-directional impact protection system to redirect energy in an accident
- Ventilation: 8 vents with internal channeling
- Comfort: Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc City Fit system


Depending on which seems to fit you better, there is no bad option between the two but personally we recommend getting Giro Caden because this helmet looks better, has better fitting, as well as more comfortable.