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Fox Proframe vs TLD Stage

Mountain bikes are actually divided into several categories based on the character of the bike and the path that is traversed, there are XC (Cross Country), Trail, AM (All Mountain), FR (Free Ride) and DH (DownHill). XC is the basis of all these MTB classes, besides that the XC, Trail, AM, FR, DH classes are not a matter of height and low, but only differences in the characteristics of the bike.

Mountain biking is not only pedaling on relatively rough terrain and up and down but also enjoying the nature that we go through, and to be able to integrate all of that, of course the condition of the bicycle and the rider must be in good condition, but is that enough?

Of course not, there are safety equipment that we should not miss, as well as the expertise of cyclists, all of which will become one unit to make cycling more enjoyable. Next we will review the basics of MTB Safety Riding. Safety riding is not only the equipment worn by the rider but also the expertise of the rider and the condition of the bicycle.

Many people ignore helmets, a basic thing that cyclists often underestimate. The function of the helmet is to protect the head, not only when falling and bumping but also when cycling between trees and branches. When we fall, the time it takes for our body including the head to the bottom in just seconds sometimes only a fraction of a second, such conditions will be difficult for us to control which part of the body will be hit first.

MTB track conditions vary widely, ranging from soil, gravel, small and large rocks and tree trunks, striking tree branches is also a risk that must be taken into account. Falling and hitting is certainly not something that is expected when cycling but it is not a strange thing in the world of MTB, falls are common, but how we reduce the impact of falling must be considered.

There are several types of helmets for MTB, and one of them is AM Helmets. There are two kinds of this helmet, half face and full face. The helmet has a wider back than XC helmets, there are also DH helmets that have the heaviest weight and full face because this helmet is designed to withstand harsher impacts.

Which helmet is suitable? Of course a helmet that matches the track you are going through, using a DH helmet on the XC track is not wrong and safer but it will not be comfortable because of the heat and weight, and vice versa. Using an XC helmet on the DH track is not recommended because it is dangerous for yourself.

But then again, when talking about helmets, we can’t forget about the big boys in the industry, Fox and TLD included. This time, we’re gonna compare their full-face helmets, the Fox Proframe and TLD Stage. So without further ado, here’s the Fox Proframe VS TLD Stage.

Fox Proframe

Fox created a helmet suitable for multi-purpose mountain biking including enduro racing, with the name of Proframe. Compared to other helmets produced by Fox like Speed Frame Pro or Drop Frame Pro, this one has higher price, even though not as high as Rampage Comp ($ 280). This full-face helmet brings out the aspect of comfortability, safety features and cool-looking in to one. Read also: Bell Formula Vs Falcon.

The comfortability aspect is supported by several things, one of them is the weight. Since it’s a full face helmet, somebody could expect to have a slightly weight or burden when using it. But it’s not the case with this one. It’s pretty much lightweight (750g), even for such a bulky helmet.

Fox ProframeTLD Stage

Product Dimensions16 x 11 x 13 inches14.75 x 10.5 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight3.4 Pounds3.1 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

You can also feel the good air flow due to the 24 vents consist of 15 intake vents and 9 exhaust vents, providing a better breathability. It’s airflow system also supported by a fixed visor position to provide maximum capability of the intake vents. Chinbar is integrated, and this technology’s been patented by the Fox, so you don’t need to remove the chinbar anymore. Simply wear-off the helmet after the usage, and you’re good to go.

All comes together, and your head should fit the helmet nicely with Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle. Its simplicity in construction makes it easier to wear and remove the helmet. Safety features are completed with MIPS, a technology that should be exist in every helmet, and Dual density Varizorb EPS liner, further providing an extra protection. Fox Proframe also passed several tests and acquired several certifications such as N 1078, ASTM F1952, AS/NZ 2063, and CPSC.

TLD Stage

TLD onces again sets a new standard for enduro helmets. Coming with the new TLD Stage, it’s quickly recognized by mountain bikers (especially the fans) as one of the most comfortable and lightweight MTB helmet. Before we dig into that, let’s see the build quality first.

Material used for outer body is Polylite Shell that supported with the balancing fiber reinforcement. Why we called it as an innovative product by TLD is because it doesn’t only MIPS, EPS, or both combination. Aside from the two, it also has the EPP, offering additional protection against slower impacts. When it all comes together, the helmet offers a full protection against low and high speed impacts altogether. The shell is combined with EXOskeleton chinbar to create additional protection without sacrificing weight.

Comfort spect is highly supported with 11 intake and 14 exhaust vents, or 25 vents in total. Due to this many holes, people could feel a way better cooling system. Helmet liner uses the one from X-Static, providing quick dry function, as well as resistance against odor. It’s washable and removable. Fitlock will make sure that your head fits safely in the helmet. TLD also gives examples of certifications received by TLF Stage, like CE EN1078, CPSC 1203, ASTM 2032-BMX, and ASTM F1952-DH.

Fox Proframe vs TLD Stage

- Shell Material: InMold (polycarbonate)
- Impact Foam: Varizorb (EPS)
- Ventilation: 24 Big Bore vents
- Full Face: yes
- POLYLITE Shell construction with fiber reinforcement
- 11 High Flow air intakes and 14 Open Core exhaust ports with deep max air flow internal channeling
- FIDLOCK magnetic buckle system
- EXCEEDS CERTIFICATIONS: CPSC 1203, CE EN1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, and AS/NZS 2063-2023


It’s not a secret that Fox and TLD have their own fan bases. Surely fans would pick a product from their favorite brand. But sometimes, we have to be clear to pick something based on reality. Considering the price, functions, safety & comfortability aspect, we think that TLD Stage is the better one. Price interval is not that huge (about $ 40), but you can get yourself nice additional protections (through MIPS, EPS, and EPP), adjustable visor, better cooling system, and cooler design (at least in our opinion).