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Bell Zephyr vs Z20

Bell is one of the most popular bike helmet brands that you can always rely on. Their products are reliable and available in a huge range of variants as well as prices to match with your riding discipline such as the Bell Zephyr Vs Z20 that are suitable for mountain biking. These helmets are both stylish and protective while staying comfortable for prolonged rides and if you wonder which of the two will be the better option, see below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Bicycle Helmet to Choose
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  • Are Bell Zephyr and Z20 Comfortable
  • Bell Zephyr Vs Z20

Bicycle Helmet

Bicycling is a very healthy hobby that is popular in modern days when you can spend the time having fun but also getting the benefit of cardio exercise. This activity is also getting more attention from many cities all around the world to help reduce the emission our regular vehicles are making. For those whose workplace and schools are not far from their home, this transportation tool is very convenient as well since all of us mostly have already used or mastered bicycle riding since early age.

While cycling is very safe compared to driving a car or riding a motorcycle, there is still a risk of falling down the vehicle and injuring your body. The risk is usually very low especially for road cyclists because the biggest threat on the road is the other users such as drivers and motorcyclists who sometimes speed or the lack of road sign and traffic light to notify other users. This is why a bike helmet is still necessary no matter where you ride except when using a stationary bike.

If you are into this healthy habit, do make sure to pay attention to the proper helmet as well because not all of them are made for the same application. Usually the road bike helmets such as Kask Rapido Vs Mojito are the most comfortable and lighter among all types because they are designed to not hinder the user from enjoying the ride, including typical daily use like commuting. Road bike helmets are low on the head and featured with plenty of ventilations.

There are also road helmets made for performance and they are shaped aerodynamically to minimize the wind resistance but in comparison they are usually not as comfortable and quite expensive since most users are buying them for competitive cycling. Other than road bike helmets we also have mountain bike helmets which in general are heavier than typical for road applications. They are made to provide a proper protection when you hit the gravel or challenging terrain such as hills and mountains.

In comparison, you can notice they will come with a visor for covering the eyes when riding down the hill and can be adjustable or removable to give room for goggles and when you need a wider view while climbing. Depending on the type of terrain and how aggressive your activity is, some are also featured with chin protectors to cover our face when hitting the ground. Different from road bike helmets, MTB for this application will have a higher safety rating such as the ASTM F1952.

Bell Zephyr Bell Z20
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.78 Pounds
1.59 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Bell Zephyr and Z20

It is always best to look for the type that matches with your type of riding discipline since not all of us will be having the same lifestyle. For bike helmets, in case you are buying this from online stores or can’t try the sizing yet, do measure the head size first to match with the sizing the helmet or company have; most of them are available in various sizing options but some affordable choice and kids helmets are often comes in an universal sizing.

Since there are so many of them out there, it is probably more time saving to go for the popular brands because chances are they will be more reliable and trusted on the product’s quality. Among those many options, Bell is one of the most reliable options for your cycling activity and we are sure many are already familiar with this brand as well but, in comparison they are indeed more well-known on the MTB section yet, you can find plenty of good road helmets here.

For those who want to spend on high-end helmets or spend lots of their time riding the bike and doing endurance, Bell Zephyr and Z20 are two amazing options you may want to consider. These two are not cheap and suitable for cyclists who are enthusiastic about achieving more while considering every single thing in their bike and in the additional gear. The two are options that are bridging the regular road helmets to more serious aerodynamic models to enhance performance.

The focus of these helmets are more on the casual part since comfort is one thing we don’t want to ignore in a bike helmet. In comparison between the Bell Zephyr and Z20, the two are easy to wear and match with daily application but also offer some on the performance side. In our opinion both of them will be ideal for most road riders who want the best performance for their experience. 

Bell Zephyr and Z20 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these bike helmets are very similar to each other on the shape but depending on the head shape, we see they can appear higher on some people and the wide shape can make it look funny but, if it is not an issue for you then we do think they are just as sporty. The shape or vents are the same so side by side they are identical to each other.

What’s surprising is that Z20 is quite heavier than the Zephyr because at medium size this helmet is already 315 grams while the older variant is only 288 grams. You can find many other lighter helmets if comfort is the biggest issue and models such as Octal from POC or Synthe MIPS from Giro are among the lightest in the market for road helmets. As for the shade options there are plenty to consider but in comparison to cheaper helmets, the Bell logo printed on these helmets does add to their attractiveness. 

Bell Zephyr and Z20 Built 

Moving to what Bell Zephyr and Z20 can offer, let’s see the built quality of these helmets because in high-end models we also expect them to be very durable and reliably made. What’s quite surprising to see in this price range is the amount of exposed foam because when you flip the helmet, here we can see the rims or outer edges of the lid are not covered properly with the polycarbonate shell. It doesn’t affect the safety performance but there is a high risk of damage to this foam when in contact with other objects.

What’s interesting is the foam layering itself because unlike many other helmets, these two are made with variable layers of foam with different densities placed at different portions of the helmet. This allows the helmet to design which part of the head that is more fragile to impact so they can add higher protection. In addition, the two are coming with MIPS already and this is great to provide additional safety against rotational impact.

Bell Zephyr and Z20 Fitting System

Now for the fitting system, Bell Zephyr and Z20 are not falling as well because here you can adjust the fitting to follow the shape of the head really well. The two have Float Fit Race retention system and they are very comfortable to use with the headband that can be used to tweak the height and width, included with some padding to make sure they don’t cause undesired discomfort. Because the headband can be adjusted, it can provide a proper sizing for various head sizes.

They have a chin strap that feels soft to the skin but they are not adjustable in length since the rear part is permanently anchored into the helmet. Yet, with the amount of adjustment most people can find the best fit for their head size and shape.

Bell Zephyr and Z20 Comfort

Lastly is the comfort and these helmets are very comfortable with plenty of ventilation. The amazing fitting system is affecting how these helmets feel on your head and we have no issue against their comfort as well. They are not the most cooling helmets yet the ventilations works really well to make sure we can enjoy the ride. In comparison they are equally cooling and we do think Float Fit Race is affecting this performance a lot.

Bell Zephyr vs Z20

Both Bell Zephyr and Z20 are good options for people who are aiming to get good quality and very protective helmets while staying comfortable as they ride for hours. The two are identical both on the design or fashion as well as the additional features such as MIPS and the retention system so it is not surprising to see that the performance is similar as well yet, the Z20 is just slightly heavier than Zephyr.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 24 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Up'N'Down system


Both of these helmets are ideal options for both performance and comfort but in comparison it is getting difficult to find Zephyr nowadays and with the same benefits, we recommend the Bell Z20 that you can find easier.