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Bell Super DH vs Fox Proframe

Bike helmets are designed for safety but also following the riding discipline we are doing such as the Bell Super DH Vs Fox Proframe which are made for downhill riding and overall mountain bike application. Both of them are not too heavy or uncomfortable as many mountain bike helmets out there so you can still be at ease while racing but, they are also a little bit different and before choosing your option, go check which fits you the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Bike Helmet to Purchase
  • How to Fit a Bike Helmet
  • What are Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe
  • What Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe Look Like
  • How are the Safety Feature in Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe
  • How are the Vents in Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe
  • How are the Visor in Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe
  • Bell Super DH Vs Fox Proframe

Bike Helmet Types

How to properly choose a helmet when there are tons of them in the market which seems to be offering the same promise to cover your head and make sure we can ride safer than without. A helmet will not reduce your risk of accident or injury prominently but will protect one of the most important parts in our body during the activity which is concerning since it is exposed to lots of different objects especially when you fall down from the vehicle.

The first thing we have to decide whenever looking for a new helmet is the type of riding itself because not all of us will be using them on the same terrain or the same type of activity. Road bike helmets for commuters will be cheaper to have if you are riding everyday from and back to the house but they do have a minimum level of protection and more towards comfort. Cross country, still a road helmet but have lots of vents for longer cycling yet less coverage.

Mountain bike helmets will prominently build to be a little bit bulky and you will notice how they put more coverage on the rear area of the head due to the nature of this discipline in which cyclists may often slip from the unfriendly terrain and the last is a full face enduro or downhill riding bike helmet. To be called a DH helmet, they must pass the ASTM F1952-00 for this type of application and you will see a full-face design here to offer the best protection.

Bike Helmet Fitting

The next step you must have to do if this is your first time buying a helmet from a certain brand is checking the measurement. This is the tricky part if you are not shopping directly in a physical shop because bike helmets are designed a little bit different in shape from brand to another. To choose the proper size, use measurement tape to measure the head circumference just above the ears and refer to the manufacturer sizing chart to find the best range of fit for your head.

Bell Super DHFox Proframe
Product Dimensions15 x 11 x 13 inches16 x 11 x 13 inches
Shipping Weight3.6 pounds3.65 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Even so, sometimes our head doesn’t feel the best snugness because we may have different shapes; some are oval, round, and some may have a longer face that causes an issue on the strap. A good fitting helmet should fit nicely on the head after we adjust the straps tightness to stop just below the chin and if they have a rear dial or shifter then we can use it to adjust tightness of the frame inside. They should not move too much but also don’t put pressure on our head.

About Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe

If you are here then it means you are looking for a helmet which is made for a full protection and mostly riding off the road or currently doing this activity. Mountain bike helmets are all about safety and they tend to be more expensive as well but the issue we have to deal with most of them is the comfort level because they also tend to be heavy and not as great when you are climbing or slowing down. However, there are models made to address these typical problems and give more.

When talking about mountain bike helmets, our minds instantly recall Bell and Fox because they are two of the most popular brands in this category. They are also our go-to when looking for a new helmet since they carry quite the options in the catalogue to offer what you need in a helmet. Quality wise you don’t have to worry about their helmets because in most cases you will be able to use them for years as long as they are not experiencing a serious impact.

For those downhill riders but also enjoy some casual trail experience from time to time, we are sure Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe will be a very interesting couple to consider because of their prominent feature. The reason why most of us are eyeing these helmets is their ability to be converted into a trail helmet and how they can instantly turn into a full-face helmet with a snap of their chin bar. Overall, versatility is what makes these models attractive.

As a full face helmet these two are super protective but as trail helmets both of them are also comfortable and we love this quality. They are offering what’s present or what’s common on a mountain bike helmet but side by side they are also comparable in terms of quality. If you don’t mind about the extra weight, we do like to increase the versatility of Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe by using their trail shape as a road helmet as well.

Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe Design

Mountain bike helmets, especially those made to pass DH rating, will mostly have the same rugged design like Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe with its sport feature and overall attractive enough for this type of sport. The material seems to be the same as road or cross country cycling, but as you can see, there is much more material here to cover the head especially on the back and side of the head. The frame also bulky and thick with a huge visor at the front.

There are lots of different colors and finishes to choose from these models and the factor that set them apart to each other is how Proframe has lots of vents on the lid compared to those in Super DH. They are available in several different sizing options. However, side by side your DH will be heavier as well at 30.9 ounces compared to Proframe which is only 25.9 ounce. In practice this weight doesn’t bother us very much because in general DH helmets are always heavier and these two actually fall into the lighter spectrum.

Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe Safety Feature

Since both of them are passing ASTM, they are ideal for downhill riding and this is great to know because some of us are not sure whether convertible models are passing this standardization or not to provide the proper safety. Starting with Super DH, this model is equipped with MIPS which is almost like the standard for extra and allows your helmet to rotate slightly in event of angled impact. This rotation lining will reduce the rotational forces that are transmitted to the brain.

On the other hand Proframe from Fox is similarly featured with this additional safety lining or MIPS. We understand that the light feeling of these helmets will be disconcerting for some people and while they are equally passing the certification, we do recommend a higher model made for serious impact especially if you are riding faster in an extreme terrain, with carbon models like Bell Full 9 Vs TLD D3.

Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe Vents

The next important feature in a mountain bike helmet is their ventilation and in this part both of them are amazing as a full face helmet because you will not experience warming wearing these models. The experience tells that air vents are working wonderfully to allow air flow while you are climbing and even cooler when you are riding down the hill but in comparison, it seems the DH is slightly better when it comes to channeling the air inside, making it very reliable choice even under strong daylight.

Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe Visor

The last point we want to mention about Bell Super DH and Fox Proframe is their visor and this is a necessary feature that all full face helmets will be coming with. What’s unfortunate is Fox will not let you adjust the Proframe visor for it is fixed in this version so stashing goggles is not going to be as easy as it should be. Super DH offers the feature to adjust your visor by simply loosening the two bolts near the temple so the panel will move up and down easily. It is not convenient but still better than none.

Bell Super DH vs Fox Proframe

These helmets are a great choice for versatile rider because they offer the versatility as well and while they are fairly the same, what’s different from each other the most in our opinion is their vents performance that makes Proframe feels breezy even in its full-face form but, this model is also not as convenient when it comes to visor adjustability.

- Shell Material: InMold (polycarbonate)
- Look rad in Fox Plaid. All over printed flexfit hat with large embroidered fox head on front.
- Impact Foam: Varizorb (EPS)
- Ventilation: 24 Big Bore vents


All in all you can pick any of them and still be satisfied with the overall performance but, it is a bit confusing when you have to choose between which feels more comfortable yet, among the two we do like Proframe better for its breezier feel.