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Bell Spark vs Giro Fixture

Bike helmets are necessary for safety but depending on the riding discipline, not all of them will fit in your application. There are plenty to choose from based on where you ride the bike such as Bell Spark Vs Giro Fixture that are made for you who prefer to tackle the more extreme terrain. These helmets are not only protective but also comfy to wear and not exactly the same. If you plan to buy one of the two, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Differences Between Road and MTB Helmets
  • What are Bell Spark and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Design of Bell Spark and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Build Quality of Bell Spark and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Fitting of Bell Spark and Giro Fixture
  • Are Bell Spark and Giro Fixture Comfortable
  • Bell Spark Vs Giro Fixture

Road and MTB Helmets

Bicycle is very convenient. It was probably invented as a transportation tool but today it is a method to exercise your body, to stay fit, or as a recreation tool that you can ride during the weekend or free time. Various reasons to stick with your hobby and various reasons to have fun with a bike but, we can’t forget the bike helmet. This is a basic and necessary gear, or even mandatory in some places to always wear when riding a bicycle, scooter, or similar vehicle.

Just like many safety gears, different activities require different types of gear and this is the same for bike helmets. In general, bike helmets are separated into road and off-road or mountain bike helmets based on where you ride them but, each application may have sub-types that are more specific to the discipline, such as road bike helmets that are optimized for speed or MTB that are specifically designed for downhill riding and racing. There are some differences that set these types of helmets apart from the rest.

Road bike helmets are usually the simplest one, such as the popular Giro Agilis Vs Foray. These bike helmets don’t only look great on your head but are also protective and typically have the lightest weight among the others, besides aero helmets. They are built for standard safety and comfort because chances are it is worn by commuters or those who will ride for a prolonged time which makes comfort necessary factors when you need to choose one.

Besides how you find the perfect fit based on the size of the head circumference, comfort can be affected by the weight of the helmet, shape, and their vents as well as their fitting system. Not all of us have the exact same head shape and size so it can be tricky but the amount of vents and their proper placement is extremely useful to cool the head down as you pedal.

Mountain bike helmets on the other hand usually have a heavier weight and if you see the rear part, they are also low cut or covering more of the back of the head compared to common road bike helmets. People say it is for the look and some also say for the added safety but it can be both. Since mountains and trails have lots of hurdles or difficult terrains to tackle, cyclists need the extra protection on the helmet.

You will also find a visor in the helmet and this is useful to provide some coverage for the eyes when you are riding under direct sunlight. It is also covering our eyes from possible branches that may present in the path of your journey. 

Bell SparkGiro Fixture
Product Dimensions15 x 11 x 8 inches16 x 11 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight12.8 Ounces0.01 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Bell Spark and Giro Fixture

Both road bike and mountain bike helmets are available in a wide range of price so you can find the options that fits in the application and pocket. Typically MTB helmets are the more expensive but there are plenty to choose from and there are always budget options from most brands. If you have the time we recommend considering the overall quality or performance as well as the price point or even styling if you have specific taste on how they must look like.

Choosing from your favorite brand can be a convenient way as well to narrow down the options and when it comes to bike helmets, brands like Bell and Giro are trusted with their wide range of helmets along with different price ranges. For those who choose trails as their adventuring place, these brands also carry some of the most interesting helmets for the budget without neglecting the comfort level and its protective ability.

If you also want to keep the budget low, the Bell Spark and Giro Fixture are promising options to consider. These helmets are attractive from the price point and how they look because we don’t want to wear something that looks funny on our head. They are sporty, easy to wear, but also won’t burden your pocket. Surprisingly, while coming from different houses, the two share so many similarities and quality but, they are not the best at the same time, especially when it comes to build quality.

What we like the most from these helmets is their styling because they look cool. The fitting is also good even though it is not the most conforming for all head shapes and sizes yet, most people should have no issue with how the Bell Spark and Giro Fixture fit on their head. In comparison, we prefer the fit and feel of Fixture however, it can be subjective to the head’s shape or size and your experience can be different.

Bell Spark and Giro Fixture Design

In terms of look, we like the Bell Spark and Giro Fixture equally but side by side they are not exactly the same as well. In comparison, it seems the Spark is slightly bulkier but has prominent edges at the top while Fixture is rather smooth and rounded. This is probably based on the design or how Spark installed and shaped its visor. Spark is also only available at universal size and universal extra-large, the same with Fixture.

It is very common in budget helmets like Bell Spark and Giro Fixture but do make sure that your head actually fits in the sizing chart because too close to the lower measurement or too near the top sizing may cause the helmets to become loose or too tight for comfort. As for the weight, Fixture is noticeably lighter than Sparks at 330 grams compared to 365 grams for the universal size. 

Bell Spark and Giro Fixture Build Quality

Moving further, let’s see what Bell Spark and Giro Fixture can offer starting from the build quality. However, just like most bike helmets, both of them are made using the in-mold method, with a polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner on the inside. This mechanism is said to be able to create a sturdier but lighter helmet that makes the unit last longer too. What we don’t like on most affordable helmets is the lack of coverage for this EPS liner.

As you can see, the outer rim of both helmets here are not covered with the plastic material and while it is not an issue for safety, it is for the longevity of the product. In comparison, they have about the same amount of uncovered foam on the outside along with the level of coverage. Just like most helmets today, both Bell Spark and Giro Fixture are coming with MIPS as an additional safety feature, even at such an affordable price point. 

Bell Spark and Giro Fixture Fitting

Next, let’s talk about the fitting of these helmets but they being two different models from different brands, the mechanism will also be slightly different. Starting with Spark, it has the Ergo Fit with a good strap and standard quality clip. The universal size feels okay on a medium sized head and you can adjust the fitting to match the head size as well. It has some good padding but not enough for a larger head and only adjustable on the circumference size, not the height.

The Fixture’s Roc Loc MIPS is also the same and while in general one-size-fits-all is rather tricky, we found this helmet to be adequate for medium size heads. It is very similar to the Spark fitting and what we said about lack of padding is also the same here. Overall it is a good system yet not perfect and we hope they have a lower rear adjustment just to make fiddling with the knob easier.  

Bell Spark and Giro Fixture Comfort 

Lastly we want to talk about the comfort of Bell Spark and Giro Fixture which is also good for the helmet at their price range. Both have a removable visor which sadly is not adjustable but is in perfect position already to not hinder your sight so we have no problem with it. There are 13 and 18 vents respectively on both helmets which are large enough to provide an adequate air flow to the head. We feel they perform similarly well in the cooling part.

Bell Spark vs Giro Fixture

Both Bell Spark and Giro Fixture are good helmets for the protective ability, comfort, and price point. We do think they are on par for the comparison because of the build quality and the same level of adjustment. These helmets may not offer the most of what you can find in an MTB model but should be good enough for typical trails and for most people. We recommend considering the sizing because they only have universal and XL options so they may be too large for some people.

- FUSION IN-MOLD POLYCARBONATE SHELL - A process pioneered by Bell bonds the helmet's outer shell to the EPS foam liner to create a sturdier helmet.
- NO-TWIST TRI-GLIDES - Quick-adjust fasteners that help keep straps flat and properly positioned.
- SWEAT GUIDE - Sweat Guide pad design pulls moisture away from the brow pad and away from eyewear.
- SPECIFICATIONS - Universal Adult (54-61 cm) and Universal XL (58-63 cm) sizes; 13 helmet vents.
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box
- VENTILATION: 18 vents


The choice is all yours, they are about the same in price point but Giro Fixture is not only lighter but is also more affordable and if you want to save more, we recommend getting the Fixture as it performs just as good as Spark.