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Bell Sixer vs 4Forty

Bike helmets are designed for each type of discipline but sometimes can be versatile as well and for those who are riding mostly off the road, it is always best to stay with the MTB specialized helmets like Bell Sixer Vs 4Forty for the best safety. These models are not only coming with a good-look but also comfortable for the activity yet, before deciding to get one, go check what they can offer here to make sure we are choosing the best option between the two.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in a Mountain Bike Helmet
  • What are Bell Sixer and 4Forty
  • What Bell Sixer and 4Forty Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Bell Sixer and 4Forty
  • How are the Fitting System of Bell Sixer and 4Forty
  • Are Bell Sixer and 4Forty Comfortable
  • Bell Sixer Vs 4Forty

Mountain Bike Helmet

Bicycle is a nice hobby, it keeps you fit and entertained but also doesn’t cost as much depending on your choice of accessories and tools. It is also a fairly risky activity with a moderate chance of injury if you are riding for fun that required a helmet but, for regular commuters, wearing or not wearing one probably doesn’t give that much of a difference since we are dealing with the road and other vehicles in this application. On the other hand, mountain biking is a discipline where a helmet is definitely needed.

If you are here then we don’t have to try or persuade you to wear the safety gear and it is probably because you have firsthand experience on how a good helmet can save us from serious head or brain injury because mountain biking is a very unpredictable activity. To choose your best helmet, beside checking what other similar cyclists are using, it is also great to know the option better so then we can see it from our riding preferences.

  1. There are two main bike helmets you can opt today; road and mountain bike helmet and the latter is the best choice for our riding option. This model is prominently different due to its huge visor, in fact there are many road bikes with visors as well but they are either small or non-adjustable unlike the one made for off-road application.
  2. Bike helmet construction also matters but on this side almost all models are the same, made with a thin plastic on the outer layer while the inside is a shaped EPS foam. This foam can differ from one model to another especially at higher price range because some of them are designed to be more robust and stay at its shape when meeting impact while the other will show dent.
  3. All bike helmets must be protective but they have to be comfortable as well hence the helmet are not fully covering the head but have some windows to allow air flow and cool the head. Logically the more vents the breezier they get but shape and placement matter as well in providing the best performance.
  4. In addition all bike helmets will have adjustment located at the back and most of them are operated through a dial so users can use them while wearing the helmet. This is important to give the best fit so our bike won’t move around during extreme terrain while if it is getting easy we can readjust them anytime. 
Bell Sixer4Forty
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 8 inches15 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight12.8 ounces1.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Bell Sixer and 4Forty

It is always best to choose the one that fits your activity and preference the most and besides these factors, there are some features we often see in mountain bike helmets as well that may or may not affect your shopping decision. In general the more features you get, the more expensive the unit will be as well. However, as long as they have everything you need in the unit it should be able to deliver a good level of protection just like all standardized helmets.

For those who don’t have much time to spare, checking what similar users are using will cut the selecting process and help you eliminate the less-reliable choices. Among those many bike helmets made for mountain biking, Bell is a very well-known name in this market because they carry lots of choices that are shown to always give a great performance and some interesting useful features on board. They also try to improve the helmets to be better and it is shown on how their new models are seemingly loved by lots of cyclists.

Bell Sixer and 4Forty will definitely be an ideal choice for mountain bike riding application and they are also among those highly rated for the performance and comfort because you will get everything in these models. Similar to most bike helmets for off-road however, their price range is a bit higher than a regular road helmet but when it comes to styling and safety, you don’t have to worry for none of these models can be a bad choice thanks to how Bell designed them.

The reason why Bell Sixer and 4Forty are often compared to each other is because the fact that the latter is actually a budget version for the more popular Sixer which is why we do feel tempted to save some and just get the cheaper helmet. If you guess the 4Forty will be so much different from its brother, it is not the case at all since both of them share the best quality on comfort, easy to adjust fitting system as well as an option to get a regular or MIPS featured one.

Bell Sixer and 4Forty Design

What’s even more amazing is that these helmets are also looking very similar to each other when it comes to shape with a slightly oval construction and they do have the same vent placement but a bit different since we feel like the Sixer is more “open” with how it designed the window, more generous and wider in comparison. Another prominent difference is that now you have the light and camera mounting on top of the helmet which is not available in the cheaper model.

Aesthetic wise, Bell Sixer and 4Forty are looking great on your head and they are just as sporty as most mountain bike helmets out there without creating a funny look. They are available in different sizing options as well as fashion choice from subtle, glaring, or matte and gloss finish. Weight wise these helmets are not the lightest in the market but in comparison 4Forty is actually lighter than Sixer. Read also: POC Tectal vs Giro Montaro.

Bell Sixer and 4Forty Construction

Bike helmet is made to protect our head and this is why they need to be built reliably to make sure every system works perfectly when there is an impact. In this side Bell Sixer and 4Forty are the same because you will get this outer shell made from polycarbonate material to cover the impact absorbing EPS liner on the inside but, this liner is a bit different and enhanced because they use the Progressive Layering method here with foam of different densities.

Instead of just one type of foam, Bell is using softer foam to slow speed impacts and the harder foam is added to help with faster hits. In addition, the model in our article today is also their MIPS version and just like any typical helmet, this MIPS is shown as a layer of plastic that sits between the helmet’s pads and foam made to allow enough movement in an attempt to reduce the amount of rotational acceleration during an impact.

Besides all of these standard construction, our favorite part is actually how they use the wrap around design to fully cover the liner besides those in contact with our skin on the inside and this usually only present in expensive models to make sure the unit will last longer.

Bell Sixer and 4Forty Fitting System

Moving further, let’s see the fitting system in Bell Sixer and 4Forty because it also matters and they are also identical in this side with a regular adjustable chin strap to further add its comfort yet, it also prone to loosen on its own as we put it in and off frequently. The rear retention system will adjust these helmets on width and height as well as easy to use and comfortable enough to access using one hand but, if you wear gloves, it is a bit uncomfortable to rotate this dial.

Bell Sixer and 4Forty Comfort

As for the comfort side, Bell Sixer and 4Forty are very much comfortable but in comparison the padding seems to be a bit thinner in 4Forty. They have a good fit and don’t feel too hot when you spend quite the time off road but the amount of vents are different between 15 and 26 ventilation. We also love their adjustable visors that can be fully lifted to get away from your vision, but 4Forty lacks the indexed peak to make it stop getting wonky.

Bell Sixer vs 4Forty

Both of them are a great options if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable mountain bike helmet but the most prominent different between these similar models is probably on the comfort because somehow the 4Forty is not as cushiony as the latter yet, despite it has less vents, there is no issue about sweat as well and what’s better the latter is actually lighter in comparison.

- NO-TWIST TRI-GLIDES AND SWEAT GUIDE - Quick-adjust fasteners that help keep straps flat and properly positioned.
- GOGGLEGUIDE ADJUSTABLE VISOR SYSTEM - Adaptable visor system accommodates both goggles and glasses and works with or without the visor attached
- SPECIFICATIONS - Small (52-56 cm), Medium (55-59 cm), Large (58-62 cm), and X-Large (61-65 cm) Sizes.


All in all we should go with the one that fits our preferences and on this side you can choose any of these options but if budget is in consideration then 4Forty is the most ideal choice while if you are looking for best comfort Sixer should be the option.