Smith Engage vs Venture

Safety always comes first and this is why bike helmets are necessary for the activity. They will be more helpful to add protection to our head than what our body is capable of. However, there are so many of them and we have to choose accordingly, as well as wisely based on the application and fit, such as the Smith Engage Vs Venture that are ideal for those who prefer cycling on the more challenging terrain. If you are also considering buying one of these helmets, let’s see below about which will fit you best. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing Cycling as an Exercise
  • What are Smith Engage and Venture
  • How are the Design of Smith Engage and Venture
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Engage and Venture
  • How are the Fitting of Smith Engage and Venture
  • Are Smith Engage and Venture Comfortable
  • Smith Engage Vs Venture

Bicycling Benefits

Bicycling is a very fun activity and this is also a healthy method to stay away from a sedentary lifestyle. It is convenient too, if you want to transport from one place to another as long as it is not too far away and is still reachable with the bike. There are lots of amazing options to stay healthy but very few that are as convenient as a bicycle. If you have the time to spare everyday or on the weekend, we do think cycling can be your new healthy habit.

In the modern days many people are suffering from excessive weight gain due to the sedentary lifestyle or bad eating habit. Exercising together with a better diet are the ideal solution to stay lean and have a healthy level of body fat without weighing you down. Making cycling a habit can help reduce the excessive body fat as well as promote a healthy lifestyle. We can build muscle while increasing metabolism that will be very helpful to burn extra calories even while you are resting.

Cycling is concentrating the exertion on the lower body so those who want to improve their lower body strength can choose this as an exercise. In general, it is targeting quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves but if you want the better result we can mix the exercise with other training such as squats, leg presses, and lunges a few times a week. Not only for the lower body, it is great for the core and back too because keeping the body upright while cycling requires a certain amount of core strength.

Some may not be aware of this benefit but cycling can improve your mental health because it will help ease the feeling of stress, anxiety, or depression. Concentrating on the road while you navigate the bike trains the concentration and awareness of the present moment so it will be useful for our everyday activity such as while at work or learning. When you feel lethargic or listless, try getting on the bike for at least 10 minutes because exercise can release endorphins which can lower stress levels.

For some people who are recovering from cancer, cycling is a great care plan too and since it keeps you lean and fit, it may reduce certain types of cancer as well such as breast cancer. There is a study in 2019 that suggests being active will help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue and improve the overall quality of life. 

Smith EngageSmith Venture
Product Dimensions11.81 x 9.84 x 11.81 inches13 x 9.75 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.1 Pounds11.99 Ounces
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About Smith Engage and Venture

What you can’t forget when cycling, especially when it is done outdoors, is the bike helmet. This is not necessary when you are cycling indoors but since we are doing it on the regular road, there are always chances that we may meet with some incidents. This can be harmful to the body when it gets the impact from the harsh surface. Bike helmet is easy to wear and will reduce the risk of more serious injury to the head.

If you prefer to ride the bike on the more extreme terrain, we have to choose an MTB helmet as well because they have the proper protection and shape to cover more area of the head. Most bike helmets brands carry the options based on which seems to fit your preference the most such as Smith optics. This brand may be more suitable for those who love the sporty styling and while they are known to be quite expensive, there are actually some interesting affordable alternatives too.

Those who will want to spend less may want to consider the Smith Engage and Venture which are very similar and also still affordable for many to go for. You can opt for the entry-level Convoy that we have talked about in Smith Engage Vs Convoy here but for the better built quality these two are more promising in our opinion. Both bike helmets are made for trail cyclists who not only want the style but also the protective ability and plenty of air to cool the head while in the activity. 

The two are very similar but not identical and just like most bike helmets from the same manufacturer, Smith Engage and Venture are differentiated by the design or how Smith forms the outer shape of the helmet. The internal feature seems to be the same however so comfort wise they can be almost identical. In comparison, Engage is probably the higher choice for its added feature but if you don’t need it, the Venture is both cheaper and lighter.

Smith Engage and Venture Design

Mountain bike helmets are typically sportier and quite low on the head so they usually look great across different users. These bike helmets are attractive, have a matte finish and good construction. As you can see there are plenty of large vents here as well but the shape is not the same and in comparison the Venture seems to be the one with the larger windows to capture as much air when you pedal. They are currently available from small to large or to extra-large for the Engage model.

You can find several different shades to match with the aesthetic but the finish being matte looks great under the sunlight. Both helmets are featured with a visor and they are about the same length too but different in styling and mechanism. As for the weight, Ventrue is actually lighter than Engage by around 13 grams because Engage in medium size is weighing around 350 grams and the latter is about 337 grams.

Smith Engage and Venture Build Quality

Moving further, let’s see what these bike helmets can offer starting from the build quality because this is very important for the overall quality of the helmet. In this part both Smith Engage and Venture are very well-made and very much the same. Most bike helmets today are made using the in-mold construction to make sure that they are long lasting but also lighter than how helmets were made back then with just hard shells glued together with EPS foam.

Our favorite part is they are fully covering the foam located on the outer rim of the helmet which is often left exposed on the cheaper alternatives. This may add quite a bit of weight into the unit but also improve the build quality and lasting ability. On the additional feature both helmets are also coming with MIPS to improve the safety ability against rotating impacts but since these are on the more affordable range, there is no Koroyd that often integrated on Smith’s helmets.

Smith Engage and Venture Fitting

Next is about fitting because it is similarly important in order to achieve the best fit as well as comfort during the application. Both Smith Engage and Venture are using the same Vapor Fit that covers almost the whole head’s circumference. There is an adjustable knob at the back of the helmet and this is adjusting the tension not only on the rear but also on both sides of the internal fitting. This way it is more comfortable when the helmet is snugged and secured.

These fitting systems are very convenient but they can sit too close to the rear of the helmet yet, it is still very much possible to tweak it even while wearing gloves. You can adjust the height too but for the Y strap, they are more on the standard side, very soft and secure.

Smith Engage and Venture Comfort

Lastly on the comfort side, if you buy the proper size these helmets will be very comfortable. There are some paddings inside but they are thin so they don’t feel plush or too tight. There are a total of 21 and 20 vents on these variants respectively. Not the most you can find but they are working extremely well. We love the large vents because it can reduce the amount of weight but also captures lots of air when you climb.

Smith Engage vs Venture

Both Smith Engage and Venture are good helmets, they can work very well on various head sizes. The differences are mostly on the outer design of the construction as well as vents size because Venture have the larger windows but slightly less than Engage. Another difference is from the visor because Venture holds its visor with adhesive and this means we can’t adjust it while Engage lets you adjust it up to two positions. 

- Lightweight in-mold construction
- 20 fixed vents for consistent airflow
- Lightweight, low-bulk single layer webbing
- Two position adjustable visor
- Shell Material: In-Mold (polycarbonate shell)
Impact Foam: EPS impact foam, - MIPS low-friction liner
- Ventilation: AirEvac with 20 optimized vents
- Fit Adjustment: VaporFit adjustable fit system


The choice is all yours because we have no bad options here. Personally we will recommend Venture if you won’t adjust the visor. This helmet is also cheaper and lighter while the amount and vents sizes are large enough for comfort.

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