Smith Engage vs Convoy

Whether you are riding the bike on the road or on trails, the helmet is always necessary because they are the proper protective gear to help cover the head when we accidentally fall off the vehicle. There are so many good options however that it can be confusing such as Smith Engage Vs Convoy. These bike helmets are comfortable, look great, but also easy to wear. If you are also considering the two, let’s see the comparison below before deciding the option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Wearing a Bike Helmet
  • What are Smith Engage and Convoy
  • How are the Design of Smith Engage and Convoy
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Engage and Convoy
  • How are the Fitting System in Smith Engage and Convoy
  • Are Smith Engage and Convoy Comfortable
  • Smith Engage Vs Convoy

Bike Helmets

Bike helmets are very necessary because they are meant to provide the proper protection. This lid is easy to wear but you will still see people not fitting their helmet while riding the bike and while this is personal choice, it is always safe to have one. If you can have the bike, it means we can get the suitable helmet as well. Many of them are very affordable so we don’t have to strain the budget to get one. However, the choice may vary among people. 

Bike helmets are very similar to almost all helmets made to protect the head so the construction will be similar too. Compared to driving a car or riding a motorcycle, bicycling is not as common so the risk is probably not as high but there is still the risk. A good bike helmet must be protective but also comfortable because we will be wearing them for prolonged time. In general they are also light but depending on the model and design, this will vary from one option to another.

Bike helmets are made of solid material on the outside and are layered with a softer foam on the inside. The material is usually polycarbonate and is made using in-mold construction which combines the construction of both layers into a solid unit. The polycarbonate shell will help protect the head from any harsh surface and since they have a smooth outer, it can help the head to skid over when accidentally falling off the vehicle. It is very light and mostly covers the top of the head.

They are called lid probably because rather than a typical helmet a bike helmet is usually shorter on the head. The internal structure which is made of EPS foam is cushioning the head when there is an impact as well as absorbing some so they will be less powerful when arriving on our head. It is covering all the inner layer of the helmet to make sure that the force is not concentrated in one area and by spreading it, the impact will be less damaging too.

In many options the helmet will have this MIPS additional feature inside the unit or above the head. This is like a slip plane that is designed to let the helmet case move slightly when it meets an impact and is useful to reduce the damage due to rotational impact. It is not a must for safety but is nice to have, moreover if they are about the same price to the alternatives with no MIPS.

Smith EngageSmith Convoy
Product Dimensions11.81 x 9.84 x 11.81 inches13 x 9.75 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.1 Pounds10.58 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Smith Engage and Convoy

Some people don’t want to wear bike helmets probably because they are not used to or uncomfortable and if you also think bike helmets are not comfortable, we may have to consider the sizing, shape, and the type of fitting they have. Different companies can have their typical design so it is wise to look around and find one that makes ideal helmets for your head shape. For example, most helmets sold in the U.S are rather boxy inside so it may not be as comfortable for a rounder head.

Some companies such as Smith and Lazer have made helmets made for rounder heads or also called as Asian Fit so if you have a rounder head shape, we can try this type of fit. Smith itself is probably more well-known as an optic brand but they are making some of the most promising helmets for the casual cyclists. Personally we love their design and how they appear on the head as most are very attractive but, in addition they are also very comfortable and protective.

If you are here we will assume that MTB is your favorite riding discipline and for the application, we have to choose good MTB bike helmets such as Smith Engage and Convoy. Smith’s helmets are often known to be quite expensive compared to similar options but this is not always the case as there are so many of them that you can count on to, even at a more affordable side including these two. But, the Convoy is indeed the cheaper option between the two.

These MTB helmets are very similar and not at the same time. From the quality of ride they will be very comfortable because you can find many vents here to help cool the head. They also seem to have the same fitting system but, different from typical Smith’s helmets such as Session that you can check in our Smith Engage Vs Session here, these two are not featured with Koroyd which claimed to improve the protective quality of their helmets. 

Smith Engage and Convoy Design

These bike helmets are very stylish and sporty so we do think they will look great on most cyclist’s heads. They are rather oval on the internal shape so depending on the head size and shape, they may not be as comfy for everyone. The finish of their shades are also different because as you can see, the Convoy is rather glossy while the Engage is full matte. In addition, while the amount of vents seem to be very similar, they are not exactly shaped the same.

Holding the bike side by side they are not the same too when it comes to weight because Engage is noticeably heavier and this will have something to do with the construction that we will be talking about below. As for the shade, they are available in several color options but pretty mild and not too bright. The visors are about the same in length but they are different in design and the one in Convoy is not adjustable too.

Smith Engage and Convoy Build Quality

Now let’s see what the Smith Engage and Convoy can offer starting from the build quality first. Both of them are CPSC certified so they must meet or exceed the minimum requirement for the bike helmet’s safety. What’s prominently different is the amount of material used because Convoy is lighter or 300 grams for the medium size and this light weight is achieved by reducing the hard shell used to cover the outer rim of the helmet while Engage is fully covering this part.

This is not affecting the safety of the helmet itself but it will be better to have one with fully covered foam because it reduces the chance of chipping and damaging the softer material as we transport or use it repetitively. On the additional feature both helmets are also equipped with MIPS which is helpful to reduce the damage due to rotational impact.

Smith Engage and Convoy Fitting System

Next let’s see the fitting for Smith Engage and Convoy which are also very similar to each other. Just like most bike helmets out there, you will find a rear retention system on the back of the helmet and this is in the form of a knob that we can easily tweak to adjust the fit and height of the helmet. In general Smith’s helmets are not sitting too deep on the head but not too low as well so we find it very comfortable. 

The Vaporfit is a very comfortable fitting system because it is not only adjusting the rear of the head but also around or more of both sides of the internal structure which makes it a great method to provide the better fit for a range of head shapes and sizes. Both helmets are also available from small to extra-large.

Smith Engage and Convoy Comfort

Lastly for the comfort level and while the Smith Engage and Convoy may not seem like the most cooling helmets out there, they are very breezy. Engage has a total of 21 vents while Convoy has 20 of them, they are very comparable and we love the placement as well as the size of each vents because they are ideally located to capture as much air and help in cooling the head really well. We lose body heat a lot from the head and wearing these helmets are still comfy in warm weather.

Smith Engage vs Convoy

Both helmets are performing great across different head shapes because the fitting system is reliable. The prominent difference is for the build quality because Engage is better here by covering all the EPS foam on the outer rim but, this also makes the helmet slightly heavier compared to Convoy with a 50 grams difference. In addition, the Convoy visor is non-adjustable while Engage lets you adjust it into two positions.

- Lightweight in-mold construction
- 20 fixed vents for consistent airflow
- Lightweight, low-bulk single layer webbing
- Two position adjustable visor
- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 20 vents
- Fit Adjustment: VaporFit


You can go amazing with any of these helmets because they are equally a good option but probably for different cyclists. We highly recommend the Engage if you can spend the budget because this helmet has the better build quality and is not expensive.

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