Smith Convoy vs Giro Fixture

There are lots of good bike helmets out there based on which seems to fit in your preference or application the most. The Smith Convoy Vs Giro Fixture are two great choices for those who prefer to ride their bike on the trail. These helmets are very affordable as well so we do think most cyclists can spend on one. They are not only good looking but comfortable and come with all the useful features you want so let’s see which of them will be the better option here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Bike Helmets Work
  • What are Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Design of Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Build Quality of Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture
  • How are the Fitting of Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture
  • Are Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture Comfortable
  • Smith Convoy Vs Giro Fixture

Bike Helmets

Bicycles are a great invention because they are very convenient and versatile. You can use them as a transportation tool and as an exercising method. It is very fun to ride a bike especially when there is nothing that gets in your way. Cycling in crowded city roads may not be as fun but is great when you can find a terrain with less packed roads. The trails for example may not be as comfortable but they are more challenging and let you be closer to nature.

But, no matter where you will be riding the bike, we can never forget the bike helmet. Based on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are 900 people in which 200 of them are children who are annually killed in bicycle-related accidents and 60% of them involve head injury. It is a huge number for something that can be prevented by wearing the proper safety gear or bike helmet. It is true that this gear can’t let you get away without any scratch but the risk will also be lower.

Bicycle helmets are like a casing that protects what it is containing. Some people may even compare them with candy in which the outer layer is hard and the inside is softer. Bike helmets have hard shells and softer foam on the inside to help them absorb the impacts and reduce the risk of more serious accidents. Typically bike helmets are looking more like a hat rather than a helmet that we are wearing when riding a motorbike. But, see closely and we can start to notice what’s put in them. 

The outer layer is made of hard shell and usually this is from polycarbonate combined with soft foam on the inner layer. The outer shell is designed to spread the force of an impact when it happens to the helmet so they will be reduced in intensity and less likely to cause fracture while on the other hand its inner layer will squeeze inward as well as absorb the impact energy thus, less will be transferred to the head.

Bike helmets in its safety functionality are similar to children car safety seats; they are properly padded and must fit the body correctly. This is why finding the helmet that fits on your head is very important because smaller sizes will cause lots of pressure and when they are too loose the helmet can’t stay on your head properly. To provide an adequate amount of comfort they must be light enough as well as cooling because we lose lots of heat through the head during the activity. 

Smith Convoy Giro Fixture
Product Dimensions13 x 9.75 x 8 inches16 x 11 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight10.58 Ounces0.01 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture

Bike helmets are very easy to find, chances are you can find more than plenty to consider when getting into the sport store in the area. Finding the one that doesn’t only looks great on the head but also comfy is quite difficult however because each company may have their own typical shape and fitting system. We do recommend considering those with a wider range of adjustment or are very cool with properly designed vents, especially if you often feel too hot while wearing a helmet.

For those who prefer to ride their bike on the road, it is best to go with a road helmet and vice versa those who more often spending their time on trails will need something like Smith Engage Vs Session. Bike helmets usually have their own styling but most of the trail options are great-looking because they are sporty. Besides Smith, Giro is also making some of the most versatile and best bike helmets in the price point so you can shop according to the budget.

If you are currently on a budget, the ideal options to rely on are probably Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture. These helmets are very affordable and they also provide all the basic features in a bike helmet so when it comes to safety purposes the two will be very reliable. What sets them apart from the higher end options by the same manufacturer is usually the build quality so they won’t be the most well-built among the options. Yet, it is not related to the certification because these helmets are CPSC certified already.

Side by side, the Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture are very similar however both on the built quality and comfort level. They won’t be the best from the respective company but will be adequate to provide the safety functionalities. Personally we like the Convoy for its fitting system but this can be subjective as head shapes and sizes vary widely.

Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture Design

Before checking what these helmets can offer, let’s see the unit first and here they are about the same too. Side by side these helmets are pretty low on the head so they will look great on most heads. From the rear adjustment they seem suitable with a ponytail too as long as it is not tied higher. In comparison the Giro looks a bit rounder while Smith is more oval. The finish is also different because Convoy has the glossy paint.

Personally we like the matte look of Fixture and from the weight wise this helmet is a bit heavier than Convoy even though we are not sure whether it is noticeable or not on most people. The medium size of Convoy is 325 grams while Fixture is 343 grams for the same size. The helmets are sporty looking with a visor at the front that seems to be about the same length too yet the Convoy has the more vents in comparison.

Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture Build Quality

Moving further, let’s see what the Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture can offer starting from the build quality because it is a factor to consider if you want to pay attention to the longevity. Similarly these helmets are made using in-mold construction so the unit will last for as long as no serious impact happens to the helmet. The small issue with affordable helmets is there are lots of exposed foam on the rim of the unit or around the circumference of the head.

This is where usually companies save some weight or make the helmet light but by shaving the hard shell cover and exposing the foam, it may cause the more delicate part to wear faster due to impact that may happen as we store or transport it. This may chip or dent the foam, reducing the longevity of the helmet. But, just like many other helmets nowadays, these two are already featured with MIPS for the additional safety feature.

Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture Fitting System

Next is for the fitting system of Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture. Usually each company has their own fitting system and starting from Convoy, this helmet is featured with VaporFit similar to helmets on the higher end. This fitting system is covering almost the whole circumference of the head so it is not only at the back and by doing so the internal fitting is very comfortable; its height is adjustable as well. Giro on the other hand is popular for its Roc Loc.

Fixture is using the Roc Loc Sport through the rear dial so the way you will adjust these helmets will be the same. It is a good fitting and we do think most people will find it adequate as well, depending on the sizing we chose before.

Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture Comfort

Just like most helmets, both Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture are quite rich in ventilation since you can find a total of 20 and 18 vents here. They are properly placed at the front, top, and around the helmets to capture as much air as possible. In practice these helmets are very cooling but the Convoy feels breezier as you pedal; probably because it has larger and longer vents. But, the Fixture vents are also comfy and warming at all.

Smith Convoy vs Giro Fixture

These helmets are good options for those who want to keep the budget low. Smith Convoy and Giro Fixture are very comparable because they have the same build quality and typical features you often find in MTB helmets. In comparison, Convoy has more vents, is lighter, and has a great fit. Sadly the visor in these helmets are not adjustable so it is not as versatile especially for storing larger eyewear.

- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: 20 vents
- Fit Adjustment: VaporFit
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box
- VENTILATION: 18 vents


The option is all yours because there is no bad helmet here. However, we will recommend the Smith Convoy because it is lighter and also more comfortable than Fixture but still affordable to purchase for cyclists who want a protective gear that properly covers their head.

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