POC Tectal vs Giro Montaro

Are you looking for a helmet for mountain biking? Here we have some suggestions for you. This time, we will have to compare the POC Tectal versus Giro Montaro. Do you guys sound familiar with these two types of a helmet? Yep, these are the two famous helmets for mountain biking. Let’s take a look closer to them.

POC Tectal

The Tectal from POC has unique features on its, includes an EPS liner for protection at a high level, outer PC shell, and unibody shell construction. The design compounds the elements of the helmet to increase the safety properties. The Tectal has several ranges of colors such as black, yellow, red, blue, and white. Read also: POC Tectal vs Trabec

The POC Tectal has various prices that start from $99 up to $190 on Amazon. Pretty much expensive for the helmet. It puts on the high end of the price description but worth for the style, well vented, and also provides enough coverage. 

The POC Tectal particularly design for trail biking in the mountain. Its design perfectly fit our head with various size from S (58cm or lower) up to XXL (over 62cm). The strap is adjustable for us and very easy to replace. It will not strain our ears and safe even without tightening the keeping mechanism. It will always adjust the balance on our heads.

POC claims that the Tectal has well vented for the track in the road. There are nine vent holes for the ventilation across the forehead, three over the crown, and five at the rear. So, overall it has 17 vents, it makes the airflow easily through the helmet and making it better ventilation to the head.

With a very proper weight of about 340 grams, Tectal is so light and feels a bit heavy on the head. It has an adjustable visor that can be easily adjusted out of the rider’s line of sight. The anodized pivots and pair of the screw hold the visor perfectly, it will make a high-end look when wearing the helmet.

POC TectalGiro Montaro
Product Dimensions18 x 10 x 8 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Unfortunately, the Tectal has no MIPS system but POC gives another protection. POC applies an Aramid fiber grid system to the Tectal for protection and combines the Recco reflector system. POC claims that can be used for responders to settle the location from lost or injured riders.

The analysis of the Tectal overall is good with full protection to the head. The front design can completely fit to protect the temple and base of the skull. POC supplies full protection through the brain. The riders should not be a worry when wearing the Tectal because of the good protection on it. It designs to shift mildly from the impact so it will prevent more damages of injury.

Giro Montaro

The Giro Montaro (or Giro Montara which specifically designed for women version) intended with full wrap in-mold polycarbonate shell material with EPS liner and roll-cage affirmation. It designs for long rides to the rowdy trail, whatever the trails the Giro Montaro is fit to it.

The cost for the Giro Montaro has several types start from about $69 up to $160 on Amazon. The price is quite low for the trail helmet, but it offers the safety priority and staying cool. It will comply with the rider for safety matters during the track when biking in the mountain.

The size for Montero has several types of size start from Small (55cm or lower), Medium (55cm – 59cm), and Large (59cm – 63cm). It also has various ranges of colors such as blue, white, black, yellow, red and black. The design is so elegant both for men or women.

The Montaro has unique features with the popular MIPS system as standard equipment for protection. The technology claims that it can reduce the rotational forces the brain in case the injury or the crash impact happen certainly.

The Montaro has 16 vents holes for ventilation which will make the riders stay cool during the trail. The cooling power is fabulous with the 16 vents, it is equipped with hydrophilic and antimicrobial pads. The pads can pervade the sweat quickly, so it will make the rider’s head keep fresh.

The Roc loc air fit system on the Giro Montaro urges the ventilation perfectly. It will fit to fix the helmet through the airflow. The technology of this cooling system is amazing that can make the rider feel fresh along the trail.

Giro develops the Montaro with strap holders on the back of the helmet. The strap can be suited easily and it also has a POV visor plus that enables the rider to lift the visor and replaces it whenever they want. It makes easier for the rider. Giro also has a full camera mount integration to help the rider through the trail.

POC Tectal vs Giro Montaro

- FEATURES: Includes an EPS liner, outer PC shell, and unibody shell construction
- PROTECTION: Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability
- FULL COVERAGE: Designed to provide more coverage at the temples and back of the head
- FIT FOR YOU: Size adjustment and adjustable visor
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- LIGHTWEIGHT AND RUGGED: In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. EPS liner is captured by a full hardbody wrap for protect from the elements
- VENTILATION: 16 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling

Which one do you prefer?

As for the price, the Giro Montaro has the lower price ranges than the POC Tectal. But for the features, POC has more safety systems than Giro. The POC Tectal has full protection includes temple protection, whereas the Giro Montaro the design does not cover the temple perfectly. 

Although the Giro Montaro has the MIPS system it is just standard protection while the POC Tectal has better protection than the MIPS. POC Tectal supplies an Aramid fiber grid system to the Tectal for protection and combines the Recco reflector system. The system claims that it can be used for responders to find the location lost or accident riders. 

The vent holes on the helmets are one of the important things that should have. Montaro only has 16 vent holes while Tectal has 17. It means that Tectal has better ventilation than Montaro. With 17 vents, the air flows perfectly in the head. That will keep the head fresh during the track of the trail.

Both helmets have an adjustable strap that easily replaces anytime we want. But, if we take a look closer to them, the POC Tectal has an easier strap to manage. It can be shortened or lengthen easier than Giro Montaro. It makes the strap fit perfectly through the head and the chin without interfering with the ears.

For the design, POC Tectal has more stylish than the Giro Montaro. The ranges of color also pretty much beautiful type with the Tectal than the Montaro. So, if you want a stylish helmet with full protection you should pick the POC Tectal.

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