Lazer Blade vs O2

Not all bike helmets are the same because some of them are better than the rest whether it is the appearance, build quality, comfort, and many more. For those who are aiming to get an easy to wear or comfortable but also good-looking helmets, Lazer Blade Vs O2 are two ideal options to consider. Many love them for the appearance but they are also very comfortable for most people. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, let’s see below about what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in a Bike Helmet
  • What are Lazer Blade and O2
  • How are the Design of Lazer Blade and O2
  • How are the Build Quality of Lazer Blade and O2
  • How are the Fitting System of Lazer Blade and O2
  • Are Lazer Blade and O2 Comfortable
  • Lazer Blade Vs O2

Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are necessary gear that we cyclist must wear to protect the head. Of course riding carefully and paying attention to the surrounding is the most important to prevent any incident or accident but wearing the helmet is very helpful when it is not enough to keep us away from the risk. They are also very affordable for most options and depending on the size or the helmet we chose, they can be very comfortable as well, including cooling too when the weather is warm.

When it comes to bike helmet, we have to consider lots of factors before deciding the option. The most important part is the sizing however because not all of us have the same head size and shape. This is a tricky part as it is highly varying across cyclist but the least we can do is matching it with our head’s size. Pick a measuring tape and circle the head to see the circumference that the helmet must cover. Use this as a guide to find the perfect helmet based on the sizing option.

We also need to know the basic construction of the helmet such as the shape and vents. Vents is the key to make sure the helmet is comfortable to wear even during the warm weather. They are placed all over the helmet to capture as many air as possible during the pedaling to make sure our head stay comfortable while in prolong ride. The more vents doesn’t always mean they are more cooling because placement and the internal channeling of the air also affect the performance.

To make sure the helmet stay on our head during the activity and when needed or during impact, they must be secured as well. This is by the chin strap but also a retention system. Chin strap is to secure the helmet and retention is more to provide the best fit for the head. Bike helmets comes in sizes and each sizes are ideal for a range of head size so the retention is required to help you find the perfect fit. In most cases it is in a form of rear knob but different helmets may use different mechanism. 

Additionally some helmets may have more features to improve the performance or comfort. One of them is visor which often found on MTB helmets to help covering the eyes from any small branch or even sun ray that may harm their view. Some helmets also have chin protector that can be removed to match it with the need for current application. For road helmets we usually see aero cover that can transform the regular helmet into an aero one.

Lazer BladeLazer O2
Product Dimensions9.45 x 8.66 x 7.09 inches13.25 x 9.5 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight10.05 Ounces1.4 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Lazer Blade and O2

The choice is all yours but bike helmets can vary widely so we can shop based on our own preference or which seems to match the riding discipline the most. There are more than plenty to choose from and if you are on a budget we can also choose based on how much you will want to spend. For those who want an attractive and also highly comfortable helmets, in most cases we also have to spend more because company may need extensive designing to achieve the current performance.

Aero helmets are also the same and typically all performance-oriented products often more expensive than their regular alternatives. Lazer is one of the best choice for those who want a different looking helmet or at least those that are not identical to what most bike helmets in the market. The styling from this company is quite attractive and while it is not an eye-catching type of good-looking, we do think many of their helmets look good to most people, especially if you like a lower styled one.

They bring some of the most good-looking but also comfy helmets for road cycling such as the Lazer Blade and O2 which are similar but not exactly the same. These helmets are ideal for cyclist who will be pedaling on the road and in a prolong time as well because comfort is usually our main concern for this type of application. We have talked about Blade in Lazer Blade Vs Z1 here praising how well both helmets in providing comfort especially Blade which is half the price of Z1.

These helmets are very different from the styling to the price point but the comfort level and cooling are about the same so if you are aiming for an easy to wear helmet, we will recommend getting the Blade as it is the most affordable. But, if you like a sporty design, the O2 is arguably the most attractive looking helmet among the two. 

Lazer Blade and O2 Design

Before checking what they can offer, let’s see the helmet first. They are similar but not exactly the same because in comparison the O2 has sharper lines that makes it not only attractive but also streamlined and sporty compared to the Blade. The Blade is coming with softer and rounded edges so it looks milder as well but, when on top of the head, the two are the same or very low at the top. They are also low on the head but the design of O2 may help a lot for extending the comfort.

The weight are not the lightest but they are also not the heaviest and in comparison, Blade is probably among the lightest that you can buy in the market weighing only at 241 grams while the O2 is already 315 grams. Just like with most helmets, there are plenty of shades to choose from but for the sizing, you will have to choose the one that seems to fit best. We found that O2 is quite wide so there may be some space left especially on the back.

Lazer Blade and O2 Build Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Lazer Blade and O2 can offer starting from the build quality first. Both of them are very well built but not exceptional if you also consider how many other helmets are made these days. The construction is the same but the molding are different based on the design of these variants. The noticeable part is that none of them are covering the EPS foam on the outer lid as you flip the helmet.

In comparison we see that O2 did out some effort to cover a little bit of the foam on the rear area which Blade left just like that. The O2 also seems to have the thinner foam in this area so a slight rounding on the polycarbonate will help protecting the foam from dent or possible chipping. As for the additional safety, the Blade is available with MIPS while the O2 is not.

Lazer Blade and O2 Fitting System

Next is the fitting system for Lazer Blade and O2 which are similar but different from most helmets we have seen. Usually there will be a rear knob that we can rotate to adjust the fitting but here you will need to use the top adjustment. It is located at the top rear of the helmet and the first experience is a bit awkward but they surprisingly working really well. The fitting system is called Rollys and it is using metal wire connected to the nylon browband that surrounds the head circumference.

This system is very easy to use and effective at finding the correct fit for the head despite not perfect as well. What’s different is there is an adjustable yoke at the back of O2 which helps the helmet to suit cyclist with long hair and ponytail.

Lazer Blade and O2 Comfort 

Lastly for the comfort, the Lazer Blade and O2 are also very comfortable but the latter have more vents around the helmet of 24 vents compared to 22 vents. Both are very cooling if you live in a place where the summer can get quite hot. What’s a bit concerning is that O2 can be quite heavy for prolonged ride and this is why some people don’t like it, especially when there are lots of much lighter options. As for the fitting, they both very good.

Lazer Blade vs O2

These helmets are great for those who want to wear a helmet that is not only protective but also good-looking. From the design O2 is more attractive as it is sporty but the helmet is also heavier compared to Blade. From the fitting they are using the same system with the O2 featured with an adjustable yoke on the back to accommodate ponytail.

- Virginia Tech maximum 5-star safety rating; ARS Fit System offers progressive adjustment, eliminates pressure points and hot spots and is ponytail friendly
- MIPS protection to help reduce risk of rotational injury in the event of an impact; 22 vents for plenty of airflow through the helmet
- Bottom shell protection to prevent damage to helmet foam; Lazer Aeroshell compatible
- Rechargeable Rear Z-LED light compatible with Mudcap accessory
- Rollsys Retention System
- Rigidity Brace System (RBS) adds reinforcement in the event of multiple impacts
- Internal ventilation channels for optimum airflow and Coolmax padding
- In-Mold (2 pieces) and 24 vents


The choice is all yours since we should go for the one that seems to fit in our personal taste the most. We highly recommend getting the Blade as it is more affordable and lighter thus, also more comfortable for prolonged ride. 

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