Kask Protone vs Utopia

Riding a bicycle for fun without a helmet is not something we want to do because it is risky and not only some scratches, it possibly leads to an even scarier permanent damage to our body especially the head and brain. For those who pay attention to safety, bike helmet like Kask Protone Vs Utopia is necessary to get the basic safety. If you are also riding for speed and fun on the road, go check which of them will fit your preferences better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a Bike Helmet
  • Which Road Bike Helmet to Purchase
  • What are Kask Protone and Utopia
  • What Kask Protone and Utopia Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Kask Protone and Utopia
  • How are the Fitting System of Kask Protone and Utopia
  • Are Kask Protone and Utopia Comfortable
  • Kask Protone Vs Utopia

Bike Helmet

We often hear the phrase “safety first” because it is naturally the most important self-defense mechanism to protect ourselves from possible threats that may harm your body. Any vehicles are built with safety systems due to its fairly high risk of failure or accident but what about bicycles which is among the safest to use at least compared to motorbike and car. You may not want to ride using a bike helmet for a commuting purpose but for those who are serious about the activity, wearing one is necessary.

It is needed whether you are riding on the road or off road because as opposed to those who are riding for moving from one place to another such as doing some errands or commuting everyday from and to their office or school, we who ride for fun tend to challenge various hurdles. We speed, we ride for prolonged hours, in different terrains, and climb or racing downhill through loose dirt and rocks. The more extreme and faster we ride, the higher the risk and riding without a helmet is not an option.

Road Bike Helmet

If you are here then we are sure the one you will be using is a road bike and often riding on smooth pavement or road rather than challenging the extreme terrain. This application needs a bike helmet because none of us want to suffer from head or brain injury when accidentally slipping off. However, riding on the road wearing a full-face helmet or a heavy trail lid will be overkill and not comfortable for the most so the rule is always the best helmet for the ideal application.

The cheapest helmets for road riders are standard road bike helmets which can be available even under $50 for an adult unit or can be pricier depending on the brand. This road lid doesn’t have much protection because its goal is to offer the minimum cover to the top of our head in case there is a chance we fall off from our bike and the head hits something solid. It is light and has many vents to let daily users find it as comfortable as possible.

Kask Protone Kask Utopia
Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 11 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.64 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

A cross country helmet is designed for enthusiasts who will ride for a prolonged time and depending on the model sometimes they come with a small visor at the front to add a little bit of shade to our eyes without hindering its field of view. They are still light and verywell vented but pricier and have better safety features such as MIPS in the unit. In addition, for triathletes aero helmets are another type which add “speed” or aerodynamic into the benefit mostly quite expensive and used by enthusiasts.

About Kask Protone and Utopia

Just like everything else, not all of us will be satisfied with the same product and even if we do have the same application, sometimes different users will like different options. If you have already decided to check what type of bike helmet matches the type of riding, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because you will find tons of them starting from those at entry-level to those made for serious riders and enthusiasts.

All bike helmets that are marketed legally are safe because they have to pass certain standard testing and it is dangerous to promote a product to be the safer option since it can mislead and cause grieve injuries. For cyclists who are going to spend quite a bit to get the best helmet for their road riding application, one of the best options to consider is Kask and we are sure most cyclists are familiar with this brand, all thanks to their amazing products as well as Team Sky.

They have been working together creating popular helmets that we have been enjoying for several years now and among those many amazing products they have, Kask Protone and Utopia are two of those made by their teamwork. Both of them are highly rated to be your go-to when checking out for aero helmets because they are designed for you who aim to be faster and especially the latter, Kask even claim it as the fastest road helmet which is very attractive marketing to express how this new model sits on the collection.

The Italian company released Utopia in 2018 and almost instantly being the favorite for its amazing performance. This model is against its older brother Protone as aero options from the brand made for you who love riding at a fast pace. Overall they are comfortable, easy to fit just like most Kask helmets as well as a breeze to ride with and lightweight especially for the former since not all will ride to race. Read also: Giro Revel vs Register

Kask Protone and Utopia Design

The first thing we always love about Kask helmets including these two is their shape itself because just like most of its models, Kask Protone and Utopia are coming with this slightly oval shape which contour to most head very well and will contribute to its fitting experience. Side by side they are nothing similar to each other because the latter is very distinct and even in a glance you will know this is an aero helmet for it does look “fast”.

It is rather slim and instead of putting lots of holes on the surface like most road helmets, Kask designed the vents to be located mostly on the front and rear with a set of three in the middle facing the front angle to grab as much air as possible. Fashion wise they look amazing on most people’s head and stylish enough so we don’t have any issue about their aesthetic. Weight wise, Protone is still the lighter option weighing about 215 grams for the M (55-58cm) size compared to 255 grams of Utopia.

Kask Protone and Utopia Construction

Moving further, all bike helmets must be durable to make sure they can provide the proper protection and this is no different to aero ones despite it being more attractive as a method to ride faster. Kask Protone and Utopia are the same to most bike helmets you will find today because the outer shell of these models are still made with polycarbonate while the inner line is still the familiar foam or EPS material to absorb and reduce the impact in case you will hit the pavement.

What we love from the build alone is they pay attention to cover the outer line of EPS foam with the plastic as well which makes the helmet can last longer if it doesn’t experience any hard impact and common to see in this level of price. Instead of the more popular MIPS, Kask uses the Multi In-Molding building system to offer the more robust and safety quality of their helmets since these models have a polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on top, base ring, as well as their back.

Kask Protone and Utopia Fitting System

Talking about fitting systems, there is a mixed review here probably because we have different head shapes and this may affect how the helmet sits on top of your head but overall Kask Protone and Utopia equally have the standard Y strap which is not adjustable as well as the common dial operated rear retention. On some people finding the perfect fit with both of them is time consuming and we have to ride for several times to find the best fit.

On other cyclist these systems work flawlessly and snap right in without any issue yet, we do see a problem on how they fit sunglass if you ride with those with non-flat bladed arms for the rear cradle may drop too close making them bumps to each other yet, changing to a flat bladed sunglasses will save you from the issue.

Kask Protone and Utopia Comfort

As for the comfort, it is not unheard of that Kask is one of the best when it comes to offer the best comfort and for us with no issue against their fitting, Kask Protone and Utopia are very breezy to ride with in comparison to each other the latter offer the best experience for fast riding because it does makes you faster. We are not sure whether it is because of the helmet or because we are feeling more motivated however. 

What’s interesting about Utopia is you will feel like the helmet will becomes lighter as we speed prominently reaching 60 kph probably because the air through very rapidly thus, it creates lift yet, since we don’t constantly ride at this speed, the real function may not be that useful for non-enthusiast.

Kask Protone vs Utopia

Both of them are a great road helmet that can be your go-to if venting and speed are on the top consideration but in comparison the latter is breezier at higher speed and indeed makes you ride faster probably because of the aero design yet, this can only be experienced at higher speed. Comfort level stays the same just like most Kask helmets but the Protone is lighter and we do like it better for casual ride.

- Aero Control Technology creates an incredibly aerodynamic and top-performing shell
- MIT Technology guarantees higher safety and complete protection
- In-Mold construction joins the inner polystyrene core to the outer polycarbonate layer to ensure better shock absorption
- Reinforced frame protects the shell from secondary impacts
- Shell Material: Polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: Polystyrene
- Ventilation: 9 vents
- Fit Adjustment: Octo Fit


You can go with either of them since there is no bad option here but if your goal is to ride at faster speed, the Utopia will be the best choice while if you prefer to ride lightly, then Protone is the most ideal choice.

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