Giro Trinity vs Revel

If you are riding for sport and spending quite the time on your bike doing a long distance or riding off-road, wearing a helmet will be necessary to make sure we can reduce the risk of head and brain injury. For those who ride on the road only, Giro Trinity Vs Revel will be two of the most ideal choices to consider because they are very comfortable and safe but, before heading to shop, go check which will fit your application the most here.

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  • Giro Trinity Vs Revel

Bike Helmet for Safety

Being active is great, many of us who are living in urban areas are used to a convenient life which may promote a sedentary lifestyle that is not going to be beneficial in the long term. Thankfully, our society is getting more aware about their health or fitness level and this is why we can see so many people starting to hit the gym or just be more active in general by ditching their vehicles for public transportation or bicycle. Bicycles themselves are a great alternative for both recreational and transportation tools.

If you are looking for a solution to ditch the sedentary lifestyle but also love adventuring, a bicycle is a nice option to try even more with the huge amount of enthusiasts out there so it won’t be that difficult to find people to guide us. Just like many other activities especially those done in an uncontrolled environment such as the road, we also need to have safety gear on to make sure the risk of injury from the activity can be minimalized.

No matter what we wear, there is no method to eliminate the risk to 0% but we can always do the bare minimum to stay safe because it is better than regretting things later. For cyclists, the safety gear is a bike helmet itself but small children are always recommended to wear knee and elbow pad to give the maximum protection. For daily commuters or those who are riding for transportation only, chances we will ride fairly slow and on safer roads, hence this type of rider rarely wears a helmet.

It can be a problem as well if you dislike the feeling of a helmet because let’s be honest not all of us are liking the experience. However, for those who are riding because of hobbies and doing activities for sport or recreation, in most cases we will challenge ourselves whether it is to pedal faster or to tackle various hurdles. In this type of application, a helmet is a must because even with one, lots of risky injuries may often happen.

The function of the helmet itself is to add a bit more protection to our head in case there is an impact from solid object to make sure the energy is not directly transferred to our brain which is very sensitive to strong impact. The design is built to take a hard impact and to absorb some as well as spread it into a wider area to minimize the chance of fracture. In general all helmets should add a level of safety for the rider; in any type it comes from.

Giro TrinityGiro Revel
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight2.4 pounds1.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Trinity and Revel

However, it is always best to choose the helmet that was designed for your specific riding discipline because they are properly made and boosted for the application for example it will be insufficient to choose regular road helmet if you are doing a climbing or riding downhill and a full face helmets like bell POC Octal vs Octal X will be an overkill for a road riding or commuting. In addition if this is your first time buying, make sure to know the head size measurement first.

If you are here then we are sure road riding is your choice and in this category there are tons of great choices from different brands to suit your preference. Many of them are very affordable as well depending on what type of feature we get from the unit. For those who are planning to spend a bit less, Giro will be your choice to consider. This popular brand is not only carrying various bike helmets in the catalogue but also known to balance price and quality.

Among the vast offerings they have, Giro Trinity and Revel are two amazing choice for budget shopper who are looking for a safety gear to go with their riding activity and as with many other road helmets, these models will deliver a good performance for a long riding experience but also convenient for commuting daily to add a little bit more of safety. In general you will get what’s common on road bike including comfort yet compared to Giro’s higher helmets, they may not shine the most in this category.

In our opinion, Giro Trinity and Revel are going to be a great choice for cyclists who have no issue with bike helmets in general and just want to be safer during the ride. The helmets have adequate vents, decent padding, and pretty stylish design that will look good on top of almost everyone’s head. However, if you are looking for a way to upgrade into a lightweight or amazingly cooling helmet, we afraid none of these can be a good alternative.

Giro Trinity and Revel Design

As you can see in the sample picture above, side by side these two are quite different to each other because the Trinity is a bit rounder at the top while Revel is rather flat and the prominent difference is that the latter also have visor installed on the unit. If you ever wear or see Atmos from Giro then the Trinity will appear to be more similar to the other helmet yet, it does added with a bit more bulk which in the end makes this model quite heavy.

Similar to many road helmets, there are tons of vents here but all of them are smaller in general and our issue with smaller vents is usually they don’t perform as well as those with larger windows. Fashion wise they are attractive with lots of color options to choose from and in addition there are reflective back decals on the rear portion of these helmets to add visibility when you are riding at night.

Giro Trinity and Revel Construction

The first thing you may want to know about bike helmets must be their safety but in general all bike helmets are safe despite not going to eliminate the chance of injury and does none against those that happen on other body parts beside the head. On this side Giro Trinity and Revel are the same because just like almost any Giro’s helmets, they are made using this in-mold construction in which the model will create a one-piece exoskeleton to allow the helmet to be lighter and more durable.

It is also claimed to allow Giro to design the vents to be more optimized and create better ventilated helmets compared to the traditional designs. The example we are using in this article is their regular version but if you can spend a little bit more there are models with MIPS feature inside to add a higher protection.

Giro Trinity and Revel Fitting System

The next point we want to talk about is their fitting system because it will improve your experience and in this side Giro Trinity and Revel are similarly coming with the standard Y strap to keep your helmet on place. They are not the most comfortable and soft straps available but do the job pretty well by keeping the helmet snug comfortably on our head. The difference is that Trinity uses ratchet lock compared to snap lock in which we like the former better.

As for the retention, Roc Loc and ACU dial are the type used in these versions but they are operating reliable; in the newer model, Trinity is already using the Roc Loc as well. We can use one or two hands when adjusting the fit of the helmet and it does give you the snug feeling better than many cheaper helmets out there. In addition, we also love how they put the retention adjustment a bit down from the helmet so your hand can access it easily.

Giro Trinity and Revel Comfort

The last thing we want to mention is the comfort level and on this side none of them are coming with additional padding or any mesh pads on the inside to keep your head a bit more cushioned during the ride. There are similarly 22 total vents all over the helmets and they do a decent job to take some air then flow it forward to the exhaust ports. On the weight side they are a bit heavier, almost 300 grams for the M size.

Giro Trinity vs Revel

Both of them are nice options if you are into road riding and while these Giro Trinity and Revel are not the top models, they are working well for both comfort and safety. There is no prominent difference on the unit except for the shape and feature because the Trinity is a bit rounder at the top while Revel is flatter and comes with a removable visor.

- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Full-coverage shell
- Refective rear decal
- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Snap-ft visor with reinforced anchors
- Refective rear decal


You can pick any of these helmets and still be satisfied about the performance but if we are to choose one, we do like the shape of Trinity the most and if you ride with sunglasses, the visor is not necessary to keep your eyes comfortable. 


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