Giro Synthe vs Syntax

Giro always provides the best race helmet ever for the mountain bike rider. Giro has never disappointed with the product they launch and gives the best protection offers to the rider. This time we will compare the famous helmet from Giro, they are the Synthe versus the Syntax.  Here’s some of the detailed of the Synthe and Syntax so we can pick which ones have the best trail helmet.

Giro Synthe

The Giro Synthe was launch in 2014 and becomes famous since then. The stylish model on its makes the Synthe becomes every biker’s favorite ever. The aerodynamic model, the lightweight style, and well vented breathable elements are some of the most reasons why bikers choose the Synthe. Read also: Giro Savant vs Synthe

The line of color by Synthe has a variation with 17 different colors. That gives every rider who can pick their favorite color for the helmet. Pretty massive to get the helmet once the riders get their favorite color.

The price is so worth it ranges between about $95 up to $289 on Amazon. With the aerodynamics latest model and maximum cooling power and also full protection on its. Not only the Synthe is good for trail or race but also very comfortable to wear for all occasions.

The Giro Synthe is building an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. It has a ponytail fit which is can be the iconic trail helmet. By 290 grams of weight, Synthe leftover the aerodynamic style and fit in the head. It’s not too heavy to wear it on the head while riding.

The Synthe contains 26 vent holes with internal lining which makes the helmet more breathable for the airflows. It offers greater cooling power than any other trail helmet in the market. The density from the slider makes the air through the head easily wave in multiple yaws and every corner of the head.

Giro Synthe Giro Syntax
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches12 x 11 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds1.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Key features of the Synthe has a Roc loc air fit system that adjusts to fit the size with two ways features tuning. The medium size fits between 55cm – 59cm of head size. The micro-adjustment allows the rider to customize the size over the skull of the head. 

The MIPS system of Synthe provides perfectly full protection on its. It gives the safeguard of the head through the brain and the skull. This outstanding protection from Giro establishes the Synthe impressive protection into the safety matter. The helmet gives better protection from any crash or impact because the fit material appears on the Synthe.

Giro Syntax

The Giro Syntax build in polycarbonate shell substance construction with EPS liner. The impact foam is a pretty good material to prevent the crash into the head. It gives the best absorption from the sweat. The model of the Syntax integrates by the European skill with slightly deeper coverage and some high features on the Syntax.

The Syntax comes with six composite ranges of color. It is a unisex helmet but has not a girly color on them. Overall, it does not annoy the function of the helmet with full protection on its. The outer shell molded permanently makes the protection pretty well on its.

The price of the Syntax around $119, some riders may have to say this is a bit expensive but worth to buy with the features appears on its. With the light model and full protection on its, makes the Syntax worth to buy. At 290 grams for medium size, make the Syntax not too heavy to wear.

Syntax contains 25 vents around the shell that can enhance the durability of the airflows without excess bulk. That will keeps the head fresh when riding along with the race. The wind tunnels will help helmet keep breathable on the head and makes the head still healthy with it.

The Roc loc five air system on the Syntax makes it easier to adjust the size. The Syntax has four super-fit sizes differences, small (51cm – 55cm), medium (55cm – 59cm), large (59 – 63cm), and extra-large (61cm – 65cm). The customize size system allows the rider to make the Syntax stable wear on their head as they want.

Syntax provides the MIPS system as standard protection from Giro. The integrated MIPS helps the rider from a rotational crash that may happen during the race. This will make the full protection going pretty well to the rider and give them less worry about the safety issue.

Giro Synthe vs Syntax

- 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc Air Fit System
- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- CoolFit Anti-Microbial padding - Featherweight webbing with Slimline Buckle
- Full hardbody wrap
- Integrated MIPS technology
- Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

Which ones do you prefer?

The benefits technology of MIPS that Giro provides gives the rider a more profound feeling when they decided to pick a trail helmet. Since the technology blasts off about five years ago, Giro commits to supply every helmet to the MIPS technology. Just like another type of the helmet by Giro, Synthe and Syntax also have the MIPS technology on its.

If we take a look even closer to Synthe and Syntax, Synthe has a more elegant look with the aerodynamic model. The Synthe has good enough to be racetrack on the trail or in any race on any occasion such winter or summer. With these stylish looks and the lightweight model is lasting for the Synthe which can wear by anyone.

The Synthe has more ventilation than the Syntax, makes the Synthe more breathable to wear. The cooling part of the Synthe from any angle makes the airflow more durable than the Syntax. With huge vents of the Synthe allow the head to keep fresh from the sweat. While wearing the Synthe, the rider has less worry about cooling down the head without taking off the helmet after the long race.

Taking the reflective of the Synthe, the material has a pretty good visible to look even when the rider takes a night riding. That makes the rider keep safe while riding because everyone will notice the rider even if in the dark situation. The Synthe caught the outlook easily on almost every flash within a single sight.

The Synthe has stood the most aerodynamic trail helmet. It perches on the head perfectly in every form of the head.


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