Giro Sutton vs Ember

Giro is a well-known bike helmet here in the US and it is not without reason because they are known to offer both quality products as well as competitive prices. They also carry quite a lot of models such as the Giro Sutton Vs Ember helmet which are equally good as road helmets but also different. If you are currently confused about which to go for, go check what these two can offer and decide your option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Bike Helmets are Important
  • What are Bike Helmet Types
  • What are Giro Sutton and Ember
  • What Giro Sutton and Ember Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Giro Sutton and Ember
  • How are the Fit System in Giro Sutton and Ember
  • Are Giro Sutton and Ember Comfortable
  • Giro Sutton Vs Ember

Bike Helmets

Every activity that has at least low to moderate risk of accident will require a safety system to keep everything properly protected and this is the same with cycling. While bicycle speed is not as fast as motorbike and other vehicles, there still is a chance of accident that may or may not have an impact on your body and this is why we need a good helmet to provide the safety system for our skull when such an unfortunate event happens.

Some may argue whether a bike helmet is a necessity for the activity which we also agree to a certain level and this is specifically for commuters who for some reason are not comfortable wearing a bike helmet. A bike helmet will not reduce the risk of accidents itself and you can still suffer from other injuries on various parts of the body but, the function of the helmet itself is like a seatbelt: reducing the worst risks from happening and in this case chances like fractured skull.

A bike helmet is made of two main constructions: the hard shell outer and the soft foam inside. The hard shell is used to protect the head from direct impact when coming in contact with an object so they won’t meet without any protective layer especially if the object has sharp edges which can be damaging even further. The foam inside then receives the impact and spreads it wide to reduce the power and harmful effect from happening if only concentrated in one spot.

Giro SuttonGiro Ember
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches13 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds2.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Bike Helmet Types

Beside the bike helmet role in providing the proper protective system, it is necessary to choose based on the type of activity they are made for and you can choose between road and off road helmet at the simplest form. Road helmets are usually lighter and overall more comfortable for longer activity but they also lack material to give the fullest protection and only secure the top area of your head. However, some models like Giro Vanquish Vs Aerohead are made for another purpose which is lower air drag.

Off-road model on the other hand is heavier by nature as it uses more material to make the unit. If you see off-road helmets, they have more material to cover the side and back of your head. In downhill type, they are even full of face just like a motorbike helmet with chinbar to prevent an impact from happening to your face area which is prone in this discipline. The drawback however, is they are not as comfortable and often have less vents.

About Giro Sutton and Ember

Now when you already have an image on how the helmet should be or which type will fit your activity the most. There are lots of options to choose from and it is nice to see what all of these companies are offering as not all helmets are the same. Besides the price point which can vary, it is great to shop from well-known names or brands because they have a higher reliability and usually also have lots of options to choose from.

Talking about bike helmets, you can find varying names at stores and one of the best to check out is Giro. We are sure many people are familiar with these brands already because they are among the main players in the market and especially here in the US. We like them not only for the quality product but also for the amount of collection and competitive price as you can shop for almost any reasonable budget including for road and off-road application.

If you are here then it means you are looking for a road helmet and for this application, Giro Sutton and Ember are two amazing options to choose from. These helmets are ideal for daily cycling which mean many road cyclists or commuters are interested and have been using these two for quite some time now. If you are familiar with other Giro helmets like Synthe then you will be familiar as well with Ember because this is like the female version of it.

As a road helmet, the protection they offer are adequate for your daily commuting and recreation activity. While Ember is the female version of Giro’s favorite helmet, Sutton is the savvy version of their road helmet and this is prominent as you can distinguish it from the shape or design alone. Both are designed for safety and comfort but without requiring you to pay for the hefty price. For those who are loving the BMX-style you will probably like Sutton better while the rest may be more attracted to Ember. 

Giro Sutton and Ember Design

Being modeled after Cinder which is also modeled over Synthe makes Ember an easily familiar helmet for many of us and just like many Giro’s road helmets, the features are mostly the same across the collection and the prominent difference here is their design which is also applied to Sutton. The Ember is similar like most road helmets you see worn by commuters or other road cyclists; combining a round top dome with a streamlined rear area. It is stylish, with big vents but can look awkward on a smaller face due to the width.

The Sutton is not looking like most helmets we see commuters are wearing and probably more common you see being worn by skaters or BMX riders and similar disciplines that require a highly protective helmet. However, they are not as heavy and this is what makes many of us want to try the model. It is very low in profile and side by side with common design, it is flatter at the top area so it may increase the comfort for those who don’t find a regular helmet snug nicely.

Giro Sutton and Ember Construction

Bike helmets are made by different companies and they have different shapes but in most cases they are made with the same method and same material in which both Giro Sutton and Ember are constructing the shell from polycarbonate with an in-mold system. This technology ensures the long lasting quality of these helmets as well as reduce the total weight of the unit. On the inside, similarly you will find the polystyrene foam as well but, in comparison Sutton will have more surface to cover than Ember.

In addition to the standard construction, these models are also featured with MIPS for better protection when there is an impact to the head. Inside the helmet, there will be a layer before it touches your head which allows the helmet to slide and this will help in reducing trauma to the brain in case there is oblique impact. What’s better, Ember is also constructed with Roll Cage technology which is light and tough web inside the helmet’s foam to keep the unit intact under very strong impact.

Giro Sutton and Ember Fit System

Moving to the fitting system, Giro helmets are well-known with their Roc Loc retention system and this is also what is featured in both Giro Sutton and Ember. However, they are not exactly the same because Sutton is using a different City Fit and this has rubberized dial to ensure your hand can find and access the large, plush pad easily even while on top of your bike. On the other hand Ember uses Roc Loc 5 which is more traditional and we have to admit that City Fit is easier and more comfortable to adjust.

Giro Sutton and Ember Comfort

The last part we want to talk about is their comfort and thankfully none of them are uncomfortable enough to not sit well on your daily activity. Starting with Ember, while modeled over Synthe, this is not an aero or semi-aero helmet but, with a total of 26 vents and fairly wider form, makes this helmet light enough for commuting but still very breezy for cross country, making it an ideal all-in-one option for many female cyclist. Sutton on the other hand has 8 vents and this can be concerning.

Our first expectation when checking out the helmet is it seems will be quite hot when worn for some time and this is unfortunately true probably not only because of its lacking of vents but also the shape of these openings as well that makes air can’t flow properly on the inside.

Giro Sutton vs Ember

A bike helmet is necessary to reduce any severe injuries to your head and both of these options are amazing for the road application. They are not only different from the shape or design alone but also on the performance and while Sutton naturally have more surface to cover and flatter profile, it is not as great for comfort especially in summer months and when you have to pedal quite far unlike Ember which is very breezy. But, we like the retention system better in the BMX style helmet as it is more convenient.

- 8 vents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc City Fit System
- Full-wrap in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Ultrasuede padding
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- VENTILATION: 24 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
- COMFORT: Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc 5 fit system


You can go with any of these helmets as they are equally good in quality as well as protective but, if the size matches and you are fine with common bike helmet design, we highly recommend Ember for its comfort and versatility. 

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