Giro Source vs Montaro

Giro is one of the most popular bike helmet brands in the market and it is not without a reason because their helmets are also among the best you can buy. They are available for various riding applications as well as styling such as Giro Source Vs Montaro that are designed for those who want to pedal on the more extreme terrain. These helmets are comfortable but still affordable and if you wonder which of the two will be the better choice, let’s see what to expect here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Notice in MTB Helmets
  • What are Giro Source and Montaro
  • How are the Design of Giro Source and Montaro
  • How are the Build Quality of Giro Source and Montaro
  • How are the Fitting of Giro Source and Montaro
  • Are Giro Source and Montaro Comfortable
  • Giro Source Vs Montaro

MTB Helmets

The bike helmets are necessary gear that we have to wear during the activity. It is the basic safety feature to help minimize the impact or seriousness when we accidentally fall off the bike and hit something that may put a permanent damage to the head. Some road cyclists may argue that it won’t save their life but we almost never heard about it when it comes to trail cyclists. This is because the risk is higher and wearing a helmet is far easier than having to sustain the possible injury later. 

When it comes to bike helmets, their safety is our main concern but nothing will 100% remove the risk even though they are properly made and according to the used standard. For example, it is required by law that bicycle helmets sold in the US since March 1999 must meet the CPSC minimum safety standard. Different countries may use their own standard but CPSC is also used by many other countries around the world. The protocol is testing helmets which are secured to a headform that measures the g-force. 

It is probably very similar to children safety seat testing but in a different form. Permanent head injury happens at 400 Gs while 300 Gs will make you unconscious with possible neurological sequelae. Not only the impact that can be transferred through the helmet, the straps, coverage, and amount of stability when yanked are also tested. All of these tests are happening in the lab however, so it is difficult to actually measure their efficacy in real-life which is why meeting minimum requirements doesn’t mean we are 100% free from the risks.

Talking about safety, we also want to mention MIPS which is often found on so many helmets both for road and trail applications. POC have their own version of MIPS called SPIN which is similar but also slightly different. This layer provides a slip function that allows the helmet to move slightly as it gets in contact with impact. Many arguments about the application and how companies designed their helmets with MIPS so it is probably more about personal preference and judgment.

Last but the most important in our opinion is finding the good fit which is applied for all helmets made for safety purposes. The reason why it is important is because the helmet needs to stay on the head properly, covering the proper area as long as you ride the bike. What makes it complicated is because every individual is unique with how our head is shaped and size, just like our height, posture, body type, etc. it is highly variable. The easiest way is to shop according to your head size and if it is possible we should try it directly.

Giro SourceGiro Montaro
Product Dimensions16 x 11 x 9 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1 Pounds1.5 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Source and Montaro

Now when you are ready to buy a new bike helmet, it is time to see what the market has to offer. Bike helmets are sold by so many different outdoor and specialty brands or even optics manufacturers as well so we have lots of options to consider. We can also choose based on the styling because if a regular helmet doesn’t fit your taste, we can try some alternatives that are known to be aesthetically pleasing too, such as POC Omne Air Spin Vs Ventral.

For those who also prefer to ride the bike on a more challenging terrain, an MTB or trail helmets are the choice. Most brands carry both road and MTB helmets on the collection including Giro which is like the go-to of many of us when it comes to affordable and reliable bike helmets. They have a wide range of options to go for ranging from the children helmets to those made for enthusiasts who want to improve their performance. 

However, just like most companies, you will also find many similar options as well from the collection such as the Giro Source and Montaro. Both are made for cyclists who prefer trails over the regular road and are very similar to each other in the protective ability, construction, as well as the comfort. In comparison, the Montaro is probably the more popular but if you want to save a little bit, the Source is a great option as well with some scarifying.

Side by side, the two are performing really well with similar styling. We are getting almost the same experience with the two but it seems Montaro is made with some higher features from Giro which also push the price a little bit. Both Giro Source and Montaro are good options and we do think you can go well with any of the two since the additional features in Montaro may not be as preferred or useful for some people.

Giro Source and Montaro Design

Before checking what these helmets can offer, let’s see the unit first. As MTB helmets, the Giro Source and Montaro are attractive, very sporty, as well as streamlined. As you can see the two are featured with a visor and this is adjustable to different positions. Overall the shape and design are identical side by side but just like most helmets you will also find the shape and placement for the vents are not exactly the same, especially with how Montaro has lots of wide openings. 

Another difference is that these visors are not exactly the same with Montaro being slightly longer so we do think it may affect the coverage in application. Both helmets are currently available from S to XL sizes. Depending on where you buy the helmet, different certification may affect the weight of the helmets too, such as the medium size for both helmets are weighing at 370 and 351 grams respectively for CPSC and usually the CE rated helmets will be lighter if available. 

Giro Source and Montaro Build Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Giro Source and Montaro can offer starting from the built quality. We do think both helmets are very well-made because there is very little foam that is not covered with the polycarbonate shell and while this may increase the weight, it is also good for rigidity and lasting power. What’s different is while Giro helmets in general are made using the in-mold construction, the Montaro is also featured with Roll Cage Reinforcement.

It is in the form of lightweight web molded into the EPS foam in order to improve the strength or rigidity of the helmet. It is probably more durable or may reduce the impact transferred but there is no testing information regarding the efficacy. In addition, for the safety feature, the helmets are also made with MIPS including on the lower price range like Source.

Giro Source and Montaro Fitting System

Next is the fitting of Giro Source and Montaro which are also very similar. Giro is popular with their Roc Loc rear retention system and the two are using Roc Loc 5 with the Montaro using its Air variant which are very much similar to each other. There is a small dial at the back of the helmet that sits quite close to the edge but it is still easy to adjust with gloves on. This dial pulls tension evenly from both sides of the helmet and secures the cradle around the occipital base.

It feels comfortable and easy to find the perfect fit as it covers the whole head circumference. The rear dial can be too small for some people however but personally we found this easy to work with. In terms of durability it may need replacement in the future.

Giro Source and Montaro Comfort

Lastly we want to talk about the comfort of Giro Source and Montaro which are also very similar. For the amount of vents we are getting they are equally 16 but the shapes are not the same with Montaro being wider in comparison. In application, they are very comfy however because Source is also channeling the air really well. Montaro is not the best itself but should work nicely for cooling the inside because air gets to the back of the head thanks to the channeling.

Giro Source vs Montaro

Both Giro Source and Montaro are good helmets based on which seems to interest you the most. Source is the more affordable among the two, have the same coverage, and even lighter in comparison. The amount of vents and fitting system are the same which makes the two equally comfortable to ride with despite not the coolest out there. However, Montaro is made with Roll Cage which may improve the rigidity of the helmet. 

- MARKET-LEADING PERFORMANCE AND PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s helmet test lab.
- INTEGRATED MIPS: MIPS Brain Protection System is integrated with the Roc Loc 5 Air Fit System for an added measure of protection in certain impacts plus market-leading fit and comfort.
- LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: In-molding construction eliminates excess weight and permanently fuses tough polycarbonate outer shell to the interior liner.
- VENTILATION AND COMFORT: 17 vents coupled with internal channeling allow air to flow through the helmet to enhance cooling power. Easily adjust vertical position and fit tension with the Roc Loc 5 MIPS fit system.
- MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
- MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
- LIGHTWEIGHT AND RUGGED: In-molding polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. EPS liner is captured by a full hardbody wrap for protect from the elements.
- VENTILATION: 16 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling


You can go amazing with any of these helmets but personally we recommend the Source, mostly for its lighter weight which can make it more comfortable for those who dislike typical heavy MTB helmets. However if you are concerned about the helmet’s rigidity and want a longer visor, the Montaro is a more suitable choice. 

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