Giro Savant vs Atmos II

Bike helmet is not only necessary when you are riding off-road and climbing a hill or riding it down because riding a bike for a prolonged time and faster will also increase the risk of an accident that may happen. For those road riders, keep your head safer with Giro Savant Vs Atmos II because they are ideally made for this application and they are also equally comfortable but, before heading to shop for one, go check what they can offer here to make sure about which model to go with.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a Bike Helmet
  • What are Giro Savant and Atmos II
  • What Giro Savant and Atmos II Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Giro Savant and Atmos II
  • How are the Fitting System of Giro Savant and Atmos II
  • Are Giro Savant and Atmos II Comfortable
  • Giro Savant Vs Atmos II

Bike Helmet

Cycling is fun, it is an active moment where you can burn calories and be fitter but most of us cycle because it is a great activity to spend your time with. Depending on your riding style and terrain, it can be relaxing or challenging; but can be both at the same time. Cyclist numbers are going higher in many cities all around the world due to health concerns and the current issue of a huge increase in overweight and obesity rate. 

If you love pedaling, we can get so much just by riding a bike. One thing that makes cycling more fun in by wearing a helmet, yes, its main function is to keep our head safe and brain safer but what makes the ride fun is because helmet is needed if you are more into the game. For regular commuters who are riding the bike inside the city road to go to grocery stores, college, school, or work place, the safety gear may not be that necessary.

On the other hand, you will need one when enjoying the activity because of hobbies, we will be riding faster, racing with your friends, and riding in a long distance which increases the risk of accident as well. In these scenarios a helmet can save your life when there is an accident if your head hits a solid object. A bike helmet is designed to cover the head yet, it doesn’t mean there will be a huge decreased risk or injury just by wearing one because there is only so much it can provide.

The best way to find the perfect helmet is by choosing based on the application itself because road and off-road helmets are different and chances even when riding on the same terrain may require different types to deliver the best performance. Road helmets for example are differentiated between standard commuting helmets to those made for cross country. The difference is mainly on the weight based on construction robustness and additional material for elevated protection but, they are similarly vented and made for comfort.

For off-road helmets, the available types are usually trail and enduro helmets which are specifically made for the more extreme riding option. Trail helmet is nice and fairly comfortable with still enough vents all over the unit but it is also sturdier and sometimes featured with a visor that can be adjusted or removed completely. Enduro helmets on the other hand are made for fast riding, downhill race which overall has a higher risk of accident thus, the helmet is made to fully cover the head and face area.

Giro SavantAtmos II
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds1.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About  Giro Savant and Atmos II

If you have selected the bike helmet based on the activity, it is easier to shop and choose the model because we already eliminate a huge amount of options first. Besides the helmet type, it is also great to consider the sizing options since while most helmets are available in several different sizes, some of them are also offered in one size fit all like Register that you can check on our Giro Isode Vs Register, and to measure it, use measurement tape 2 inch above the eyebrow.

There are lots of nice choices to consider when shopping for new helmets and if you are also looking for an option to save some money, Giro will be the most ideal brand to pick. This is the favorite of many cyclists and we are sure you will also love their products because not only offering competitive prices, they also have great quality in comparison to many similar brands including tons of helmets model to match with your personal preference.

When riding for a long distance, comfort is one of the most crucial issues to work with and if this is also becoming your concern then Giro Savant and Atmos II will be your ideal pick. Both of them are an amazing helmet with a great comfort level and these two are reigning at the top among other favorite helmets when it comes to versatility and cooling effect which are not only hard to achieve in many models but also often only those in higher price range can offer.

Considering the price, Giro Savant and Atmos II are offering nice comfort and most people are liking them for how the unit looks on their head. In general both of them are very similar, almost identical to each other when it comes to what we can get from the unit but, just like many other Giro road helmets, the prominent difference between the two will be the design itself with an addition of new feature on the later.

Giro Savant and Atmos II Design

Side by side these helmets are very attractive and it will look good on most people’s head without looking bulky or too bubbly at the top which can create an effect like we are wearing a round hat. From the shape only, it seems that they are an equally round with a little bit of an oval shape to perfectly fit our head. Design wise they are sporting the same fashion but the Atmos II offers huge vents compared to the Savant.

They are made using the same technology and in general what you can get on Savant will also be available on Atmos II. Wearing them one after the other, you can feel how light these two are because measured approximately the M size will be around 260 and 270 grams respectively. This much difference is not noticeable in real life and while they are not as light as Aeon, for the price range, these two can be considered as lightweight helmets.

Giro Savant and Atmos II Construction

Moving further, let’s see the construction of Giro Savant and Atmos II and on this side, they are exactly the same as many Giro helmets for road riding purpose which is the popular in-mold construction. This system is claimed to improve the ventilation system because the construction is fused with a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet’s impact –absorbing foam liner so it allows Giro to make lighter helmets as well as cooler than many traditional models.

The Savant has the MIPS version if you want the one with added safety but this one in our article is the regular version. MIPS itself is designed to reduce the amount of energy transferred to or from the head. Based on the regular version of Savant and Atmos II, the real difference is an addition of Roll Cage on the latter which also set it apart from the original Atmos. This feature is like a web made from DuPont Nylon that is molded inside the helmet’s EPS foam liner.

The function is to add an extra measure of strength and integrity to make sure the helmet is more robust in case there is an impact. 

Giro Savant and Atmos II Fitting System

Another important part in a bike helmet is their fitting system and in this side Giro Savant and Atmos II are identical to each other because besides they are coming with your standard Y strap that will keep the helmets secure on your head, for snugness they are also featured with the same Roc Loc rear retention system. The retention system is made from plastic, a very thin one and might look flimsy at first but there is no issue when using them.

Giro Savant and Atmos II Comfort

As a comfortable option for your long road riding, these helmets will also provide an adequate amount of vents to keep your head cool and prevent any buildup that will make the ride unbearable. On this side there are 25 and 26 vent respectively on both units to make sure you can ride without having to worry about the heat but, in comparison they are all working well yet still far from being the best. In addition for comfort, Atmos II has this X-Static padding which is cushioning the head and also antimicrobial to keep your head free from bad odor.

Giro Savant vs Atmos II

These bike helmets are not the best in the market but we can always count on them for a comfortable, safe, and affordable option. Their prominent difference is only on the additional Roll Cage in Atmos II which adds robustness into the unit and probably the reason why it is slightly heavier as well compared to Savant. These models have similar weight and in addition to comfort, the latter also has new washable padding.

- FULL COVERAGE: Lightweight, trail dedicated mountain bike helmet designed to provide more coverage at the temples and back of the head
- TECHNOLOGY: High performance PC shell covers more of the liner designed to improve protection against sharp objects. Features POC's patent pending rotational impact protection system, SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside)
- VENTED: Highly ventilated using POC's unique ventilation design; aramid bridge technology integrated with liner for enhanced structural integrity
- FIT FOR YOU: Simple and easy adjustment system for the perfect fit; precision straps molded into liner for extra comfort
- Roll Cage is a light-yet-tough web of reinforcement, invisibility molded inside the helmet's EPS foam liner
- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage is a polycarbonate skeleton fused throughout the helmet's EPS foam liner, which provides structural support
- 26 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channels thrust cool, fresh air over and around your head while forcing heat and stale air out
- Impact absorbing, antimicrobial X-Static padding offers unprecedented comfort and manages moisture


All in all you will be comfortable with any of these helmets but for those who are looking for a sturdier helmet, the Atmos II will be the better option but, in our opinion Savant is not lacking as well.


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