Giro Revel vs Fixture

Giro is one of the leading brands when it comes to bike helmets and they carry lots of options for different riding applications such as Giro Revel Vs Fixture which are ideal for both road and off-road disciplines. These helmets are very affordable and designed to be sturdy as well as comfortable if you will spend quite lots of time on the bike. Before choosing one, go check what they can offer here and get one that seems to fit you the most.

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  • Are Giro Revel and Fixture Comfortable
  • Giro Revel Vs Fixture

Bike Helmet Importance

Riding a bicycle is fun, it is a great hobby to spend your free time getting as active as possible or just save some energy and budget to pay for gasoline and public transportation. It is also a fairly risky activity because we are practically riding a moving object in which is prone to injuries in case we are getting hit by another vehicle or accidentally slip on wet pavement. Commuters are rarely seen wearing a helmet, because it is only for a short time and they ride pretty slow in general.

Enthusiast is another story with racing and different terrains to handle and the fact that we are doing it for fun attracts lots of chances for accidents to happen, falling over and hitting our body to the hard surface. In this case helmet is designed to absorb the impact, they will break or even shatter when hitting the pavement to make sure our head is not receiving all of the impact. Wearing one is necessary for enthusiasts to avoid head and major brain injury.

Shopping for a Bike Helmet

Choosing a bike helmet is quite easy if you don’t have very specific taste on how the unit must be and even on the price range we can choose those from around $50 to those 5 times more expensive depending on the budget. For those who shop directly in a physical store, we can just ask the shopkeeper and try the unit right on the spot to see the fit but for those who shop online should know their sizing first because fit is very important for a bike helmet.

A loose helmet and those that are too small are not going to deliver the proper protection and may even fail during the accident which is why fit matters. To know the size, put a measuring band about one inch above the eyebrow and remember the circumference. Some helmets are made to be one size to fit all but most have at least 3 sizing options available. In addition, children should wear child helmets like Giro Tremor Vs Hale and adults should wear adult helmets as well.

Besides how they should fit the users, bike helmets will also be available in various different types to match with their application and in this side not all of us will have the same activities to consider. For example regular road bike helmets are ideal for road riding and for long distance riding but wearing a full-face enduro one will be overkill for road riders and too uncomfortable for a long distance riding. Similarly, the light and breezy aerodynamic helmet is not ideal for downhill racers for the lack of protection.

Giro Revel Giro Fixture
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 6 inches14 x 10 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Giro Revel and Fixture

Overall it is best to shop based on what you are going to do because the helmet is designed for the specific riding activity and if you already have an image on how the helmet should be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there. To shop quickly, rather than checking every bike helmet brands in the market, it is easy to just stick with one brand and consider the options from their catalogue.

One brand that we always rely on when it comes to bike helmets is Giro because they seem to always have the option for any budget and any application which is great so then we can choose the one that fits our needs the most. This American brand is popular for their entry-level helmets but when it is about quality, they are not lacking as well and while features are not packed on their lower-end models, overall their helmets are functional and working well.

For those who often tried both road and doing some trails, there are various affordable helmets in the catalogue that you may want to consider and two of them are Giro Revel and Fixture. Both of them are ideal for both applications but probably better for trail at furthermost because we don’t recommend them for downhill racing due to the lack of protection. We can wear them for road riding as well because you will get what often seek in one such as comfort and vents.

Revel is a popular budget helmet from the brand and often be the choice of many cyclist due to how cheap and comfortable it is yet, there is no special or fancy feature and further upgrades as well for we can only hope to see this much in a cheaper model while the Fixture on the other hand is prominently chosen by trail riders with the proper design and of course, still affordable price to not drain your budget. What sets them apart the most in our opinion is actually the design itself.

Giro Revel and Fixture Design

Road and mountain bike helmets are easily differentiated by the overall shape and design on the unit mostly by how there is more coverage on the back area of the head and above the ears. This is not actually what happens with Giro Revel and Fixture because both of them are very similar to each other and the position on how they appear on top of the head are varying due to the head shape as well which makes the latter look evenly more covered being the trail one.

This is also because Revel has larger vents on the unit compared to Fixture and despite how the latter is properly vented as well especially at the top. Additionally, while the back area is equally covered, the Fixture one is rather flat in comparison to rounder Revel. However, it seems that Fixture’s top is the one that is a bit rounder than and not as wide as the surface in Revel. Fashion wise the former come with this shiny paint as opposed to matte finish.

Giro Revel and Fixture Construction

If you buy sports helmets nowadays, there will be various interesting words used to market or advertise the products and Giro is not different because similar to many other manufacturers, we can’t say that one helmet is safer than the other because it is not true and they may get sued for doing so. Giro advertise their helmets as it was built using the in-mold system, the same we get for when shopping for example ski helmet which is prominently bonding polycarbonate to polystyrene.

The thin polycarbonate shell will break in case there is a hard impact while the inner EPS liner will absorb them and spread it to a wider area in an attempt to not fully put the impact on one spot thus, its effect can be reduced prominently. In addition, helmets made using this method are significantly lighter and Giro claimed that they can tune the venting better to make sure it works properly to cool our head. For better safety, these models are available with MIPS liner for the option.

Giro Revel and Fixture Fitting System

Moving further, let’s talk about the fitting system of Giro Revel and Fixture because it is necessary to give the best snugness to the user. On this side there are no fancy features such as leather strap or an adjustable rear retention arms but you will still get a good Y strap which provides enough room to sit directly below the ears with the popular Acu Dial and Roc Loc adjustable dial respectively for easy fitting option.

They are operating in the same manner but also slightly different because we love the one in Fixture better thanks for providing a larger dial which is easier to access during the fitting time. Acu Dial is easy to use but the wheel is small and only accessible from the bottom or top so we often end up using the nails of our fingers to adjust the fitting. 

Giro Revel and Fixture Comfort

As for the comfort, Giro Revel and Fixture are made with a bit oval shape but still overall round and snug nicely on top of most heads with an effective fitting system but the addition of some padding inside does help to add their comfort. If you guess Fixture has less vents than Revel based on the design, it is true for this model only has 18 of them compared to 22 on the former helmet. Performance wise, it is not as breezy as Revel and in addition, somehow none of the visors are adjustable.

Giro Revel vs Fixture

Both of these helmets are ideal for either road or trail application and can be a nice choice to save some budget but what makes them different to each other is how they are designed to make Revel more identical to a road model with lots of vents while Fixture, no matter how you look at, it is a trail helmet. Performance wise they are just as safe as other bike helmets but Revel is better in cooling the head as well as easier to adjust due to how it sits lower.

Giro Revel with its Roc Loc is actually more comfortable to adjust if the panel is sitting a bit lower from the helmet so our finger can access it comfortably. Additionally, none of their visors are removable.

- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Snap-ft visor with reinforced anchors
- Refective rear decal
- Senergy in a crash
- VENTILATION: 18 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling
- RUGGED: In-mold construction


It is best to get the one that fits your application the most but in comparison, we like Giro Revel better due to how it cools the head in long ride, and how easy it is to remove the visor as we prefer to wear sunglasses.


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